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happy stoner day

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So, I posted a track of mine when I started here like a year ago and @Eclipsed liked it a lot n stuff, so here is my 420 blaze it special! Hope you'll enjoy it.

(yes, I know this sounds like shameless selfpromotion and....its shameless selfpromotion lol)

Anyway, happy 420 from karuna and me <3

lub you all.


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6 minutes ago, Rooke said:

I wish people would stop naming days after stupid crap. Oh look, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oh look, it's Stoner Day. Oh look, it's Kill Everybody Making Stupid Holidays day. 

meh, its kinda funny anyways, as long as people dont expect everything to become a thing for real lol. It sparked my inspiration to actually be productive so I cant complain lol. Glad you liked the track though

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5 hours ago, Forgetful Frank said:

I loved listening to this, it really is a great tune, Kawasumi! :miyako:

I'm actually curious to know what inspired you to create this, care to share? ^_^

sure, you find a track on youtube or a cd or a lp or whatever.

Then you put it into your program, find the tempo and then you cut it up and re-arrange it and put a good ol' hiphop beat underneath it.

Thats the gist of it at least.

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