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  1. Hi! I am playing If My Heart Had Wings from Steam plus the fan-made restoration patch. I have the problem that sprites sometimes linger on the screen after they were supposed to go away (e.g. Hat the duck overlapping the first sex scene in Kotori's route). According to this thread, a fix exists, but it is forbidden to post the link publicly. I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me with said fix. Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Preferred sort of variety in H scenes?

    I am more interested in a variety of situations: What is the characters' emotional states? Are they rejoicing, calm, anxious, sad, angry? What do the characters feel for each other? Are they close and comfortable, or have they only recently met, or are they fighting? How long have the characters known each other? Do they have sex immediately after confessing, or did they wait several days or months before doing it? Or have they had sex many times before? What is going on around them? Are they safe and relaxed, or are they enjoying a brief respite from danger, or are they literally having sex in the middle of danger?
  3. Hi! I recently completed Kindred Spirits on the Roof (Okujou no Yurirei-san) and I found it very sweet. It has some long boring stretches in the first half, but the second half more than makes up for it. Seeing all these cute girls end up together is adorable. My favourite couple is Youka/Aki. Youka's enthusiastic stupidity is somehow very endearing. (She is similar to the typicaly male "idiot hero" in shounen works whom I usually dislike, but Youka makes the trope cute.) Aki, meanwhile, is smart, and despite her gruff exterior she is very kind. I love how well she treats Youka - giving her tough love when she needs that and tender support when she needs that. And Aki is sexually assertive, and I love how she (internally) muses about how much she lusts after Youka sexually. My second favourite couples are Sasa/Umi and Kiri/Tsukuyo. Umi is delightfully bubbly, and I love the scene where she is privately freaked out after having sex. Kiri and Sasa are both lovable in their vulnerability. I also grew to love Hina in the end game - during her sex scene and bonus scenes. The only characters I don't like are Amishima Matsuri (who sexually harrasses Hina in the early bonus scenes) and Nagatani Megumi (who is an annoying brat). My main gripe with the game is the music, which IMO is not good enough to considering the length of the game (about 30 hours for me). I got really tired of some of the tracks. I like Youka's song "A-A-Ai", though. The sprites are nothing special, but they are serviceable. My favourite sprites are Tsukuyo and Kiri, followed by Hina and Ano Fuji. Who were your favourite characters in it?
  4. Thanks a lot for the replies. I have added several of your recommendations to my list. (Some of them appear to be yet untranslated, so they will have to wait until my kanji skills are better.) Euphoria does not have a female protagonist, but it does look like a very interesting game, and the reviews are good. I will try it. (I think I watched bits and pieces of the anime adaptation once...) Mugen Renkan, among others, looks promising. Thanks!
  5. Hi, all! This is my first post. Yoroshiku. I am looking for stories featuring BDSM and/or rape with the female protagonist as the submissive/victim, BUT with a decent story with some romance and/or drama in it, not pure porn. (The "romance" doesn't need to be sane or healthy. ) I mean, seeing the girl get dominated or raped is nice and all, but I want something that focuses on the buildup and her feelings. I love something where the girl gradually and hesitatingly submits, willingly or unwillingly. I prefer a norman human male as the dom or rapist, but girl-on-girl or monsters are also acceptable. I have not played a lot of VNs or eroge, so I cannot cite an example of what I seek. The closest thing I have played is Mirror from Sakura Games, which sucks (and also is not a VN). Thanks in advance!