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So between Ren's new music thread and my recent projects on Youtube, I thought it would be fun to start a thread about something music-related that hasn't been covered (ha ha) yet. So use this thread to share any good cover songs you find, whether they're your own or someone else's that you find online. 


To start off, I'll do one of each: one of my own, and one that I really enjoy.






For the record, these don't have to be VN or anime related. English songs count too!

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Wow, great job on the Koibumi cover, I really enjoyed it  :sachi: 

One Tack Noise's cover of Rising Hope is really good.



That's a group I had never heard of; they're pretty good! The mixing on it doesn't sound like a fan collaboration at all. I'll have to go find more of their stuff.

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(Katethegreat)  I really love all her songs/covers.  This is one of my absolute favorites from her.  I think she was the first that got me into listening to people sing game songs, etc.


Another beautiful favorite one~


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So many awesome covers! I'm going to contribute by giving a few myself. (Definitely going to follow this thread.)





I really love this singer, so I added two of my favorite songs from her. (Really hoping she makes a full version, though.)





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My personal favorite song out of the Kagerou Project with a pretty good english cover.




P.S. It nearly has the same views on youtube that the original Japanese version.

I love Outer Science! I also like Juby's version, but I think Amatsuki's Japanese cover is my favorite rendition of the song since his voice matched so well.

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I feel weird putting this in among all the anime/VN/game stuff but...



greatest cover ever.


... anyway. Did you know Sugar Baby Love from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar was a cover of a cover? Yeah there was a Japanese cover of the original song, then Ishida Yoko sang the cover for the anime. I like all the versions of it, though probably hers the best



And finally, this cover just happens to be the first Japanese song I ever heard where I could easily go 'the person singing this isn't a native Japanese speaker'. It's also a great cover of You Raise Me Up, with lyrics that I actually like alot more than the original English version. I'm a sucker for good lyrics.


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I have added this thread to the music discussion hotlinks in the main music extravaganza thread!


As for my cover, I would choose Daft Punk's Get Lucky Grammy remix by Steo Lo Panda. He uses too much digital scratching in my opinion, but the more you listen to it, the better it gets. My favorite part has to be from 1:25 - 1:58. The Lose Yourself to Dance vocal mixed with Get Lucky sounds great:


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i will share mine too..


Bass Vocal Tab:

Pure x Connect OP - Snow x Connect [Game Size]



Angel Beats! -1st Beat- IN - Million Star



Maboroshi no Dystopia OP - Uso to Shinjitsu [Game Size]


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