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  1. Ohh that's interesting, making a nukige all ages. I'm scared that it might actually work... On the other hand Nekopara is basically a nukige, I don't know what to think of this.
  2. The more, the better to be honest. I assume it's market research and depending on reception they will either broaden it or resign.
  3. Denko is always infinite/10, add epilepsy warning though >w<
  4. It's a rhythmic game, you click accordingly to music and move cursor on circles that you're supposed to hit. Hope so too
  5. It's all cause of rollback. It also ended up deleting my account and I wasn't too keen on making it again.
  6. Thanks for welcome, I'll stick around for longer this time.
  7. Since it somehow got rolled-back along with my other thread... (dunno, don't ask me ) I used to be a member of Fuwa before, but due to my depressive nature back then I ended up asking for account deletion... People like Kenshin, riri, Kosaki and few others probably remember me more-less from FSG and me contributing is osu! thread. I didn't really want to go through making it again, but here we go. I'm Polish guy who loves VNs and although I appreciate good story, art is what makes or breaks them for me often. I know it isn't most important, but however I look at it, it's something w
  8. One of those that had quite strong impact on me, mind it was one of first I read, was ShiniKiss. Additionally it was probably the only that made me cry, in true route that is. Wouldn't call it masterpiece by any means, but I enjoyed it and for short one it was simply good.
  9. Confession: Before I got into anime and VN I was quite a normal person, that has changed a lot as I enjoy really weird stuff and also erp. I guess no one will ever call me "normal" again..........
  10. That's kinda how I expected this to turn out, though german one looks hillarious to the level I didn't anticipate. Now that I think about this, one of more retarded, but also enjoyable was "Kusoge". It;s so dumb that it killed some of my brain cells, parody is strong with this one, but still for my standard isn't really weord.
  11. As the title says, topic are weird VNs, be it a h-scene side or scenario. Even if someone didn't really go for anything too weird, you're still more than welcome to show us what you consider weird. For some people incest is already weird (huh, is it!? would be nice to know if we have those on fuwa), but there surely gonna be some more "different" stuff too. I really wonder how far people can go about this... Konchu Kansatsu (don't judge me!), I don't think it needs much explanation.
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