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03:25 < Dragoon> cryofrzd, Mephisto
03:25 < Dragoon> yo
03:25 < Dragoon> Are you 2 interested in TLing chinese cartoons?
03:26 <~Kuu> Mandarin
03:26 < Dragoon> and with chinese cartoons I mean anime
03:26 -!- phatboisteez [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
03:27 < ThatPlayer> Hello people
03:27 < cryofrzd> I don't speak Chinese
03:27 < Dragoon> o/
03:27 < Dragoon> cryofrzd: it's just regular anime
03:27 < ThatPlayer> I can barely understand chinese either
03:27 < cryofrzd> I don't know a word of Chinese
03:27 < Dragoon> I figured the chinese cartoons = anime joke wouldn't work here
03:28 < Dragoon> it's just regular Japanese anime
03:28 < ThatPlayer> Oh
03:28 < ThatPlayer> I understand even less of that
03:28 <+Zakaaeru> chinese porn powerpoints
03:28 <+Zakaaeru> pls
03:29 < Dragoon> LOL

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channels dead and me and ohiowar are bored the end result is this
[00:05] * krill throws a poke'ball "defendos i blame you!"
[00:06] * ohiowar try to jumps into the way of the poke'vall
[00:06] <ohiowar> ball*
[00:06] <krill> no!!!!
[00:07] <krill> a wild ohiowar appears
[00:08] * ohiowar cut krill 
[00:08] * krill loses 10 hp
[00:09] * krill throws a poke'ball "KUU i choose you!"
[00:09] <ohiowar> No not Kuu
[00:09] <ohiowar> Kuu will beat me up
[00:10] <krill> thats if i can coax kuu out of the poke'ball
[00:10] <krill> kuu if you defeat ohiowar il show you a pic of me wearing a mariocart hat 
[00:11] * ohiowar cuts Kirll again
[00:12] <ohiowar> Look like kuu not going to show up tonight
[00:12] * krill loses 10 more hp
[00:12] <ohiowar> Krill how much hp you have?
[00:13] * krill throws a poke'ball "problackbird i choose you!"
[00:13] * krill brings up stats page 50 hp
[00:13] <krill> damn noob stats
[00:13] * krill gamesharks
[00:13] * krill gains 999999 hp
[00:14] * ohiowar use yandere stab on krill 
[00:14] * Melon_Bread ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:14] * Melon_Bread ([email protected]) has joined #fuwanovel
[00:14] * Dragoon is now known as Dragoon|Sleep
[00:14] * krill gains +100 hp and and affection meter goes up two notches
[00:14] * ohiowar hides
[00:16] * krill offers ohiowar mt.dew
[00:16] * krill offers ohiowar cool ranch doritos
[00:16] * ohiowar take the mt.dew adn cool ranch doritos
[00:16] <ohiowar> and*
[00:18] * krill throws poke'ball at ohiowar and attempts a capture
[00:22] * ohiowar is caught
[00:23] * krill adds ohiowar to pokedex
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<Stanleys> The days of the dead Fuwanovel IRC are over! If your name is called, I command you to forth and reclaim the glory days or wallow in silence once again!
<Stanleys> kuu Wolfscythe Cybersteel ProBlackbird ACF asfx Astar astro Ayu|off badbwg Coolio|Out dan88 Defendos delta-mm Douggle Dragoon eplightning flamingspinach gamma Gavisi GenTwo george105948 HaxtonFarAway Hei_ HenAi hisuiIBMPower hjandreas HY krill Kumi KuroiHana|Away L4ST Lavi_PC_ Lewycool Melon_Bread Mephisto MeruP momimomi monkeysrumble nanoha-chan Neibs ohiowar phatboisteez RainHeaven RaptorFB rarely_upset realmoecha ruri 
<Stanleys> ryonaloli Sakamoto_Neko Sarah shcboomer Soupling Svitkona ThatPlayer The_Bug TheBlackTac TheVoid thewingless Vanto VDZ Vemocleus WarrFork- Xeo ZeoH 
<Neibs> what the fuck
<RainHeaven> LOL
<TheBlackTac> Yes? 
<MeruP> wtf
<TheBlackTac> XD
<phatboisteez> k
<WarrFork-> Errr
<RainHeaven> TROLL OP
<ThatPlayer> Lol
<ohiowar> lol
<RainHeaven> AHAHA
<Douggle> uhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf.
<ThatPlayer> Kick please
<Mephisto> banhammer
<ohiowar> Stanleys you did it
<Stanleys> Nice reaction
<WarrFork-> way to wake up all the lurkers
<TheBlackTac> It's okay. Lol.
<RainHeaven> Stanleys calling for war
<Douggle> some of us lurkers are actually reading vn's 
<Neibs> i was tling a vn
<Neibs> pls
<shcboomer> And you guys wonder why this place is dead most of the time...
<Sakamoto_Neko> or downloading them
<Hei_> yes
<ThatPlayer> Does seeding count?
<krill> lol
<monkeysrumble> It has been done.
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[01:25] <nohman> i spoil things too much for myself sadly
[01:25] <hotsauce2000> Since game 2 is mostly a prequel, as far as I know, that could explain it ^^
[01:25] <hotsauce2000> Ya
[01:25] <hotsauce2000> You want to know everything :P
[01:25] <hotsauce2000> No wonder you're a time skip whore
[01:26] <hotsauce2000> It's your heroin!
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[18:45] * krill stabs himself in the face
[18:46] <hotsauce2000> Stop stabbing yourself, krill
[18:46] <krill> no
[18:46] * Sioxz yanks out the knife from krill's face and heal him
[18:46] * krill stabs sioxz
[18:47] <hotsauce2000> Your interview overall was pretty interesting, krill
[18:47] <krill> ah thenx 
[18:47] * Sioxz W-H-Y  K-R-I-L-L *bleeds out*
[18:47] <krill> thanx
[18:47] <krill> um cuzz i have a knife of stabbing +4 versus fuwans?
[18:48] <krill_anime> yeah what he said....
[18:48] <krill> shut up me i dont need the back up
[18:48] <krill_anime> awww ;-[
[18:48] <hotsauce2000> lol
[18:49] * Sioxz revives to a sprit that only can type in IRC
[18:49] <krill_anime> fine then im leaving
[18:49] * Sioxz is now known as Sprit-Sioxz
[18:49] <krill> good go lurk elsewhere
[18:49] * krill_anime ([email protected]) has left #fuwanovel
[18:49] <Sprit-Sioxz> why did you have to use you deadly knife :(
[18:49] <krill> cuzz the other kind isnt deadly?
[18:49] <hotsauce2000> Poor Sioxz
[18:50] * [Evangeline] ([email protected]) has joined #fuwanovel
[18:50] * Sprit-Sioxz will hount krill forever for his act
[18:51] <Sprit-Sioxz> haunt*
[18:52] <krill> meh
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ts3 wisdom:

<10:39:07> "Steve": all girls above 15 are evil

<10:39:12> "Steve": and all girls bellow 15 are illegal xD


ts3 plans (Xypers seems cool though):

<11:14:31> "Xypers": next time her sister hugs me

<11:14:34> "Xypers": i'm gonna close my eyes

<11:14:41> "Xypers": and pretend she's a kawaii loli

<11:15:10> "Xypers": hopefully i wont get too depressed after i open my eyes

<11:17:58> "Xypers": steve when i'll get rich i'm gonna pay some engineers

<11:18:05> "Xypers": to create a huggin usb machine

<11:18:21> "Xypers": that hugs you when a loli in a vn hugs you

<11:19:48> "Xypers": then with oculus rift

<11:19:56> "Xypers": and the amazing 3D that looks like 2D

<11:20:04> "Xypers": like this:

<11:20:08> "Xypers": its gonna be awesome

<11:20:16> "Xypers": we were born in the right time

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