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Spoilers: Great VN Phrases/quotes

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As the title says, this is a thread where you can post your favorite VN quotes.  When posting the quotes, remember to note the VN they are from, the names of the characters speaking, and the translation if the quote is in Japanese.  Remember to place all quotes in spoiler boxes with the game name over them so that those who don't want to be spoiled don't have to be.

Semiramis no Tenbin


Fumika https://vndb.org/c18498

To her parents : 私はお母さんとお父さんの玩具じゃないよ。

'Mom, Dad, I'm not your plaything.'



Clephas: I already translated this scene on an impulse some time ago, so I'll just give you the English. This is a paraphrase (extra lines cut out), as I don't want the lines to extend on too long.




Hijiri: How can he smile so normally when his very existence is a threat to everyone around him?

Shizune: Kazuto has the ultimate guarantee that lets him live his life without having to worry about what he might do.

Hijiri: What is it, some kind of talisman like the one he wears?

Miyabi: *shakes her head* No, there is no way something like that could restrain Kazu if he ever went berserk.

Hijiri:  Then what?

Shizune: We made him a promise.

Hijiri:  A promise?

Shizune: If he ever loses control and it looks like he will harm those around him...

Shizune/Miyabi: *in perfect unison* ... we will kill him.

The two girls smiled the sweetest and most gentle smiles imaginable at the stunned Hijiri, their eyes filled with a resolve deeper and more impenetrable than Hijiri could possibly have imagined before she began the conversation.



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let me try:



the girl with a bag with wings: "Uguu"

HoshiZora no memoria


chinami: "onii-chan! onii-chan!! onii-chan!!!" \o/

to heart 2


the alien girl: "ruu" \o/ 
the younger of the twin girl that is very smart: "ruu" \o/


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The Silver Case


Tetsugoro Kusabi talking about a zealot cyberterrorist claiming that he's gonna save the world:

"Every single motherfucker thinks they're gonna save the fuckin' world... why not do something about the shitty economy or whatever instead? God damn it!"


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One of my favorite lines came from Harukoi Otome. I may butcher the exact line, but you'll get the picture.



Akihito after going to the King's game

Go away, I don't want to play anymore play a number other than six

Again I may of butchered the line, but I thought it was a funny line in this game.


Another one I liked was in Majikoi by Koyuki and Jun during the beginning of the game.


Koyuki: Ran ran nuu

Jun: Don't say scary things either.

I think I butchered this as well but you get the idea.

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another line popped in my head

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I looked through my screenshot library, and here are a few things I found.

More serious quotes:




Don't remember which character was saying this.

The House in Fata Morgana


Morgana: "But bad people aren't the only ones who do bad things".


Less serious ones:



Aqua describing what she thinks a cat looks like.










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For some reason, attaching images still isn't working for me, so sorry for the inconvenience.  Anyways, from my over 200 screenshots of Aokana I somehow managed to narrow it down to the 5 best ones (excluding the ones requiring context.)


When you roll a nat 1 for your perception check:


I've said this enough times that several of my coworkers have asked me what it's from:


To quote a non VN "Women have more hiding places than men":


And now, a word from the best character:


Lastly, I guess this is more than one quote, but it was just too perfect to not include.


And that's an hour of my life I'm not getting back.  I should have started with my favorite novels instead of alphabetical order.

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To have a dream and to fulfill it.  That is the sin and reward allowed only to humans.


Everyone has a dream at some point.  Many lose hope along the way, but a small number manage to fulfill them.  However, regardless of whether they succeed or fail, all who have had a dream should be praised equally.


... the reason is that, no matter what the circumstance, an individual must never cease their journey as a person.  Never...never...

シャノン ワードズワース

Shannon Wordsworth


Above is Evolimit

Edit: Below is Sengoku Koihime



Koro: No matter what, I want to avoid becoming this person's enemy... there's no way we could match such a scheming person.


……人よりほんのちょっとだけ、臓腑ぞうふがねじれて収まっているだけではありませんか」(Clephas note: Haraguroi is a colloquialism that indicates someone is malicious, scheming, or deviously cunning and refers to the stomach being black.)

Yuu: Scheming?!  How rude!  

... My bowels just happen to be a bit more twisted up inside than most people.  


Second Scene, Kuon (Nobunaga) and Kazuha (Ashikaga Yoshiteru)


Kazuha: How ironic it is that it is precisely because we (royal we) possess no power that we make the ideal flag to be waved in front of the masses by a true power.


Kuon: From ancient times, this country's history has been moved by those who danced madly, waving such flags.  Just be happy you have enough power to be a flag.

Clephas note: Translated 'mikoshi' as a flag since the term and the colloquial usage here don't translate into english (a mikoshi is a portable shrine used in Shinto festivals, and 'mikoshiwokatsugi' refers in this case to the political act of using a powerless figure of authority as a figurehead to gather support).


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