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Found 13 results

  1. So I noticed that out of all the most played e-sports titles Counter-Strike didn't receive any Fuwa love. I decided to end that now. At first I was thinking of calling it "CS:GO thread" but a lot of people still prefer to play 1.6 or even source. So you may use this thread for discussing anything counter-strike(weapons, pro scene, patches, etc.) and even start, or gather people, for queues/lobbies(aka my original intention behind the thread). P.S. - For anyone wondering my ELO rank on CS:GO is that of a weak and noobish Silver Elite. Because well I'm a noob and I haven't played in some good months. edit: here's my steam profile because why not. http://steamcommunity.com/id/MadNoel
  2. This past few days some members, including me, of Fuwa's skype group have started to play Yu-Gi-Oh using the online and free client YGOPro, so we thought of making a thread to expand this to the rest of the Fuwan's in the forums. We don't plan to do anything fancy with this thread other than make a place for people that like Yu-Gi-Oh to be able to play with each other. So I'll just post the names of the Fuwans that play this from time to time. Madvanced(This one is a given) HMN Snowtsuku blick winkel Blue Ember Babiker jeftai There's a chance that I'm forgetting someone and if I do I apologize. Now without further ado, let's just have some fun playing.
  3. B0X0R

    Game a la mod

    So I'm currently on my 6th attempt at beating Skyrim. In order to prevent me from going back to Fallout, I've installed a couple of mods. One of my favorite ones so far is the Anime Voice Shouts mod. Basicly it replaces most of the shouts with more moe like voices. My favorite time with it was when I was in a cave full of Frost spiders and my only defense was to shout at them 'Kawai' in order to calm them down. So what games do you guys mod?
  4. Oh boy, I probably shouldn't even start this thread. If things get out of control, I have no qualms with the moderators locking it. So basically I wanted to hear others opinions on the whole GamerGate controversy. A LOT of people have voiced their views on it, and I consider myself to be on the pro-GG side. We want there to be ethics in games journalism, and do not condone any form of harassment. It's been said that female developers have been driven from their homes due to GG, but there hasn't been any evidence linking it to them. Harassment definitely exists, but to blame thousands of people based on the actions of a handful doesn't seem fair in my opinion. People like Anita Sarkeesian love playing victim, and they interpret any form of criticism immediately as harassment due to their gender. I have to say that this is the Internet, and you're going to inevitably run into trolls and nasty people. But to overly generalize and blame ALL GAMERS on this issue? Use common sense here. No one cared about the death threats sent towards Jack Thompson when he criticized the industry. Hell, even Metal Gear's Hideo Kojima received death threats when he initially stated that he would not be directing MGS4. These people didn't paint themselves as martyrs. Can you imagine how many threats politicians like Obama get each day? They suck it up, realize that not everyone will like them, and move on with their lives. Even if we ignore all of that, it's been proven that corruption exists within games journalism. If you don't know anything about the controversy, these videos do a good job of explaining it. This article also sums up the events well. http://reason.com/archives/2014/10/12/gamergate-part-i-sex-lies-and-gender-gam/ The Huffington Post had a great discussion on it too. http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/gamergate-and-women-in-video-game-culture/543c686878c90a71ff000157 I expect there to be a lot of discussion on this thread, so I strongly encourage things to be civil and respectful. Again, if things get out of control, feel free to lock it. Thanks.
  5. I want to try the visual novel reader and try translate game, since I'm bored right now, but I'm not sure whish game i shall translate or whish game so Would be easy for me to translate, since I'm begnning to translate game and use visual novel reader, So whish somebody can give me link for visual novel reader and the tutorial for it Would i be very happy. And whish somebody can give me suggestion for game i shall try to translate with Visual novel reader, Would i be very happy for that to
  6. Oh boy, THESE guys. I'm a huge gamer like many people on this forum, but if there's one thing I've never understood, it's the ESRB rating system. Like the MPAA (the rating system for American films), I view the ESRB as a broken organization that assigns the wrong ratings to many games. As a recent example, the newest Phoenix Wright game Dual Destinies was rated M for Mature. That's right, Phoenix Wright was given the same rating as Grand Theft Auto V. Playing through this game though, I've found nothing that would warrant rating Dual Destinies Mature. It's the exact same tone as the previous games in the series, which were all rated T. If you want even more proof of the ESRB's brokenness, when this game got an iOS port, it was re-rated as 12+ with no content removed. As a another visual novel example, look at Steins;Gate which was rated by the ESRB as M for Mature. Are you serious? There are more violent games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which were rated T. Speaking of Metal Gear, let's talk descriptors. I'm not denying that Metal Gear is an M series. However, the ESRB has given it an M rating for the wrong reasons. The first MGS game is described as having "Mature Sexual Themes." This is completely inaccurate. The most they talk about is reproduction and cells, in a COMPLETELY biology scientific classroom kind of way. THAT'S supposed to count as being "Mature Sexual Themes?" Look at MGS4 and MGSV: Ground Zeroes. On the back of the box it says "Strong Language." MGS4 says the word "fuck" ONE TIME. PG-13 films are allowed to get away with more profanity. And as violent as the game is, Ground Zeroes is very clean with its language. Why the hell are Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl rated T? Both have cartoon violence that's kid's stuff. The original Super Smash Bros. on N64 was even rated K-A (The modern equivalent would be E). Why is Twilight Princess rated T as well? I've heard that this is apparently due to depictions of blood, but it's very minimal in the game. And on top of that, the blood is green! In my opinion, it should have been rated E10+. If the same system can rate the Uncharted games T, you can rate Twilight Princess below it. I could go on, but those are just some examples. A lot of problems I have with this system could be alleviated if they introduced a rating in between T and M. The Japanese rating system CERO has a "C" rating (15+) while the UK has PEGI 16+. The ESRB has an AO rating for 18+ games, but it's hardly ever used. So what's the goddamned point then if they don't use it? In the UK, PEGI 18+ games aren't considered restricted and are treated the exact same as the ERSB's M for Mature rating (17+). Does anyone have any thoughts on the ESRB or any other game rating systems? Is it an effective system to begin with? Should anything change? As a kid, did it ever prevent YOU from buying any games?
  7. I have played many PS3 Games after I buy PS3 like Tales Of Symphonia, Tales Of Xillia and other Tales serie exit to PS3 and I really love Tales serie very much, Its my favorite RPG game Ever and Of course I played other RPG Games for PS3 like Argrest Genration Of war 2 and Atelier Rorona Plus The Alchemist Of Arland self at I have not play that game yet. It exit many other good RPG titles for PS3 and I want to talk about RPG Games for PS3. I want hear everyone option RPG titles for PS3 and Which RPG Games for PS3 are everyone favorite. Of course critic are welcome so free to Share your option about PS3 and their Games beside RPG. I hope somebody Join this disscusion thread about PS3 Games Best regards Novel21
  8. Can some recommend me good download software, like Mipony and JDownload? But not Mipony and JDownload since I was not very happy with these. I want to download Rewrite again and I have take break from use torrent for awaile.
  9. Is there anyway to port PC Visual Novels to PSP?
  10. I've been gradually introducing my friends into the world of VNs. Primarily through getting them to play some of the easier VNs to set up that suited their tastes, however I've only managed to get about one person interested in VNs through nontraditional and gradual means This was by getting them into the Fire Emblem series first and getting them to be more involved in their characters. By gradually drawing them into focusing on character personalities and relationships, along with occasionally mentioning some VNs, eventually let me introduce them to Majikoi and get them instantly hooked. i'm just wondering if anyone else can think of any fun means of introducing people to this wonderful and moderately niche fanbase. Also sorry about the typo in the topic title, i realized it only moments after release
  11. I have two games I like very much but I don't have money to buy both, So can somebody tell me which games are better and which games you recommend? They two games I'm stuck with are Sweet Fuse at your side Growlancer heritage of time I'm not sure which of them I shall buy for my PSP, So I would be very happy which somebody can help me with this one
  12. I have Nintendo Gamecube and Both Of pokemon game to Nintendo Gamecube and I'm confused about Pokémon Colosseum and Pokemon XD gale Of darkness, The I'm confused about are at The exit smilar village in Pokemon XD Gale Of darkness as in Pokémon Colosseum and we can meet same people as in Pokémon Colosseum, And my question are Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness seguel or preseguel Of Pokémon Colosseum? I hope somebody can answer my question
  13. I have some VN Games i want somebody shall try to Get the game from Demo/trial and to Complete game, whish possible, here is link for the game. http://vndb.org/v187 http://vndb.org/v78 http://vndb.org/v223 http://vndb.org/v179 http://vndb.org/r373 http://vndb.org/r577 http://vndb.org/v228 http://vndb.org/r368 I really want to play these full game instand for demo/trial, so i whould be very happy whish somebody could try to make these game from demo/trial to full complete game
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