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  1. Just finished AIR.... man this is the first time i've loved an ending, and yet still i can't come to a conclusion about what the ending means
  2. I have gotten all the endings for the first three routes, being of course, Mitsuki and Eriko, Ayumi, and Mio. I have started the Kaori route, and I have now gotten to the stage after Takuya has had to take Kanna to the infirmary, and undressed her, and then she was called away (by Eriko I think). The walkthrough then sent me to the company, then back to the school, and into the infirmary. It says im supposed to look/investigate clothes on a chair 3 times, but they are not there. Im not sure what to do because this seems to lead to the next scene, an obviously important one, an interaction with
  3. So I just started yu no ( the original version ) and then had to go do something. I couldn't get to a main menu, and when I tried to quit it said the game wouldn't be saved unless I went to the main menu. I have no idea how to get there from the game because no keys seem to anything. Is it just a case of you're not able to save until after the prologue?
  4. never mind, for some odd reason once i installed it at the location it initially states it wants to be installed at, it works.
  5. i've installed the game several times, and it still doesn't seem to want to work. It was working a couple months back but it's just not now. The launcher is in the folder with all the files and everything, but it still says the game isn't installed.
  6. I think i'll still play the original version first, just because the old graphics look wicked cool.
  7. Cool I’ll make sure too
  8. Ah yes, I’ve been meaning to get round to those actually, I’ll certainly be trying the muv luv trilogy as soon as I can get a lot of free time and marathon them.
  9. I've been on here for a couple weeks and just kinda forgot to introduce myself (oops). Better late than never I guess. Anyways, I live out in Ireland in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy visual novels (obviously), Batman, and most things DC related, I also have a major love of film, especially old movies, like, silent movies and such. I also love music a lot. My favorite visual novels i've read to date are probably Kana little sister, Kikokugai, Little Busters, Fate/stay Night, Euphoria and Clannad . I'm not really sure what else to say other than this community seems cool af, and I hope to get a
  10. I’m unsure. Part of me thinks I should wait, but the old graphics look really cool and I kind of think I should experience the original game, kinda like a piece of visual novel history.
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