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  1. Old enough to know what a 56k modem is and that voices were far too big to be part of vns.
  2. Sensationalist trying to drum up views and guess what you all fell for it and this guy is probably making money too
  3. Just an attempt to try and gain likes/subs for their pages. Sadly this is so common these days.
  4. Tsukihime remake is the duke nukem forever of vns
  5. Back in my day VNs didn't have voices and they were perfectly fine
  6. Just finished the Chris route for Majikoi. Nice ending scene.
  7. Highest priority should be English before any other language since it is more universal
  8. Thank you for the details. I was wondering if the text was fixed. Also sounds like some non h images were slightly altered too. Guess ill wait for a true restoration. I hope this convinces people to never buy anything from the company that butchered the game.
  9. A big thank you to everyone who worked hard on the translation. I'm looking forward to the next game in the series already if you are up to doing it
  10. So is there anything that the restoration patch does not correct? (Aside from translation issues)
  11. Fingers crossed for a successful run. You'll need all the help you can get I think. Magikoi has been a long long haul
  12. Buy? Hmmm well my first choice would be steam but there would have to be an uncensor option
  13. This game has always been one I have passed on because the translation was such a clusterfuck. Let us know what you get working with the restoration patch and how bad it really is and maybe I'll give it a second look
  14. See this is why it is such a disaster that the torrents are being taken down.
  15. Time to just grab everything instead of picking and choosing carefully as I read vns
  16. Wow. I wish I could say I'm at a loss for words but here I am typing. I feel this is pretty much the end of the site as we know it and will dash any hopes of growing the community. I've seen other sites remove their torrents and it becomes a mass exodus to the next place that crops up. It wasn't that the games couldn't be found elsewhere but this place was dependable. I'd come here first if I was looking for a game because I knew that it would be in working order and if I did have a problem with it there was a forum right there to get help (though I never really used the forum for help). I rea
  17. I'm around a fair amount and could help look after the boards.
  18. Pointless railroaded sex scenes. I think this puts the majority of nukige into the drop category.
  19. I'm disappointed that there wasn't an announcement before the end of the kickstarter. Denpa had a tweet stating that there would be something before the end of the kickstarter. Makes me lose faith in them
  20. Just stopped by to say keep up the good work and thank you for working on this project
  21. I personally like the anime community model of self policing what is ok to fan translate and distribute. Once it gets licensed in the west it becomes hands off and most places take down the material. Sometimes it can be a race to watch something before it gets licensed.
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