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  1. Hmm, i did like parts of the game, like i said before; i liked 1/4 of it (Wanko, half of Yukie and Miyako's) it had good comedic moments aswell but i clearly remember at one point, skipping chunks of dialog that didn't include the heroine from that particular route and nothing of value was lost nor i didn't end confused about things. The characters writing is really poor outside their routes they repeat their stock phrases everytime they show up, because the writers thought that was a good idea to remind the reader that Capt is free like the wind 90% of the time he is on screen, or that Ch
  2. Replaying Yumiko's route on GnK because i can't have enough Kuudere. Also finishing translating GnR so i can finally get on with the damn story
  3. Well i finished this game and i can only say i liked 1/4 of it. What are your thoughts on it? Here is what i think (Wall of text incoming):
  4. When it comes to routes that have shocked me, both come from Grisaia No Kajitsu. Amane: This holds a special place for me because it came on a VN that wasn't trying to be too edgy or scary and people usually find that more disturbing and scary than a horror movie because you don't see it coming or you don't think it's gonna happen.
  5. So, first of all, i want to thank everyone for their opinions, i'm currently learning Japanese and i just got introduced to Kanji and i'm enjoying every second of it. As any other language, your best friends are experience and good hearing so it will take a while. I hope newcomers can find this thread useful and i also hope it encourages everybody to give it a try
  6. Thank you based user! Also thanks to everyone who minded to post here and help, i hate coming out as the noob cause i usually get ignored/flamed at. ^^
  7. Oh yes i'm aware, but i'm asking to get it out of the way instead of just going to the TL group's website and write comments like ''3 days and no update?!?!'' or ''Is this dead?'', i can't stand that attitude
  8. Thankfully, i think i have the time for now. I'm a sucker for languages and i allways been a fan of knowing them all, though at the moment i only know/properly talk two (English and Spanish) But i don't know if it's just me but the VNs i'm ALLWAYS interested in are either currently being translated or haven't even been picked up by a translation group. If you guys had to give an average of how long does a VN takes to be translated, what would it be?
  9. So i was going to make this long complicated poll, but i will save everyone's time with a question i'm sure it has been asked multiple times (I asume). I haven't read that many VNs yet but i'm liking the genre, so now, in order to avoid many headaches, wich one should i pick... Wait for english translations like a good boy? Learn enough japanese to at least read/understand them? (If you did this, how long it took you and was it worth it) Use 3rd party software like VN reader or any other? (If you did, point wich one and the amount of satisfaction it brought you) I'd like to hear
  10. Let's say i'm asking your opinion on the ''visual'' part of the VNs Short rant here, reading is not obligatory: Keep in mind that i'm not critisizing any particular artstyle; i'm just asking if it's wrong of me to put down a VN because the artstyle wasn't nice to look at, if people here have done the same with some VNs and, if so, wich ones. This is why Hoshimemo is my favorite VN i've ever read (Mind you, i have only read around 8 or 9 so far) because it does not only contain a good story it also contains great development values around it (Great CGs, voice acting and amaz
  11. Fine, let's keep the thread living. This VN suffers from a recurrent problem that i've seen many people avoid: Either you are liking the route, but not the girl in it, or you are liking the girl in it and just tolerating the route TL;DR: Storywise (Makina > Amane > Sachi > Yumiko > The tale of how i got my microwave > My dog's day on the park > Michiru) Heronies (Yumiko > Sachi > Amane > Michiru > Makina) Pacing (Sachi > Makina > Amane > Michiru > My dog > My guinea pig > My neighbour's turtle > Yumiko) Also, this gam
  12. Oh, don't get me wrong i understand what the game was telling me; Yumiko's father is just like his father, but the way the game tells it is basicly ''You will be the bad guy''. It was kinda funny to me. But the romance between the characters is well done IMO
  13. Are those good routes? Yes, they are Was it worth it? If you have to wait and waste your time for a VN to get good, then the VN is not good RW is a good read, but i swear, RW fans treat it like it's Jesus in VN form. I also got yelled at when i asked for savefiles. In my opinion, the worst a VN can be is boring, because at the end, you salvage nothing from it Anyways... One of my worst VN experiences is Air actually, because i can't fucking stand the artstyle, i get turned off by it, i have a hard time looking at the screen with those deformed characters. If the visual part is go
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