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VN to cheer up and relax, with some romance included

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Had a really rough semester...dog died, a friend died, I'm exhausted after college exams but finally got some holidays to rest a little bit

Well, ever since I became an orphan over a year ago, I found VN's to be really good for distracting my mind.

G Senjou no Maou was my first one and my favourite to this day just because I liked the protagonist personality and the ending is one of the best since it is the perfect type of bittersweet i like, Grisaia is a close second but a little bit too unrealistic and deus ex machina in some parts, I've also read Katawa shoujo, Clannad, Koichoco, ever17, Kono Ozora and I'm still waiting for Hello lady, Dracu riot, Sharin no kuni official releases and Umineko gold edition as well, so that's why I'm not reading these ones yet, rather taste the final optimized version always

I'm looking for any good VN that I can enjoy but with some romance included. I know VN's like kara no shoujo and fata morgana are probably really good but I want some anime-like, Japanese style romance, don't care for cliches or tropes, in fact, I want them

I would appreciate your recommendations


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Hey, sorry you've been going through so much. Trust me, I know the feeling. Been a bad two months for me as well. 


But I do have some ideas of what you might like 


Wagamama High Spec (High school comedy with romance though it has fan service (not sure if you want that or not) Beautiful art to)

Fureba (Another high school comedy and romance about getting a girlfriend. Not much drama.)

Clannad (High school drama story, may make you cry but it's really good and long. Lots of romance and themes about family.)

Little Busters(Like Clannad in a way, but a little more upbeat to a degree. Like Clannad it's a super long visual novel about romance and friendship, and has some fun mini games.)

Nurse Love Addiction/Nurse Love Syndrome(These are Yuri titles but both are good. I finished the prequel Nurse Love Syndrome and had fun. Romance is okay and you learn about nursing. A little slow though, both these games are.)

Princess Evangeline (School life, romance, and comedy. About a guy going to an all girl school. Art is pretty and the characters are okay. Not much drama.)

Higurashi- (A horror visual novel with elements of high school. Not much romance.)

Umeniko (Made by the same group who did Higruashi. Is a horror and mystery story as well. Just wanted to add something a bit more different just in case you wanted it). 

Eb-hime Visual Novels(She's a creator and has done a lot of visual novels, some with romance, some short, some tragedy. Maybe give her a try if you want something short.)

I know this is a basic list and people will have other options, but I feel like some of these are good and will make you feel better. 

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Fureraba . Fluffy, cute, very comedic.

* Nekopara series. Over the top cuteness (and lewd action). This is as japanese as you get....

Little Busters . Another KEY VN (makers of Clannad). Good comedy, and the whole "endearing group of best friends". The Battle Rankings are fun too (if optional).

Sorcery Jokers . The setting of this VN would probably remind you of JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Tales of series. A lot of action and intrigue in this urban setting.

Muv-Luv (Extra and Unlimited), & Muv-Luv Alternative . The perfect way to waste a lot of time, the Muv-Luv Trilogy is something you won't forget. Extra is your typical high school romance comedy, with a lot of silly scenes (you may miss these scenes later on). Unlimited .... changes the setting. And Alternative ...... ramps up the drama, ramps up the pain, ramps up the emotional trauma to 11/10. Cause sometimes, dealing with pain in Visual Novels can help you get over yours....

* Higurashi When They Cry series. Great if you're looking for something super intense, scary, and effed up. Use the installers at http://07th-mod.com/home/ to add updated graphics and voiced lines (just so you can hear her insane laugh).

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5 minutes ago, ittaku said:

You sir, are in desperate need of To Heart 2 Trope king, very light on drama, more like anime than a visual novel, romance galore, 11 heroines, 9 routes, hours and hours of enjoyment, and translated by yours truly.

Ack! Got ninja'd by @ittaku :P Was going to recommend it too.

Some, that weren't mentioned yet:

- Koi iro Chu! Lips - full of tropes, but very sweet - I loved it.

- Sakura Sakura - another lighthearted one, loved character design and music.

- Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - if you don't mind tsunderes and some over-the-top silliness, try it out. Might check out Majikoi series as well.

If you liked Konosora, check out Miagete Goran, Yoozora hoshi o (A Sky Full Of Stars) too.

- Sanoba Witch is another very good one.

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If you want romance to be front and center with a solid story as the backdrop then World End Syndrome could be a good choice. https://vndb.org/v22181

If you're leaning the other way and want romance to be present but not the core reason you're reading then ISLAND could be a good choice. https://vndb.org/v18498

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Late to the party here, and I'm sorry about your situation there. As for the recommendations, I would say that all of the above are the good ones. So let me add some new one such as Saku Saku, Noble Works, Daitoshokan, and Koiresort here. Also seeing that I already recommend Hoshiori to you, let me recommend it once again to you and I think it should be the closest one to what you want. I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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