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  1. https://vndb.org/v19185
  2. Help me find a VN

    This Visual Novel: https://vndb.org/v16802 It's pretty much what you are looking for; A zombie/horror post apocalyptic setting probably with romance judging by its cover. However this VN does sadly not have an English translation. You are basically left with the only choice of using a machine translator as for now if you can not read Japanese.
  3. Hi everyone ^_^

    Welcome to Fuwa Maki! What's your favourite VN so far?
  4. What's your favorite japanese food?

    Okonomiyaki masterrace
  5. If you want to read a Key title, then I recommend Rewrite: https://vndb.org/v751 Rewrite follows all the mentioned priorities such as: A Highschool setting, Interesting plotline, good art & visuals, Romance, Slice of Life & Action, etc. But like most Key titles, Rewrite has no H-Scenes.
  6. Recommend me a Sentai manga

    If you are looking for a shounen manga I recommend Nanatsu no Taizai It was published in 2012, has currently got +100 chapters and is still ongoing
  7. How does one feel "integrated" online?

    Lurking is best
  8. Sup

    Practice makes perfect I guess. Your English skills will only improve from this point on, especially if you use the language more frequently in your free time. To be honest I myself prefer using English over German aswell.
  9. Sup

    Welcome to the Forums Sovereign! Ich bin Kyoroto und ich esse DICKE FETTE Würstchen zum Frühstück.
  10. VNs focused on Netorare

    I can't think of any NTR titles, but if you are interested in Netori (basically games where the protagonist steals the lover of someone else), then you might like Kyoudai Hiai ,which has an English translation by MangaGamer
  11. Any reccomendations for this season?

    Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End is pretty decent.