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  1. What about the other translation projects ? Was Fuukan canceled? I did not heard notice for a long time about it
  2. Steam banned another VN again without give much reason, this will definitely affect the sales
  3. Kinda, I also have to say buy games without regional price these days is kinda hard for most people, that probably why most wouldn't recommend buying games from places other than Steam even if the it's a from a place like Mangagamer If you live in USA or Europe it might not be too bad, but in other places like Argentina and Brazil for example, these game can cost almost 4 times more that it would on Steam, I guess that Steam become the norm for PC games
  4. Sadly buying VN I places other than Steam is not really ideal for anyone that lives in place other USA and Europe, the lack of regional price pretty much make games cost almost 4 higher than it should
  5. The best thing about the new update, is the new regional price, it way better now compared to before, at least I my country
  6. Could you spoil what happened ? I always said people saying that there some really good plot twist but i never actually find any information about the game other than the reviews and i can't undestand Japanese
  7. Do you think that the future expansion will make the game better ? Also I'm studying Japanese, seeing that you have already play tons of VNs advanced Japanese Grammar, I want to ask do you have any tips for someone new?
  8. SakuraGame disappointed everyone of us but let's not lose hope, one day we might get a fan translation
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