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  1. Um... I've downloaded circuseditor, made changes in Main.cs but I can't understand how to use the tool. I tried to figure out, but... uh. This is really hard for me. @marcus-beta, can you please explain step-by-step how to use it?
  2. umm... I can't find how to change input.. also, is it possible to do the same thing with russian text? I don't think so... so there is no chance to fix strange text problem? Mmm.. about Nightshade. Here are all mes files. Thank you for helping me!
  3. Hi!~ Does somebody know how to change font on yu-ris engine? I'm translating "Ozmafia!!" vn and.. well, as you see, text looks kinda wrong. All punctuation marks are broke. Also! I can't translate character's name because russian text is break the script. Is it possible to fix? This is how English text looks like: And now.. I'll change one word in English As you can see, my word looks different. Why is that? Maybe this is not a font problem, maybe problem in script? What do you thing? Can somebody explain why text in script look so strange? The second problem is... .mes files. Does somebody know how to deal with it? I tried silkytool, but it didn't help at all. The vn is Nightshade. I can send files if it needed.
  4. Font, Locale

    Thank you! It helped a lot. ^^ But I still have this problem: I can send you russian Rio.arc if it needed.
  5. Font, Locale

    Ohh! I will wait as long as it takes! I'm very grateful to you, you're literally my saviour ^^ Thank you, it helped.
  6. Font, Locale

    Also, some symbols too close to each other:
  7. Font, Locale

    Thank you very much!! It worked, but... not perfect. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not: Is there a way to fix it?
  8. Font, Locale

    Oh... thank you for the answer! Now I understand why it happend, but I don't know how to patch engine. Actually, I understand nothing in such things.. Please, can you explane step-by-step what should I do to achieve your result?
  9. Font, Locale

    I tried many different fonts (I don't even remember all of them) , but still no difference in russian text.
  10. Font, Locale

    It was the first thing that I tried and... it didn't help.
  11. Font, Locale

    Oh, well... it's otome "Re:Birthday Song", 90% already translated. ^.^ It's ok! I don't know what to do with this engine too. Ah, I just hope that this problem will be solved in the near future. One person offered help, but price was too hight. We're just small team and all of us are students. We can't afford it. Also, I tried many ways to change font and locale, but I failed ;_;
  12. Font, Locale

    Hello! Does somebody know how to change font and locale on Will Сo. engine? Or can somebody do it for me? The translation almost done, but... this engine doesn't support cyrillic symbols. I already asked many people about it, but... nobody know what to do >.< I will be grateful for any help!
  13. Font problem

    Hello everyone!! I'm translating "RE:Birthday Song" to my language (russian), but text in game looks weird! The gaps between symbols is too big.. I tried to use advice from this topic but it didn't help me... Also, I can write only 40 symbols in message box, how can I change it? Ah, and I really need to know what engine this game use. I will be very grateful for any help!! ^-^
  14. Hello everyone! Can somebody help me with picture translation? I want to translate vn to my language, but most of pics on japanese. I dunno what to do >.< I will be appreciated for any help! Here's a link to archive.
  15. Encoding thing

    Thank you so much!^-^