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  1. A "restoration" patch available freely but not on steam was how I figured they would/should do the grisaia games but it seems like they want to throw it under a different umbrella which is too bad because I'm more comfortable buying through steam than most other places
  2. I would have thought the best option would have been to have the +18 version that could be turned on as an "unofficial" patch but releasing it under denpa will have to do I guess.
  3. I can forgive it for stretching the lines a little because it is a comedy. Fun game. Don't particularly enjoy rance as a character though
  4. Alucard


    I wouldn't qualify these games as nukige. Kamidori did have sex scenes if you wanted them but for the most part they were optional
  5. I'd like the ability to turn off h scenes for specific characters in games
  6. I really liked how it felt like an interactive anime. I hated the main character and didn't like seeing some characters dispair
  7. I generally avoid anything dark. I don't want the protagonist involved in anything too over the top. I made an exception for rance because it was pretty kooky and pretty light hearted. I guess the darkest game I played was bible black. I don't think it has any impact on my preferences since I already formed them before playing the game.
  8. I find the more a more mature art style more appealing it doesn't really come down to the theoretical age of the character but how they look. Say for example something like bible black or divi dead style characters (just two titles off the top of my head) is preferable to say something where the character features look too young say like emelita from kamidori. However that really pales in comparison to the depictions in some manga out there. Makes me feel old when I think about how I much preferred the art style of days gone by.
  9. Japan sure has their fair share of wtfs I'm certainly in favor of pushing out the loli art style but it won't change in Japan unless it comes from within the country. There isn't a quick fix though.
  10. Older sister type seems really easy to hit a lot of vns while the more mature milf character is a little more difficult to find in a Vn that I'd recommend. Bookworm otaku hit a lot in that list but many of those are nukige. Try these tags: https://vndb.org/g177 https://vndb.org/g1401 https://vndb.org/g651 https://vndb.org/g1704
  11. Based off a quick preview of your top choices I think Semiramis no Tenbin has an edge
  12. Great to see this getting a translation. Keep up the good work.
  13. I recommend against the s7800b it is android running a slow arm chip. Surface pro 3 all the way
  14. Can't say I really like the art style of this game but may eventually give it a chance
  15. Best way for it to get out of stagnation is to get a move on that +18 announcement and yes I've read about how people are busy with comic market yadda yadda but there are a number of people waiting.
  16. Waited this long already what's another month?
  17. I'd love to kickstart some of the eushully games if they'd agree to it
  18. Kickstarter going very well. I'm with the 18+ holdouts though.
  19. This might become a vn I might actually try out despite it not being +18
  20. What would the OP recommend instead of majikoi ?
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