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  1. Hello. I have a project that is making an english patch for psp version of Rewrite and we are having issues with image decoding. The formats are .PT2 and .DAT. Can someone help us? Here are a link to sample files: https://mega.nz/file/L2IWAKKR#x138U0t4Z_19kH59RSdKx9uJxshfB07Qb_2UBgTKM6k
  2. Oooh, that's really great. Unfortunately, I do not know how use this programs codes. If you can pass me a program or anything, I will be very thankful. ---
  3. Oh, that's sad. If you want help one day or something like that, I'd like to help with something.
  4. Pretty hard, eh. It's possible to edit this jump point? I really want to read Rewrite in PSP, that's sad. You can't do anything like your 'Specific-Games'? Using SRL? (I guess?)
  5. I found it this video: This dude made it rewrite pc version (not the psp version) able to play in PSP. Like they did with Clannad.
  6. I opened the ISO with WINRAR and found the images, scripts, but they are compiled :c Do you know how decompile? I bought a PSP recently, and I wanted play Rewrite again in psp :c
  7. Hello everyone. I've interested in PSP VNs a while, principally Rewrite. Someone here know something about PSP Hacking? I volunteer to pass the english scripts for the PSP one if someone do the hacking.
  8. Oh, I loved this art! Good luck on your project, excited to see this translated!
  9. Tsuyokiss have a good comedy, if you know Japanese, is a good VN to read, don't have many action too. 11eyes have action and comedy too, you should try.
  10. I love mystery, sobrenatural VNs, but i'm a bit tired of this genre after Rewrite (Rewrite is pretty long, y'know) so I wanna relax with a good moege. But after Fureraba, I think that I will go to Dekinai Watashi ga
  11. I will, seems a good horror visual novel.
  12. Thanks About Higurashi.... eehhh....
  13. thanks! already writed to vote after more recommendations thanks
  14. something calm, slice of lice, and such. like moege.
  15. Hello guys. I'm almost finishing Rewrite, and after this long 50+ hours journey, i want read something smooth, with medium duration, without sobrenatural, good heroines and slice of life (moe too, i guess) I have this VN's installed on my PC, tell me what I should read next, according with my suggestions: (you can recommend another VN that isn't in the list, translated or not) - Dekinai Watashi ga Kurikaesu - Furereba - Chrono Clock - Higurashi (ch 1-4) - Killer Queen - Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road
  16. Hello! I was testing the visual novel reader and when I went to test The Dream of Summer (ONScripter) didn't work and I really want play it. And then I tested Katawa Shoujo, gave the same thing it did not work. The games I had tested before worked (Like Comyu and such). Can someone help me?
  17. Before you edit the scripts, open the Notepad and save as with the Unicode ending Then, repack the scripts and test.
  18. This game uses Kikiriki Engine. There is a lot of tools to extract the scripts, images and repacking then. Check TLWiki Tools.
  19. Hi! Some friend send to me a Comyu patch made just for me and some more friends (in my native language) (my native language uses unicode). On his PC, everything went fine. But when i extract the patch3.xp3 in the game, and click START, a error message appears: ! Can anyone help me?
  20. Great! Good luck on your translation!
  21. Hey! Today (03/06) i was talking with a friend and we talk about Phenomeno. The visual novel cover the first volume of the LN. The second volume can find in Baka-Tsuki (with archive.org) So... If someone extract the sprites, backgrounds, everything of the visual novel and create a sequel using the second volume? Let's talk about it! I think it's a good idea. Ren'Py it's really easy to make visual novels. What you think? (I'm not creating a creation project. Just talking)
  22. Do you know when i can find the tools?
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