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  1. I will, seems a good horror visual novel.
  2. Thanks About Higurashi.... eehhh....
  3. thanks! already writed to vote after more recommendations thanks
  4. something calm, slice of lice, and such. like moege.
  5. Hello guys. I'm almost finishing Rewrite, and after this long 50+ hours journey, i want read something smooth, with medium duration, without sobrenatural, good heroines and slice of life (moe too, i guess) I have this VN's installed on my PC, tell me what I should read next, according with my suggestions: (you can recommend another VN that isn't in the list, translated or not) - Dekinai Watashi ga Kurikaesu - Furereba - Chrono Clock - Higurashi (ch 1-4) - Killer Queen - Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road
  6. Hello! I was testing the visual novel reader and when I went to test The Dream of Summer (ONScripter) didn't work and I really want play it. And then I tested Katawa Shoujo, gave the same thing it did not work. The games I had tested before worked (Like Comyu and such). Can someone help me?
  7. Before you edit the scripts, open the Notepad and save as with the Unicode ending Then, repack the scripts and test.
  8. This game uses Kikiriki Engine. There is a lot of tools to extract the scripts, images and repacking then. Check TLWiki Tools.
  9. Hi! Some friend send to me a Comyu patch made just for me and some more friends (in my native language) (my native language uses unicode). On his PC, everything went fine. But when i extract the patch3.xp3 in the game, and click START, a error message appears: ! Can anyone help me?
  10. Great! Good luck on your translation!
  11. Hey! Today (03/06) i was talking with a friend and we talk about Phenomeno. The visual novel cover the first volume of the LN. The second volume can find in Baka-Tsuki (with archive.org) So... If someone extract the sprites, backgrounds, everything of the visual novel and create a sequel using the second volume? Let's talk about it! I think it's a good idea. Ren'Py it's really easy to make visual novels. What you think? (I'm not creating a creation project. Just talking)
  12. Do you know when i can find the tools?
  13. You know the engine? If you know i can search for you a tool to repack .arc Or you can send a message to the group that translated this visual novel to english asking for the tools. Get it?
  14. What visual novel are you trying to translate?
  15. kk eae men, o prazer é meu. Aqui tem um vídeo ensinando na nossa língua mesmo: Eu não uso Visual Novel Reader então não vi o vídeo... Não sei se dá totalmente certo. Mas... Força!
  16. Are you brazilian? I see 'Captura de Tela' e 'Inglês e Russo'. Eu sou brasileiro também!
  17. Sayooshi seems great. Already in my wishlist. Thanks! Seems goods titles. Thanks!
  18. Psychological horror. I will buy Higurashi in Steam soon. Horror with ghosts, beasts...it's not my style. Annotated in my wishlist. Phenomeno are in my wishlist. Seems a good vn.
  19. Yo! I'm new here and this is just my second topic in Fuwa. I want visuals novels with the horror theme. With english patch or not ;v; Thanks!
  20. Well. If you have the scripts extracted and the images (sprites, backgrounds). You can make a port in Ren'Py. Ren'Py is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally easy. Try search about this.
  21. Sorry, but i don't know. I use tools already programmed. I have some links for visual novel hacking if you want: https://hackernoon.com/reverse-engineering-visual-novels-101-d0bc3bf7ab8 https://hackernoon.com/reverse-engineering-visual-novels-101-part-2-9258f547262a What visual novel are you trying to translate?
  22. Hi! I'm searching for tools to translate Eden* to Brazilian Portuguese. Or can anyone tell me what engine Eden* uses? I'm new here, so... Sorry if i made something wrong. :3
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