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  1. I figure the translation community should just say fuck em and carry on their merry way. Sure there is the whole leagl aspect that spooks people but this is the Internet. You can't stop the Internet.
  2. Everyone is waiting so eagerly. It is good to see community so behind this.
  3. Story. Protagonist with a spine and brain. Hscenes but not too many and not too few.
  4. I don't recall a whole lot of interaction with Krill in the past but all the best to a speedy recovery anyway.
  5. I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I still appreciate the translation efforts of anyone who puts in the time.
  6. Going to focus on some gameplay vns. Thinking about picking up Ikusa Megami Zero since it sounds like a good amount of it has a partial patch.
  7. Which makes me wonder why it even got a translation
  8. This game is pretty much a nukige and for the most part the story is throw away. I played Maman Kyoushitsu and thought it was pretty bad. I guess I like having story and context to go with all the other stuff. If I decide to read/acquire this I'm going to be just as disappointed aren't I?
  9. I was a bit sad at the end of the Amane route of grisaia
  10. I think you'll never find the perfect blend of solid story and h content. The suggestions from the others are all decent. I seem to recall divi dead not being a bad mix of story and H but that was years ago..
  11. Anything that will help push vns to a bigger audience is a good thing
  12. I'd say list it and if you get a takedown request then honour it.
  13. Great job. An excellent resource for people to use if they are looking for something additional to read or even pickup the dead translation.
  14. Oh I never said it would be easy but that isn't a reason not to do it. It would be a good resource for people. Fuwanovel wants to make themselves more relevant and a better resource so this is one thing that can be done.
  15. It would be nice to have a master list of partial patches and links similar to the list of translated vns along with the percentage completed in a single stickied post. Some projects seem largely playable with partial patches and may be good to get people aware of and behind the translation. Just a thought...
  16. Now that we have the canned response out of the way would anyone care to comment on this specific case?
  17. I had an old version of this game and it didn't appear to work it was from back in 2012 and had a fuwanovel tag. (Hopefully I haven't brought any unwanted malware to my machine in the process) There was an interesting set of files which went up online at a well known community space on the following date: 2015-01-13, 22:52 UTC These files bear the fuwanovel name also but the file naming is different. I'm just wondering if that upload was legit or not. Sorry if the phrasing is a bit odd but this is an attempt to stay within the bounds of the newer community standards
  18. This game is pretty terrible. I like the drawn characters and the sheer number of them but fondness for the game ends there. Terrible game system and lackluster story. Google the hcg if you want to see them.
  19. Lots of cg and not just small variations on one image. I don't care for lots of stupid sound effects and loud moans. It would be nice if the writing was good but this is rare
  20. Any good card battler games out there with at least this much translated? Something similar to mtg or hearthstone would be good. I enjoyed the card battle game back in the first xenosaga game. (I think there is a demo out for a new card battler/vn which made me wonder if there is anything out there (full game) currently that is good)
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