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  1. It took me like 3 hours to find this one again, i saw it one day, realized it had probably the most perfect tomboy ever....and imouto ever....and card battle.....which is awesome...then...."Partial English Patch"....that is when i as determined to learn japanese...it was 4 weeks ago so no much progress... Anyways this is the VN i'm talking about https://vndb.org/v8424
  2. Huh...i don't know, in my case even if i didnt play 600 VN's i can still know which heroine will fall into which category and her personality, stuff like that, the thing that makes me want to go to their routes is how they are developed and how her story goes, doesn't matter the personality no heroine is going to have the COMPLETELY same story as the last one or the next one...i guess i like how unique it can be. I couldn't count with my fingers if i even had like 10 hands how many heroines with the "kuudere" personality i went for and all of their stories were different
  3. I played lot of VN's and all (but 400? =_=) but theres always 1 or 2 heroines i get attached to because of 2 factors 1: Backstory. For more reason than one and dont call me mean or whatever...the heroine that has the backstory that is so tragic that she literally would be considering suicide...gains 5 points...why? because this backstory makes the MC REALLY important to her....what? XD 2: Well...everything else. Long hair = 4 points. Thigh highs = 4 points Tsurime Eyes = 3 points Literally give me a kuudere with long hair, tsurime eyes, (Optional) Thigh Highs and that backstory
  4. Wait isn't that called blind choices?.... i tought those were the visual novels's players version of "Hardcore" or "360 NoScope"...the latter being the most literal
  5. Theres probably a similar topic out there but i just want to ask... On VNs with romance...how attached do you get to a heroine? I played a lot of VN and i never finished some because i felt...bad for going for another heroine. Examples would be...em...Isuzu from Hoshimemo...Maya from NobleW-....wait forget that one i was too excited for Masamune's route then Basically how attached did you get to a heroine (or hero i guess) in a visual novel?...like from "Meh, to the next" to "I.....I can't do it"
  6. Right now im actually playing Tsukihime so the "1 Route before the other" doesnt bother me and i heard of Koichoco before so ill keep that in my mind I had Eien no Aselia on my PC for around a month but simple things like the artstyle tyrned me off...until o realized how awesoome it was...well i wanted to complete Tsukihime or Period first...so i only played an hour Comyu?....*looks it up* ...i searched for the Stoic heroine...She has amber eyes, tsurime eyes, looks at the sky, shoulder lenght hair.....you literally hit bullseye with all of my fetishes with one shot ILL TAKE IT
  7. Sorry for the late reply I guess you could say some of both, lovey dovey on the inside can be adorable...but complete emotionless (until the dere part comes in) is prferably....more adorable
  8. I took my nickname and replaced the U with an I and i got Agis....then i studied greek mythology and now i am Aegis...done
  9. I'm not good with introductions online or irl so ill just follow the format a lot of people seem to be using My name is Aegis...312...but i prefer to be called just Aegis...the name wasn't available I use a lot of dots if you didnt realize it...its a really old habit My favorite VN's are...em....uh...Clannad...or Kanon...or- You know what my favorite VN is "Name a Key VN" Now likes...em...cheesy romance stuff...emotionless girls...tsundere emotionless girls....amber eye emotionless girls....Kuuderes in general...oh and Tomboys...yeah Well i ran out of ideas thats me..
  10. I kind of knew about Rewrite but i tought that girl only had a route on the fandisc "Harvest Festa" About the former...well i never heard about it before so...I'll take it
  11. Complete loli VN or a VN with a loli?... In the former I would say https://vndb.org/v573
  12. I dont know... I just like them... Is there a visual novel with an emotionless heroine that is in english and...well i don't mind if it kinetic as long as she is the "love interest"... And im all up for sadness, death and drama in the way
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