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Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

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Another update, and this time it's surprisingly very early with Renna's route was fully translated. Yes fully translated, and after this week they gonna do QC/image editing or whatever left before they finally release the patch. As for the estimated time, at most it'll be take two weeks so we hopefully can have Renna's patch as the Easter gift from Tsurezure. That's all for this week, and here's the usual weekly chart even though we knew that all of the routes were fully translated.

Common Route Part 1: 100.0%
Common Route Part 2: 100.0%
Ai: 100.0%
Renna: 100.0%
Maki: 100.0%
Saeko: 100.0%
Total: 100.0%

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47 minutes ago, VirginSmasher said:

Well, this may finally mean I'll read 10 VNs in a row for the first time since 2016. Hopefully Tsujidou will remind me of Majikoi and not Majikoi S or A1

Don't hope for Majikoi, you'll be really disappointed. Like, really, really disappointed. The VN isn't bad, just that reading it with Majikoi expectations will only lead to pure disappointment.

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20 hours ago, VirginSmasher said:

Well, let's just hope that means good enough. :makina:

In regard of that, I think Hiroshi was pretty much complete opposite of Yamato, so maybe the best expectation would be not expect that this is going to be another Majikoi too much. At least if the worst comes to the worst in this VN, you can always remind yourself that Maki bust size was at 103 cm lol.

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We have surprise update, and yes they finally release Renna's patch. Congratulation for the release, and if you want to get the patch, here's the link at Tsurezure's site. You can also read Trip's thought in regard of translating this here, and not surprisingly he still bitter about Maki's route. Well have fun in regard of Tsujidou, and once again don't expect too much of Majikoi here.

PS - For the next plan, they'll take a bit of hiatus before going on HatsuKoi append disk.

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45 minutes ago, Laczy90 said:

Someone know, how can I contact to the translation team?

I want translate too this game to my language and have some  question. (Extract and insert programs, system language change, etc.)

on their latest blog-entry there´s a link to trips twitter account, if that helps. btw just putting a comment under the blog like everyone does should do it as well. 

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