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  1. I think the title already kind of tells you the quality of game to expect...
  2. Picking a game that isn't full of sex? Are you feeling ok Tom ?
  3. I think it is good so far and I like the quirky characters but I would have liked to see more gameplay. Even if my responses didn't impact the overall story I'd get a better sense of being the character instead of watching them
  4. Does grisaia have choices? It feels like I've been playing a while without any type of choice?
  5. Ugh school days. Every time I played that game I was afraid I was going to get one of those bad f'd up endings. Either way someone was getting the short end of the stick in that game and I felt bad for the characters. Also pretty terrible h scenes
  6. Can't be worse than the descriptions given in rance games
  7. Against my better judgement I booted up harem party. What a terrible game. There were pointless h scenes within the first 10 minutes -_- So that is getting deleted Instead I installed grisaia after scraping together enough hd space. The production values are great and even though I've only played the intro the game looks interesting
  8. Uncensored school days looked terrible to the point of laughing out loud
  9. Ditto. Same goes for chaos head. Even if it was low and late content I think something is far better than nothing.
  10. Two main problems: 1. No translation 2. Vndb listed scat on the content
  11. Vtm bloodlines was really a great game. Too bad they got screwed over by the early source engine build they had.
  12. Rance has actually gotten better the more I played it. It is still a bit too rapey and it takes too long for the computer to move between turns but actually not that bad. You just need to take everything as one big weird joke.
  13. In my opinion: Real life = wrong Fantasy = not so bad
  14. At that point it wouldn't be rape but welcomed.
  15. The main character wanting to run around and hyper sword every hole he can find doesn't make for a character with much depth
  16. Gave rance a bit more of a try. It is definitely over the top and focuses a bit too heavily on sex but I guess I'll play it for a bit longer. Will probably skip the other games in the series though as there doesn't seem to be that much there in terms of story.
  17. Glad you like it. I find the protagonist is likeable albeit a little one dimensional. There are plenty of h scenes but they are spread out enough that you don't feel overwhelmed by them and they only trigger if/when you want them to for the most part
  18. My written Japanese is very weak but I'd help if I could
  19. I heard over on another thread that the guy who was doing the translation didn't completely drop it so eventually you might see more
  20. Really? Oh my mistake sorry. Mods feel free to delete thread
  21. Just an FYI that this game is part of a nsfw bundle over here. I saw it over on reddit. http://www.epicbundle.com/bundle/vodo-the-nsfw-bundle Also some other stuff included but most here would only be interested in that game
  22. Did a quick google search on translation projects for this game and only came up with a stagnated prolog translation of the first game. Does one not exist ?
  23. Pretty much all the characters from school days. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about when I first started playing but that vn left a sour taste.
  24. Rance had a sex scene in like the first 10 minutes of playing and it was a long one. I think it is better suited to tom's list. I think maid story also belongs on Toms lost
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