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  1. Welcome! Good to see new faces around here!
  2. Can confirm... I believe it's one of Yuzusofts weakest titles and just kinda boring...
  3. I'm so excited about this! Been wanting a translation of clover days since I joined Fuwa oh so long ago! Congratulations on the partnership with Nekonyan... Been spamming :ruu: in the discord all week
  4. 5 stars... Quality content Flutterz...
  5. Feel free to PM me your opinions if you wanna talk about it with someone! I could talk about it for hours!
  6. It was so long ago when I read it, but I believe I went down all of the routes! I always recommend it when I get the chance!
  7. I haven't played A Sky Full of Stars yet, but I would highly recommend If My Heart Had Wings!
  8. Newton and the Apple Tree! It struggled at first for me, but once you get to know the characters and it gets into the time travel nitty gritty it really gets good! Just started the first route so we'll see how it goes...
  9. If My Heart Had Wings. It was my first and will always be my favorite... Even with the shitty translation, I loved every second of it! Thinking about reading it again with the new translation mostly for nostalgia sake, but I know it'll never be as good as the first time around.
  10. Idk if you're still looking but I've really enjoyed Newton and the Apple Tree the whole VN and the tsundere are great! She is quite a unique character and tsundere... I can't recommend this VN enough!
  11. It's looking great!! Keep up the good work... Can't wait to play this game!
  12. Keep doing what you're doing man. If you need any help at all from a generally skillless person other than a moderate graphic design background... I'm your guy! I'd love to help in any way possible and if not good luck with everything. can't wait for the release!!!
  13. Follow up question... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?! (Meme-y answer please)
  14. If you had to consider yourself as one of the many anime tropes what would it be? (Do whatever answer you see fit)
  15. Fappy birthday to my dude. @Snailmusk Enjoy the last 30 minutes of it to the fullest...
  16. Signed it... I watched the video the other day and was wondering if there was anything I could do. I guess this answers that question.
  17. Welcome and good luck on your travels...
  18. Happy birthday to that guy I sorta know and talk to sometimes @Shikomizue
  19. I like the style and the cookie... 9.5/10
  20. What kind of horrible sick twisted person would do such and thing??? Also I don't know if this is relevant or not but the only thing I plan on watching is Konosuba 2 and maybe something else if I get really bored
  21. So I know this guy right and he's pretty terrible and I hate him with all my little tiny heart he needs to die like right now @Flutterz and @Mr Poltroon will back me up on this 100% they know the pain of dealing with this guy for more than five seconds he's literally cancer... no no no he's worse than cancer maybe he's like Hitler and cancer had a kid and it did 9/11 Thank you for your time <3 If you don't know who this loser is you can find him here: @Shikomizue Sorry Shiko
  22. I hope you get black stabbed to death
  23. If anybody wants me to edit a hat on just tell me what number and I'll do my best
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