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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Dreamysyu in What Light Novel are you reading right now?   
    It's been a while since I updated my progress on this thread. Here are a few things I read recently and consider worth talking about. Not in any particular order.
    Official releases:

    Kumo desu ga (volume 7). Not posting the cover for the 7th volume because it's full of spoilers. I was afraid that the quality might start going downhill after the big reveal at the end of Volume 5, and I'm so glad that it didn't happen. The newest volume managed to impress me quite a lot, even if it was almost completely action-focused. The new plot twists are just as amazing as the ones in volume 5. I want more!

    Honzuki (part 2 volumes 1 and 2). Well, I finally caught up with what I read in the WN version, and it looks like this book is steadily getting better and better. The worldbuilding is getting more and more detailed. In these volumes we get some glimpses of how the magic and noble society function in this world. At the end of the second volume it started going in a bit weird direction, and it makes me extremely cautions that it seemingly decided to play straight some annoying isekai tropes that it was avoiding before that, but I'm pretty sure everything will be fine. At least, the epilogue was actually pretty emotional. For some reason, while it was good, I never really felt as much emotional connection with the anime as I do with the books.
    Also, speaking about the anime, the first scene of the first episode was finally shown, and I think like it was mistranslated there. Actually, I still have no idea why the anime even decided to spoil this scene if the way it was shown makes the viewer to get some wrong ideas.
    So, I caught up with Arifureta (volumes 5-10). Well, just as expected it's still just the same trashy trash as the first four volumes were, but it's also very entertaining to read. Honestly, I still don't understand why I even like this LN. There are so many things that I would normally expect to hate. At the same time, It somehow manages to always remain interesting. I guess, the main strong point in this book is that the pacing is actually pretty good. Unlike in most LNs, you can more or less always tell what the end goal of the story is, and there's nothing that feels like filler. Actually, I think I like the last two volumes the most in the LN so far. I totally didn't see the plot twist in volume 10 coming, even if now I understand that it was pretty obvious from the start.
    Also, come on, man, stop growing your harem. It's way too disturbing at this point.

    Average Abilities (volume 8 ). Well, this volume disappointed me a bit. The comedy is getting a bit old and repetative (I think, many of the jokes were already used in the author's earlier works), and the story is getting nowhere. You know, this is a good example of how light novels that start very starong often run out of steam if they continue for too long.

    「Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na」 to Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta no de, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai  (I Was Told That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Defeat The Demon Lord And Kicked Out Of The Hero’s Party, So Now I Just Want An Ordinary Life In The Capital) (volumes 1-3) is amazing. It starts with a pretty usual WN fantasy trope where the MC with seemingly useless ability suddenly turns out to be pretty strong, but there's much more in the story than just that. Quite definitely deserves an official release. First of all, it's yuri with decent plot, interesting itrigue, ineresting characters and good action scenes. Secondly, it's literally the first time when I found horror in an LN so disturbing. I don't know, for some reason the body horror gets to me a lot better than the stuff about ghost or zombies. Definitely going to follow this one!
    Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution Story. (The whole story - the translation is finished). Well, another decent WN that for some weird reason never got an official release. (yet?) Overall, I wouldn't call it particularly deep or novel, but the story is immensely entertaining. It has a rather interesting and, to my knowledge, unique twist on the "reincarnated in the game world" genre, where unaware players are used by the governments and the corporation for getting resources from a real parallel world. Also, I'm pretty surprised in which direction Shedy's character developed, since I expected something different.

    I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead. Well, as it often happens in the WN world, it has an interesting idea, but rather mediocre realization and not so great translation. I'm only mentioning it here because of a certain twist from the still untranslated chapters which I spoiled for myself. I definitely didn't expect this type of mindfuck from an otome villainess LN.
    Other than this one, there are a few more shoujo LNs/WNs that I started, but all of them are either pretty bad or still don't have enough translated chapters to judge.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Angela DeMille in Penlight [16+] [BxG] [Free / Donate] (Latest Release - May 9th 2020)   
    Hey, gang!
    The writing focus on this past month has been solely on getting Nozomi's rewritten storyline shipshape, and while progress has been way slower than I'd have liked, there's now some meat on its bones this time around with some all-new scenes fully developed and even a CG to go with them.
    And talking about CGs, the new art is the thing I'm most proud of this month. We managed to cram four new CGs into this (Hiroko's new one is my fave), and even got to replace the last of the placeholder sprites which I'm really pleased about~
    As always, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages.
    Anyway, that's all for now! Next month, the battle to finish Nozomi's rewrite continues...
    What's New
    Written Nozomi's reworked path with proper dialogue up to halfway through the eleventh day (of a likely thirteen plus epilogue) New CG featuring Nozomi during one of her new story path's weekend scenes New CG featuring Hiroko at the start of her route New CG featuring Nozomi and Sayori in the Delusion route, day 6.  New CG featuring Kyou and Sayori for one of Sayori's Alter path endings Added Atsuko's new sprite to the game for her scenes Added a few new sound effects to play during Nozomi's new scenes Added a couple more backgrounds for use in Nozomi's rewritten path Added a couple more sound effects for Nozomi's new path, and one that replaces a sound in the Villainous Robot path Fixed a minor issue where Nozomi's sprite failed to display during the Delusion route when Kyou chooses to pursue her directly Fixed a minor bug that meant several CG variants weren't being unlocked in the CG Gallery  Word count is now over 179,000 Miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Zalor in Added an OST from VNs to a silent film   
    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is as close as films get to denpa. And it actually has several significant similarities with one of my favorite denpa VNs, Sayonara wo Oshiete. Since its a silent film in public domain, I decided to upload a version that exclusively uses music from VNs. Weird as a concept it maybe, I think it turned out decently well. But maybe I'm just the weird one lol.
    Anyway, here's the link:
    If anyone is interested in watching this, let me know how many tracks you recognize. I'm be curious to know. 
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in What Anime are you watching now?   
    The reason people like SNAFU is better conveyed by the second season... which has a completely different tone as a result. It is also why I don't like that second season.
    Also, shame on you for not liking the first season. It is hilarious!
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Freestyle80 in [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion   
    Finished Saki's route, nice to see that routes arent dragged on and on forever like HoshiOri. It was almost of perfect length

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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Pyonnu in hi! I used to visit a long time ago!   
    hi hi! Not new, but stumbled onto this site again by accident. I was randomly active throughout 2014-2015 until my interest in VNs faded out and I decided to focus on academics instead. My classes and my work is on pause for the meantime, so hopefully I'll be able to talk to everyone here!
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Dergonu in Birthday thread   
    You have a birthday, @Dergonu? I never would've thought!
    Let it be the best one under the current circumstances.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Freestyle80 in [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion   
    Started playing today, its pretty good so far. Met 4 of the 5 girls and everyone is interesting in their own way. MC is a bit quirky (and perverted) but he's decisive which is nice
    A good selling point is that it deals with adults in their 20s rather than the usual High School stuff.
    Apparently this VN is about falling in love after dating or sth so thats probably why
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in So How Are You Keeping Yourself Busy During These Events?   
    I'm, uh, actually having a harder time managing my academic responsibilities now than before. Working at home is an utter mess.
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in So How Are You Keeping Yourself Busy During These Events?   
    I'm, uh, actually having a harder time managing my academic responsibilities now than before. Working at home is an utter mess.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Fiddle in Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event   
    This hypothetical badge will make a fine addition to my already amazing profile.

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    Mr Poltroon reacted to MaggieROBOT in Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event   
    Alriiiiiiiight, now comes the moment no one asked for: the disappointing answers and the shocking results!
    1) A
    Not my fault the teachers never picked a book I actually wanted to read so classic lit usually put me to sleep. My school's cafeteria was also so-so most of the time so lunch break didn't deserve top spot by any means either.
    2) B
    I wanted to argue with Poltroon's motive but... eeerrr... Last time I tried to argue with a friend I don't like DMC all that much they pointed how I was buying my 2nd copy of DMC4 in that same instant so welp, I give up trying to hide it.
    3) A
    I FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION OF SELF-CONTROL WOOOO! I hope the streak doesn't break any time soon. And yes, there are BL gachas but either their translations or gameplay sucks too much for me to care about grinding them so I usually stick to otome ones.
    4) B
    At least that was the original answer, but turns out I beat one more yesterday after posting. Go me, but oops. I'm sorry for breaking my promise that all questions had one right answer, so everyone gets a point for this one as an apology. Bonus 0.5 for Lesiak for getting it right the first time, bonus 0.25 for Zaka for having faith in my capacity of beating 11 bosses and bonus 0.1 for Kiri because he picked the 11 option too one way or the other I guess.
    5) A
    I'm real sorry, but my shit sense of humor kinda prevents me of not choosing Mogeko Castle. I do love To The Moon, but default assets, the align puzzles serves no real purpose, yadda yadda technical bullshit excuses yadda yadda
    6) C
    The other options are glorious, but the last one comes with an extra Archer and oh my god, imagine being served by Archer and eating with him, yadda yadda fangirlism yadda yadda
    7) A
    I prefer 9S as a character, but voice prize goes to Eve. This is him btw (on the right):
    And if anyone's wondering what the コノママジャダメ is: 
    So after this breakdown, the final score ends up as:
    1st - Fiddle (4 pts)
    2nd - Zaka (3.25 pts)
    3rd - Poltroon (3 pts)
    4th - Kiri (2.1 pts)
    5th - Lesiak (1.5 pts)
    So our crowned champion whose badge is coming soon-tm-maybe-never is: FIDDLE!!!
    Moral of the story: Sheeps are powerful and now I'm scared
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from MaggieROBOT in Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event   
    1-b) As c isn't really a subject and you like reading VNs, I'll go with this.
    2-b) It has hotter guys, I think.
    3-a) Everyone that does gacha is at least c. Now, if you don't do gacha at all, you'd be a. Between the two, I'll go with a, because I'm uninformed about gacha games. What BL ones are there?
    4-a) Random assumption of the game playing ability of the average VN player.
    5-b) Even if it's not, IT SHOULD BE.
    6-b) Everybody likes this, and I don't like fish.
    7-b) I only recognise this name. EDIT: Changed to b because I accidentally put a.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Fiddle in Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event   
    1. B
    2. A
    3. A
    4. A
    5. A
    6. A
    7. A

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    Mr Poltroon reacted to MaggieROBOT in What are you playing?   
    Right? Tamamori is great, his conflicts are all so very human and relatable, he really carries the story as the main character well. And as the Kawase shill I am, I feel obliged to tell you his route is definitely worth more than just an extra (but yeah, it is weaker than Minakami's route, I have to admit) so hope you find it worth your time when you get around to it~ Unfortunately, the other three are just that, extras, yeah.
    As for myself, I'm slowly going through 428 and man, what a fun ride! The multiple protagonists thing and the very intertwined plot lines sounded confusing at first but it's actually pretty funny and rewarding to navigate on your own. The wackier the better, so I just can't not like Tama's and Minorikawa's antics and how much "destructive" for the others simple shit they pull can be (specially Minorikawa, guy can be really chaotic).
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Chronopolis in Blade Rondo English Translation   
    Blade Rondo is a fast-paced 2 player card game featuring beautiful gothic anime art. The gameplay is simple but sharp, a nice change from the usual collectable card games. A game takes around 10-15 minutes. There are also a few expansions out which haven't been translated yet.
    In order to play the mod you need Tabletop Simulator on Steam.
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895115999
    Thanks to the original mod creator sakuya4667 and @Cyrillej1 for her awesome image editing work.
    PS: I actually did this TL last year but never got around to sharing it. The translation itself only took 2 days -- it took longer to figure out the rules xD.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to MIUUZICK in Slice of Life VN romances with a not self-insert-like protagonist   
    Clannad, well-written protagonist, who is not dense and has actual issues of his own
    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, nothing too special but the protagonist has his own dream
    Fureraba, I remember this one being a dumbass but I actually found it absolutely hilarious, it was too much so I kind of thought it was to mock actual self-insert protagonists but I may be reading too much into it

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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Silvz in Slice of Life VN romances with a not self-insert-like protagonist   
    I always recommend Key games to newcomers, so you could start with them. Kanon, Air, Clannad are good games to start, but all of their VNs are perfect and the protagonists have great personalities.
    I also like Symphonic Rain a lot. It has romance, drama and a protagonist that'll change your perspective on things
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to tenshi25 in Pure x Connect Translation [Prologue and UI patch released]   
    Status update
    Overall progress:
    Translation: 11183/43896
    Editing:       5287/43896
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to tenshi25 in Pure x Connect Translation [Prologue and UI patch released]   
    Status update
    Overall progress:
    Translation: 10482/43896
    Editing:       5287/43896
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Clephas in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    Langrisser I and II for the Switch.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Birthday thread   
    (Belated) Happy Birthday to @BookwormOtaku!
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Quinx in Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~   
    nvm, it's just a bug maybe because I play this game on Android. to fix that bug I play Ichika good ending twice and all CG and gallery are shown