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  1. .omv

    I want to translate a movie in Harmonia. I used Omv2Avi to extract the .omv file into .avi, but instead .avi, it changed into .ogg, which is a music file. Does anyone know any other tools that can extract the .omv files into .avi and how to retract it back to .omv? Thanks.
  2. no script file

    i want to translate Shuumatsu Shoujo no Gensou Alicematic, so i used crass to extract data, but i couldn't see anything seems like script files, and i don't think i can find any other files except for the two files i extracted. in data.bin are some OGG files, and in alice.bin, there're some files which i can't tell if they are scripts or not. aclice.bin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6_wytnUcNvbclc2aTYzeDdMelU
  3. thank you very much, it works for me as well
  4. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B0vPbQ99Fi4gcjVPcENHVklVU2c These are the patch files and the script files, in case you need it.
  5. Data extraction thread

    i have problems with XP3 viewer method, when i drag the game.exe to the xp3viewer.exe, only the game opened, the XP3Viewer just flashed up and then disappeared. I am using Win10, and this is the game https://vndb.org/v19595 EDIT: and when i try using kirikiri2, this problem showed up, i opened command prompt in the folder by shift+rightclicking
  6. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    I guess it can't be helped, but anyway, thank you
  7. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    I tried using the tools on the TLwiki, but it was no use, when i had done with the command prompt, nothing happened, and yes, i have tried again many times
  8. I want to translate this game, bit i am really bad when it comes to computer, hacking
  9. Hack for Sakuranomori Dreamers

    I really hope that Mangagamer will translate this game. I tried hacking it but it was truly a nightmare.
  10. Data extraction thread

    what's wrong with this? i put my data.xp3 in D:\translate\file
  11. Data extraction thread

    when i tried to repack the Script.pak i had extracted form the game angelic serenade, this thing show up
  12. Hack for Sakuranomori Dreamers

    oh, good news to hear but i don't intend to translate it to English, so i don't think it will have any problem
  13. Can someone hack this game for me, I want to translate it but don't know much about tech.
  14. Sakura no Mori + Dreamers

    Just've downloaded this game. But I has already loved it, the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere, the art, and the horror, too, they are all awsome. Hope this game will have a translation so that I can fully enjoy it, just using Atlas to read is not good enough.