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  1. my cellphone died (the charger plug is ded ) and my laptop that i use for school just decided to jump out of my bag and scratched itself on the floor . it seems to be okay on the inside , but outside it's quite damaged. lol, what a good day
  2. well ,she was prolly great ,but HEY : punpun is da best grill!
  3. why is everybody hatin on the pineapple on pizza? i wont say i'm fond of it, but it sure dont taste horrible or something like this... so , why? :'(
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp9RUkm6Jx8 columbine ~
  5. prolly the hardest thing i've ever experienced in my short life eh . thank you for the support :') thank you too , i really appreciate what you've said .... probably the more usefull thing that anyone said to me about this situation and yeah , first love , first friend i made while entering in high school ... she's the more important person in the world for me at the moment , and even if it's not really a positive point , i think i'm actually addicted to her . i really hope that everything will go smoothly :')
  6. well , i'm not searching any answers or advices , i just wanted to say this somewhere , dont feel forced to read it talking about relationships ... next year , i'll be moving to tahiti, for something between one year and a half and 4 years (it depend of if i want to come back in france to try the exams for art school or if i enter tahiti's art school for the two first years , ant the two second will depend of my mother : she can just stay two years ,but she will have the opportunity of staying another two years ) on one hand , i'm just really happy to move there , cause i was
  7. saya was my first vn , and i found it pretty easy to read tbh. i wasn't bothered by anything ,it was spooky , but in a nice way i still have really good memories linked to this game , for instance this one : there is one moment in the game where you have something like a jumpscare. i played the beginning of the story twice , and the second time was with my girlfriend ... when we reached the 'jumpscare' moment , i shouted , and she was so surprised that she fell from my bed... after that we laughed so hard that it was hard to go back into the game's mood x)
  8. becaause if found it so fuckin beautiful . tru feels
  9. ear boner? sounds quite interesting. while i'm thinking bout it , my ears do weird shit too , but more like hearing non existent sounds like some "beeeeeeeeep" from time to time , or starting to sounds like it's stuffed with cotton or something . quite disturbing
  10. that's from braille skateboard yt channel. they just epic af.
  11. this kind of thing was pretty frequent in my middleschool (not the car thing tough ) , it often happenned that somebody get into a fight , even just verbal ,and then call his big brothers and the said brothers friend to beat the shit out of his opponent. form what i recall , school was enough to avoid serious fight and harm , but this kind of thing can happen anytime sadly. i dont have any advices, since the best i was able to do when i had problems with violent persons was to lock myself up in the WC at the breaks to avoid their contact , but just dont give up , and talk about this to yo
  12. well , true , with you it shall be a fun experience haha next person dont like vegetables ,except coliflower
  13. isn't it chinko ? cuz you wrote it chinku it seems
  14. heyo ! my girlfriend asked me to post here ,because she's desperatly trying to find the title of a manga someone recommended her some time ago. basically it's the story of a girl who's into coma and has access to something like a vast dream , in wich she can see dead / in coma people. when she get out of this coma, she still see those dead or unconsious peoples in her dreams . also , my girlfriend told me that there was prolly a reference to this japanese dog who waited his human in front of the hospital for ten year when he died (was it hachiko? i dont remember well ^^ ) anywa
  15. eh bien ,pour etre tout a fait honnête , j'ai essayé une fois l'anse est un peu etroite , mais si on force un peu ca passe ... (well , to be honest , i tryed once . the handle hole is a little bit too thight , but if you try enough it's legit ... ) next person believed my (obviously fake , who can be stupid enough to try this ? ) answer to akimoto's question
  16. yeah , i must finish steins gate , and play fata moragana , so i have two (if i understand your question correctly hahah ) next person have troubles too hand his papers in the imparted delays
  17. this is really trippy , i wonder where you find pics like these x)
  18. false ,cuz even if i'm out of touch with twitter , i use instagramu ww next person got a boner when he see comrade stalin's mustache
  19. maggot bait what if everything in the world was instantly turned into dicks ?
  20. man, you fuckin made my day. i'm laughing so much that i'm crying (well, i'm pretty tired ,so i can't really help it ) true , i'm dat boi next person once felt some attraction for a person of the same sex even if he never considered himself as interested in homosexual relationships
  21. false ... in fact i have so much troubles to wake up that i spend something like 30/40 minutes every morning just to get out of bed. next person love to be whipped with barbed wires
  22. bu...but... If i get it out now, i'll stain this pooor bo...girl clothes
  23. false ... next person like communist ideology
  24. the lil sausage still bother me tbh
  25. that's pretty lewd. i'm pretty depressed by the perspactive of going back to school . the end of this year will be shitty, filled with exams , fight with my girlfriend , fight with my mother about what i want to study after highschool and wich artschool i will choose , fight with my father ( that can't be helped , he always do things to bug me and my mother ~ ) ... i feel like staying in my bed an eating chocolate forever. and you know,i dont even like chocolate this much
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