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  1. Please take a look and help me to extract this file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sauJKGJcGZaKDRWGdrrr54JKqeOQGXz-
  2. i want to translate Snow Sakura, game engine is ikura gdl, someone pls give me the tool
  3. dont have to compile, just download and drag drop the binary into the folder's game
  4. Script Extraction Thread

    how to decrypt .ks file in Pretty X Cation! pls
  5. This game does not appear change font feature, so how do i change font game. btw this game is using Kirikiri engine
  6. Hapymaher CPZ extract and script edit

    I have tried, but your tool can not handle some characters like ă ắ ằ ẳ ẵ ặ â ấ ầ ẩ ẫ ậ đ è é ẻ ẽ ẹ ê ề ể ễ ệ ì í ỉ ĩ ị ò ó ỏ õ ọ ô ồ ố ổ ỗ ộ ơ ờ ớ ở ỡ ợ ư ứ ừ ử ữ ự ù ú ủ ũ ụ ỳ ý ỷ ỹ ỵ btw in SRL it read Shift jis but those character only work in unicode.
  7. So anyone know how to extract .cpz file game and how to edit script please
  8. GIGA Script Extraction

    of course i have finished the job, actually i have a team in my country, so it would be fast
  9. GIGA Script Extraction

    i used his tool, but it did not work
  10. i used zbspac to unpack Script file, but it cannot convert .bin to .txt. someone please teach me how to convert.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By1dCnM0zlQ0QUJOY0hIV05BT3c here is the link the game is Harvest Overay
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    the entisGLS didn't work neither yosuga no sora nor haruka na sora
  12. Script Extraction Thread

    with me, it is not allow to download. could you reup forr me
  13. Script Extraction Thread

    reup ks decrypt pleaseeee
  14. Drau Riot ASCII to Unicode Error

    case closed.. Thanks all of you
  15. Drau Riot ASCII to Unicode Error

    i give up, those things make me sick