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  1. It's kinda like Konosora, except replace the good relationship development for way more tech explanations. Probably because rockets are way harder to build then a glider, this focuses a lot on explaining terms and on how things work. Legitimately, a lot of the routes have sex scenes that then go into rocket explanations because the sex lead to a breakthrough for the project. I found the entire thing good overall, though I hated Arisa in her route. Kaho is probably the most properly romantic of the lot, Honoka is a comedy but also has the best drama, and Natsu has some good build up before they start going out. Common route is solid, though if you don't like lectures you'll probably get tired of this. The protag is an idiot exactly so they have to explain everything.
  2. In the untranslated fandisc they get together. Same with the dark samurai friend and the spirit of his sword. We'll probably never get that stuff but it's their.
  3. If you are talking about non-MC males having a romantic relationship with girls , then you're probably looking for things from the 90's. With the advent of moege, males other then the protagonist of a work either are completely disgusting people no one wants to have a relationship with for reasons(usually they're just to openly pervy, or are actual rapsits), or have fetishes that just don't work. Or only exist for comedy. Or are the MC's parents. All because people didn't want to feel threatened by the other guys in the setting. If all you want is to see other guys get chicks, then NTR is probably the only real genre with that happening. I'm sure there's a few random moege's where other guys have girlfriends you'll never see, but even that is rare. There might be some English works where you can see everyone having a good time with a significant other, but I don't know enough about that to offer any titles. I do remember one VN where there's another couple that you see having sex. Cosplay Fetish Academy has your brother and his girl having a relationship, that you can make into your own harem if you enter that girls route. if you go for the other girls though, they just have a relationship. You are not shown any of their real relationship though. Seinarukana also has something similar, but goofs it up and needs its untranslated fandisc to fix/make the relationship. Edit- Konosora's fandisc, Amane route, is all about hooking up the friend of the main character with the girl's friend. There's no shown sex, but it is cute and one of the rare times a girl with a sprite in a work ends up with someone that isn't the protag.
  4. Yeah, it's not by Squeez it just has the same format as a bunch of their things. You get a list of girls, you choose from that list and get sex scenes. Each girl has a unique ending after all their sex stuff is done, but the main goal is the harem end where you get all the girls. I want to say the shortened name was something like majipuri or something like that, but I for the life of me can't remember it's actual title or creator. It also had this weird thing where after both girls orgasmed they'd get showered in generic white fluid, which you could make yellow from the options menu if you wanted to. It was this really weird game, and probably the only vanilla harem yuri thing with 10+ heroines I've ever seen.
  5. Originally, it was because telling a mystery in a video game was impossible. Back in the Nes or so era, telling a story with cutscenes was rare, but having the player being able to influence the story was impossible. Eventually someone created the first mystery "VN", Portopia Serial Murder Case. An interactive murder mystery that let players actually be a part of the world's story. Technically Portopia isn't a VN, but a Japanese adventurer game like Phoenix Wright, but that's not important to this question. Anyway, as other companies copied Portopia we eventually get every feature of a modern VN. How characters stand, how the textbox works, how routes function. and so on. Each new feature would then be grabbed by another company and added until the modern VN look became a thing. As it was forming there was demand. So companies met demand. For Japan at least, I think most VN writers are just people who couldn't make it in another writing career and latched onto the simplicity of writing a generic VN. They are just meeting demand, not choosing VNs because of any advantages. There are some who do it out of love, I'm sure, but it's also a paycheck. One that requires simply writing out trope after trope. For the west though, its the simplicity. Anyone can make an RPG or a Vn if you learn the basic engines. Which lets people share stories with more then just written word, but also their art and music selections. Of course a lot of these are inspired from Japanese VNs, as those created the inspiration to make the indie scene as it is in the west. A lot of it though is people writing what they want in a format that allows for more creative expression that is not held back by technical issues.
  6. I've only read the English releases, but this is the main family line stuff. Few other heroines are related directly to others in any way. I think Nanaka and Kotori being cousins is about as far as relations between non-Nemu or Sakura heroines get. The current day Da Capo 3 families don't have anything to do biologically with the Weather Vane versions. They have the same souls/memories, but are not at all related, as far as anything in English goes. Apparently Kiyotaka and Charles are cousins to Sakura somehow(same last name), but that isn't really looked into. So It's possible that Kiyotaka father'd their dad/grandpa, but that line is never expanded on. Ricca is the grandmother they show you at the start of Da Capo 1. Himeno is the likely grandmother of Nemu, which means Nemu and Juunichi have no blood ties at all as Juunichi's grandfather, Yoshitaka, is adopted into Himeno's family and then marries Ricca. You would be right on the Da Capo 2 stuff. Minatsu can't be in Weather Vane. She wasn't built yet so she couldn't have, and she's not magic so she wouldn't be invited. She's hired by the current year Da Capo 3 team to look into things with the tree and their memories, but she's the same Minatsu after Da Capo 2 and whatever set of events make up the true end of that game, which would include her mellowing out. Don't remember enough to talk about the Suginami thing, but Mintasu wouldn't know that that Suginami is the same one. To her, he would be a guy with the same name and that's it. Do they even meet in the original Da Capo 3?
  7. Yuri's weird in that it's the genre of VN's with the most standarised style, probably because everyone is copying Sonohana. If it has h, it's usually one heroine, and the routes are just others girls relationships. Sometimes you'll get threeway couples or two options, but even that's rare. There was a VN in Squeez's story style about a girl who comes to an all girls school and with her love of boobs seduces everyone. I think it had both harem and individual /endings and is basically the only game like that that I know of. Forgot it's name but it would really fit with MG's lineup. Generally if you want routes in yuri you're looking for all ages, but a lot of those aren't yuri but more just shoujo Ai. Aoshiro is barely even shoujo Ai. No one in the game becomes a couple and there is no kissing, the closest you get is vampire blood sucking. Pygmalion and the other entries in the Ao- series are the same way. The Nurse Love series is better, but I've heard pretty poor things about the writing quality and romance in those games. Also having an air headed nurse as your main character would piss me off to no end, which one of the games does.
  8. Dies irae was a horrible choice for that model, since it has an actual enforced route order that exists for a reason. Could you imagine reading Phoenix Wright cases in any order you want? Starting with the final case of 4 that builds up to the finally, only for nothing to make sense, but hey the player wanted to start there! Like, even I think a route buy structure could work, but it would be mangled(just like it is in the mobile otome market). Sure at first we might get full Vn's with all 4-6 routes buyable, but as people only buy certain heroines eventually it would be road mapped. Buy routes 1 and 2 for the popular girls. If they don't do well enough 3 and 4 just never happen. They'll keep promising them, and 5 years later we'll get a machine translated route 3 to shut people up... The more you try to grab F2P style options the more you'll leek in the worse parts of that format. Like stamina gauges where you need to buy energy to read at your pace, or needing to grind daily roulette spins to earn the premium currency to buy clothes to have the stats to access the next part of a route. Also, honestly, if I had the option of only spending ten bucks to buy a single heroine out of a set, I would do that. I would look at reviews or cgs, and just buy who i like instead of the whole package. Which isn't earning them more money and piracy would still be an issue since with that I could just get the whole package instead of piece by piece.
  9. I can't say I'm surprised they're not making money. I remember Sekai stating they had never gotten in the black during some interview a couple years after they got started, even though Clannad had sold records highs for VN's. I think it took MG 5 years to get into the black a single time and who knows if they still operate at a gain. A new company with barely anything under their belt, and those titles are ones the community was never asking for and are also in a style that is flooded. Two years ago I was guessing Sol Press and Nekonyan would be dead within a year, at least to 18+ eroge. I'm actually impressed they're both still around.
  10. Nyan Cafe and Wan Nyan are nukige, 100%. They have 10+ h scenes per girl which puts them at Imouto Paradise levels of sex while not being that much longer as games. While I do agree the artstyle looks moege like, that doesn't exclude them from being nukige(a lot of vanilla nukige have the same or similar artstyle as moege). All we care about for this distinction is how much of the script is porn, and from the looks of it a majority of it is. It is possible whoever did the clues thought the first two are moege though, but I'm hoping that's not the case. And if Uchi Kano isn't a nukige like Loca Love I'll be amazed since everything about that title screams cheap porn premise.
  11. So I wouldn't say they have done moege or yuri so far. The Liquid title isn't really yuri, it's more gore in line with Maggot Baits then yuri. Sakura no mori, on the other hand, is more shounen/horror then moege. So I wouldn't say either of those titles fit the hints from the start of the year. Anime NYC hopefully gives us a proper moege and yuri title at the very least.
  12. When a con is immediately after a game release, they have a tendency to wait until that con before announcing their next game. This usually happens at least once a year. Though it is probably the payment processor at fault, it's not unusual for them to not have something announced the week before Otakon.
  13. So based on the remaining hints from their survey at the beginning of the year, we at the very least will be getting something yuri announced. Hopefully it's not the atelier Sonohana game that got a fan patch today. The hints this year were cats, three, yuri, gameplay, and moege. Cats was done with the nukige from their first con, three was Imouto Paradise, gameplay was probably Rance, so unless they counted the cats cafe VN's as moege, we still haven't gotten one of those. Considering no new partners it's almost guaranteed we get a Sonohana, as I don't think they have any other yuri options. At least none they would use Otakon to announce. Moege though, that's really hard to pick through. I would guess the Princess Evangile-like from Moonstone(though I want the Sakura thing instead), or Da Capo 4. The third slot could be anything, though hopefully it's not Rance 03, that can wait till next year. Hopefully they get their payment processor backup soon so they can release stuff again. They have like 8 things in ready to be released already. They really don't need things slowing them down.
  14. Kouryuu actually put way to much effort into it. Since he did both the game and the anime he tried to make sure the prologue of the game matched up with the anime anytime the characters said the same thing. Which of course made the prologue take way longer then it needed to.
  15. It was #10 in 2017, the year after the first one was announced. It was higher up then Aokana, and a step below Evenicle. And Rance was still in the top 5 this year, just like it was for the last 3-4. People want the entire series, for both of them. And those series are long. And the Rance stuff is really easy to explain. Every year people complain that they aren't announcing whichever title. So the next year they announce that title, because the translators are working on title X and the demand is there. Like I understand not loving their announcements, I don't think they are that hot either. Ciconia looks horrible(then again, I don't like Higurashi at all), the Neko Cafe disgusts me, and the Liquid thing is just the next Maggot Baits kind of title. The rest though are things I'll love when they come out.
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