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Abaddon was banned from Steam just 4 days before release

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I think the real issue he is bringing up (though I more or less agree with @ChaosRaven) is that it was banned only a short time before release.  I took a look at the game and it wasn't something that should have been on Steam in any case.  Guro probably wasn't the issue, since Death End 2 is on Steam.  More likely it was the rampant ntr, rape, and other stuff you can see just from the tags.  I don't think I've ever seen so many varied characters with netori tags.

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Valve was probably have too much game to review before finally manage to review this and find out that Abaddon has many disturbing content, and thus they banned it just 4 days before the release because they probably just finished reviewed it at that day (October 15th). Oh well, at least FAKKU still manage to release it on time if anything else.

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