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  1. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not, but the patch doesnt work for me, the google drive links don't work due to a quota or something so I used the other link. but the usage tips says to move 2 folders but the files I got only had 1 folder in it and the cg arent uncropped.
  2. Umm I'm rather certain grisaia isn't a ladder structure I got done replaying the common route a few days ago and While there are some choices here and there where said selection locks some girls off, it does continue to a set end meaning it is has a common route that branches into separate routes. Eustia has chapters with a branch at the end of each for each corresponding girl. Like as you said G senjou, Steins;gate while non-romantic had chapters with short routes branching off them, classifying it as a ladder structure to some degree.
  3. Ah eris my favorite girl! So far...thank you so much for the patch! Your work is very much appreciated and i cant wait to see your continued progress!
  4. So has the partial patch up to eris been delayed if not canceled? Its been a fair bit since any news has been dropped on that so I'm curious as to the current status on that. If it has been canceled in favor of focusing on translation work then i think it would be good to relay that so we can temper our expectations to a more reasonable time frame. I'm not sure if this sounds pushy or needy or anything but I'm simply curious as to the state of affairs regarding the partial patch. earlier comments indicates it was practically ready.
  5. Signing on with an account I seldom use to to just say. You guys have done phenomenal work thus far. When I initially saw a new group hoping to tackle this vn I kinda just shrugged assuming you guys wouldn't make it very far. But here we are a partial patch released, work progressing as usual and no fear of failure. Goes so show how much you guys have surprised us. thanks for all the work you guys have put into this, I look forward to the final release with baited breath. Edit: it seems the partial patch is from yandere translations and I was speaking under the assumption it was this tran
  6. Ok first to hoshi ori, the biggest error I come across is usually the 1503 error and thats omnipresent andthe alpharom hack seemed to fix it to a degree howeveer the game would remain black for a second and then outright crash every single time. For hatsukoi 1/1, well it still refuses to install.
  7. Hatsukoi 1/1 or hoshiori have proven to be nigh impossible to run. I try to install either and if I'm lucky i get the damn thing installed which it then either wont run or shuts down after running. If i'm unlucky the thing will just refuse to install citing Siglus error. I can't get any of them to work. I remember getting hatsukoi 1/1 to work at some point awhile ago but after append came out i literally cant get it working at all.
  8. Yes indeed i have but the three it has is Amane, Sachi and michiru and as I've seen a lot of the voice lines are unique to the characters.
  9. So I just got the System voice download for Kazuki and I'm not quite sure what I'm suppose to do with them now. Some are merely her clicking her tongue or such, while others I can figure out the meaning. I want to know if anyone has actually used the system voices and could help with the voice file assignment process. There are 32 voice files. Any and all assistance is much appreciated.
  10. oh we're getting this translated now? fantastic I've had a growing interest in this game for awhile now. If only I could help!
  11. I was a lurker too...I don't remember why i made an account anymore but now I'm a kinda frequent poster more often than not i mess around on the chat and ask for assistance with the problem novels of visual noveling but either way welcome to this weird weird little community
  12. "WOOH! can't wait"...whispers "What the hell are we celebrating for!?"
  13. Can we bring this alive again? I've spent about 2 days trying different ways of getting this game to work and my conclusion? This game is one of the most hellish things to play. I have windows 7 so it isn't the windows 8 issue and i just got the voice1.pac fix so it won't be that, hopefully but now i can't test that hypothesis because whenever i try and run the game the loading image pops up...then goes away then comes back and then vanishes once again and continues like this in an infinite loop until i log off my pc. so please help me with this I'd like to play this. Edit: It appears to wor
  14. i already read and have the fan tl so really i couldn't care less but the fact they could have translated an untranslated game instead of a translated game where the patch is perfectly fine. short version is i didn't care just found it to be a waste of time.
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