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  1. no script file

    i want to translate Shuumatsu Shoujo no Gensou Alicematic, so i used crass to extract data, but i couldn't see anything seems like script files, and i don't think i can find any other files except for the two files i extracted. in data.bin are some OGG files, and in alice.bin, there're some files which i can't tell if they are scripts or not. aclice.bin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6_wytnUcNvbclc2aTYzeDdMelU
  2. thank you very much, it works for me as well
  3. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B0vPbQ99Fi4gcjVPcENHVklVU2c These are the patch files and the script files, in case you need it.
  4. Data extraction thread

    i have problems with XP3 viewer method, when i drag the game.exe to the xp3viewer.exe, only the game opened, the XP3Viewer just flashed up and then disappeared. I am using Win10, and this is the game https://vndb.org/v19595 EDIT: and when i try using kirikiri2, this problem showed up, i opened command prompt in the folder by shift+rightclicking
  5. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    I guess it can't be helped, but anyway, thank you
  6. Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle

    I tried using the tools on the TLwiki, but it was no use, when i had done with the command prompt, nothing happened, and yes, i have tried again many times
  7. I want to translate this game, bit i am really bad when it comes to computer, hacking
  8. Hack for Sakuranomori Dreamers

    I really hope that Mangagamer will translate this game. I tried hacking it but it was truly a nightmare.
  9. Data extraction thread

    what's wrong with this? i put my data.xp3 in D:\translate\file
  10. Data extraction thread

    when i tried to repack the Script.pak i had extracted form the game angelic serenade, this thing show up
  11. Hack for Sakuranomori Dreamers

    oh, good news to hear but i don't intend to translate it to English, so i don't think it will have any problem
  12. Can someone hack this game for me, I want to translate it but don't know much about tech.
  13. Sakura no Mori + Dreamers

    Just've downloaded this game. But I has already loved it, the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere, the art, and the horror, too, they are all awsome. Hope this game will have a translation so that I can fully enjoy it, just using Atlas to read is not good enough.
  14. Rewrite

    I like Senri Akane best, but not her route. After reading rewrite, i think that each route has a different good point. Kotori: a gloomy atmosphere, i really like Yoshino in this route, a love triangle Chihaya: i must say that this route is the worst, just use to explain about kotarou's power Lucia: a horror route, I like Ryuukishi07's style of trying deny the mystery but fail, and try to deny it again and then find out the truth. Bit the viewpoint is not good, especially when Lucia is alone, why did she need to scare of the truth that she had already known, she didn't need to pretend, like with the paper things, she was the one who wrote it, but she talked like she was really surprised when she was alone in the room, why she had to pretend? Shizuru: i love this ending, sad but also happy. Akane: just the action and Akane is good. Moon: i think this route was written based on Ryuukishi07 concept and theory. The things about multiverse, life's theory,... brought a new wind to the game. Terra: love this route, about kotarou's past, the explanation and reasons behind five heroines' routes. But Kagari was too bossy, how could Kotarou loved her?