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  1. I don't remember exactly, but my first one was AIR, which I knew from a critique. Actually, I skipped around one-third of the game because I wanted to finish it as soon as possible. In addition, I was new to any otaku contents including VNs, so I had a little prejudice about them. To be honest, I despised VNs and needed some courage to play them because of social implicit intolerance. They were too shady, in short. Compared to the present time, more people had the same tendency at that time, in my opinion. I started being addicted to them after these inner struggles, however.
  2. That reminds me, when I reply and 're'reply an email with a feature phone (not a smartphone), the title of it tends to be "Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:." That has become obsolete because of smartphone messenger such as LINE. Anyway, when I see "Re:", I feel nostalgia in a strange way.
  3. Hi! Right, some LNs authors often lose their energy to end their story, especially after they got an Anime adaptation because it's one of their goals. How sad Anyway nice to meet you too~
  4. oh I was wrong, kinda embarrassin' I meant "Ace Attorney", or Ace accarmey/atadorny? im not so sure...
  5. Hi! I'm new to this forum as well. I enjoyed Ace academy too, I don't remember how many games I played in the series though (two or three, or more?) Ever 17 is really good, I recommend it too! anyway nice to meet you too
  6. mnmnoko

    Yuusha vs Eiyuu

    Sorry for sticking to this, but I managed to use the first modern Japanese dictionary, Genkai, published in 1891. There, 'Eiyuu' was defined as "those who have abilities and intelligence better than other people". But it doesn't contain the word 'Yuusha' sadly, the nearest word I can find is 'Yuushi (勇士)', defined as a "strong or brave warrior." It seems these definitions are not so different from contemporary dictionaries though. So interesting, because as far as I can remember, I don't use 'Yuusha' as a real person except for joking. (I'm Japanese.) And interestingly, it doesn't seem so strange that mythological people who we are not sure they really existed, such as Susanoo or Yamato Takeru, are called both 'Yuusha' and 'Eiyuu'.
  7. I watch only when my family is watching. But this means every day!
  8. if you like kyonyu fantasy and don't mind untranslated one, there're tons of sequels same writer (Kagami Hiroyuki) wrote. I've not read them but i like novels he wrote, so those seem good as well.
  9. thanks! well I think some developers are afraid of an accusation against ero contents. unfortunately, there's a historical precedent in Britain about ten years ago (illusion software). Japanese gamers often say that foreign video game industry is harsh on ero, while japanese have no tolerance for violent contents. Actually, some of Western video games are released without violent scenes in Japan yeah, Clannad is just amazing init just bought Kono Oozora and reading only on my phone, so in reality I've not read most of it I'll definitely play Grisaia soon! (well it's on sale now...) If you come to Japan, I'm happy to show you eroge shops around Akiba!
  10. mnmnoko

    Yuusha vs Eiyuu

    one of the most renowned japanese dictionaries (japanese ver. of oed, i guess) says yuusya is a brave man, end eiyuu is a man of intelligence, talent, bravely. the first usage of the word yuusya is 1220, and eiyuu is 1010, I didn't know both words are quite old! interestingly, a dictionary around 1600 defines eiyuu as "an excellent samurai", and I completely agree this definition. well, in anime and games, I think eiyuu suits characters of Dynasty Warriors series and servants of Fate, and yuusya is for a protagonist of Dragon Quest and Y's.
  11. thx for recommendation! I love nagisa's after story the best, but other than that, misae's route because that has old-shcool nakige taste, iow quintessential Key style.
  12. And once again, I'm reminded of how easy Japan has it for VN marketing, even if it is from a console two generations ago. Here, we only have distributions from Steam and other niche sites like MangaGamer. And even then, it's still difficult to get proper localizations out of the way. in Japan, there's a well-known anecdote that if one console is getting unpopular enough, tons of VNs are sold on that console Anyway, sales of VNs in Japan are not well these days so some publishers are willing to sell their products world-wide, at least compared to a few years ago. And things'll get better in the future imo. thank you! Console games tend to have english voice Many thanks! I haven't known these games, added to wishlist! Generally voice acting costs much, so I'm a bit surprised these two are free.
  13. well, i wouldn't mind playing it again thx! domo yoroshiku! Thank you for your recommendation! Having known Katawa Shoujo, but I've not played it until now, so I'll try another time btw if you know English dubbed VNs other than ace academy and crystalline, please let me know!
  14. Hi, everyone! I'm new to this forum I've read VNs once, and somehow stopped playing a few years ago, but my passion to VNs is rekindled recently. In fact, I'm japanese and played lots of VNs in japanese, then felt kinda I've-read-enough-VNs feeling, but these days I start reading them in english, that gives me quite a new perspective of VNs, so I want to read more! My all time favorites are tomoyo after (i played 3 times), clannad (2 times), and wonderful everyday. The day I finished clannad, I rushed into a video games store to get tomoyo after and slim PS2 console... the good old days I liked story-riched games before but for now my tastes are moege or nukige (currently playing wagamama highspec). sorry for bad english, and feel free to send a PM if there's anything I can do about learning Japanese or whatever I like anime, JRPG, light novels, and manga (incl. hentai) as well. I hope to make friends, learn and have fun!
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