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  1. Just now, Rancelover935 said:

    It's clear there are two sides to this. The side that believes Neko is "falling apart at the seam" and are not keeping their promises and the side that can see why they question the community before bending their promises. It is one those things we will never agree upon and as such, let's just agree to disagree.

    Factionism, now? Just great.

  2. Just now, Mr Poltroon said:

    I- Hm.
    My grasp of English may be failing, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean here. What exactly would they need to do for you to trust them as a company?

    I only wanted to point out their efforts so far are kinda underwhelming. This announcement botch was just the icing on the fail. Jeez, is it so hard to know what on Earth they are working on?

    About what I want to see, you know, like keeping their promises? If they can at all, in the first place.

    I guess they really did arrive on the scene like some kind of "revolutionary" company, but they're coming apart at the seams soon enough.

  3. On 14/12/2018 at 12:31 AM, Rain Spectre said:

    I notice a lot of people who've read Euphoria hate Rika. Why is that, exactly?

    Because she's a weakling, and a cowardly weakling at that. Basically gonna bitch her way out of difficult situations.

    But Clockup knows what ticks with us, so she gets a lot of deserved bashing in-game.

  4. Some games get their rights re-negotiated and taken in by third companies. But usually they're big games, not sure if Propeller's works would fit the bill.

    I think Amairo will happen at some point, it's a desired title, it's Yuzusoft, it has the way paved by a couple other titles like Noble*Works, Dracu Riot and Sanoba Witch, and there's no major hurdle to overcome that I know of.

    I still got my wishlist from 2013 and most of those games haven't been released in the West, they're covered in a big pile of dust...

  5. Just now, Dreamysyu said:

    Oh, I think I heard about this one. Is it that shitty game that always locks you out of all other routes even after your most stupid choices and never even allows you to restart? :rimu:

    Well, I guess it's marked in VNDB as "Choices Matter" ;)

  6. I'm a completionistard and can't even comprehend another point of view. Oh, but I guess there exists people who can't really see things they start through to their end. My momma told me otherwise, though.

    If you have lots of VNs you want to read, instead of reading them all at once, make a reading plan. Sadly it's the same as actual work.

    It's also fun to make up your own route orders, and perfect them as you get more genre savvy. I agree with leaving some good girl for later on. Thus you keep yourself kinda motivated to read through meh-worthy girls.

  7. Nakige are good enough for me, it's a formula that really works, and it's nice to see things improving in the end.

    A good bittersweet ending is Rin's in Katawa Shoujo.

    Her problems are still there, and there's absolutely no guarantee that they don't end up estranged, but for the moment, things are fine. That's the way I interpreted it.

    I'm not so big on utsuge for the moment. Too extreme. Why look for a realistic, bad ending, if life provides plenty of that? I thought VNs were escapism.

  8. YMK routes were ambitious, but they didn't really grab the prize.

    Aeka's full of drama, but it turns out they were being overly retarded, when the realisation they could change schools came too little too late. With this degree of bullying, even dropping out of high school is an option, because life is more important than that shit (well, maybe Japanese people would hesitate...).

    I think, in fact, that protag enjoys being the unsung hero, because IRL there are more things you can try before physically confronting your bullies (or your girl's).

    Also, did you really expect they were going to kill her? Man, this isn't an utsuge, and this level of cruelty isn't common in VNs unless it's a Clockup VN (or similar), which it isn't.

  9. Follow news on Facebook, mostly. Nowadays I play some recently released games, so it would seem that I keep with the trends, but actually in some games I'm like 1 year behind. Big ones like Miagete Goran and probably Irotoridori no Sekai in the future, I tend to grab them at the first chance.

    I have so many games on queue I actually have to make a schedule, however.

    Other than that, I'm active in the Fuwa Discord where I find about a lot of games, and I used to follow VNTS until it threw all regularity out of the window.

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