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  1. Depends on what you actually wanna try... ef has one story which has a very dark bad ending, but it's not really a horror game at all. It has "utsuge vibes", but could be classified as nakige, maybe.

    Sweetest Monster is a game pretty much designed to be played on Halloween, maybe on a rainy, gloomy winter. I don't know about Lynne. Note that Sweetest Monster even includes a sex scene that somehow passed the Steam censorship. Not much is shown and no VA but the writing tries to be up to the task. Sweetest Monster is one of those works that relies heavily on a gimmick, so once you learn the truth of the story you probably won't play it again. But it's nice.

    Euphoria is centered about rape, specifically rape by proxy, the story underneath can go either way and some of the sex is gross, as in dirty.

  2. 18 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

    S;G 0 is definitely not as good as the first. While it's a different story and is really a good one, depressed rintarou makes it quite boring compared to the original.

    Sad scientist is also good, if only for the contrast, aside from the depiction of depression and mental disorder (which isn't toyed with very much I think).

    The point that made the original superior is probably immersion. That game has a wonderful immersion, you start playing and don't wanna leave it. It builds tension in a unique way.

  3. Actually S;G has the benefit of, no one really knows how altering the past would work, so anything goes.

    From what I've gathered, it's just a vision about time travel (or more specifically, "time warping" if we take the Denwa Renji into account), it doesn't aim to be fully realistic but to tell an engaging story, and it succeeds at that. Still every rule of their time travel is according to current physics.

  4. I'm currently playing Chaos;Head's VN, I'm like in Chapter 3. So far so good.

    Still you have to bear in mind it's a pretty old VN and almost nobody hits the jackpot on their first try, this should be the case of Chaos;Head within the Sci fi Adv series. I enjoyed Steins;Gate immensely more due to the way the story is built, the characters, the powerful Kyouma, the atmosphere, S;G is as good as you can get. Chaos;Head is a different beast and that should be taken into consideration. By the way, I rate 0 below original S;G.

    My hopes lie with Chaos;Child instead.

  5. About what Clephas says... I guess that consoles are more diversely oriented (not strange to catch a girl playing with some console), plus they should be 15+ at most. Otome fit well with that.

    Whereas PC is seen as a master ra... as a more "monocled" platform for lack of a better term. Most often your PC is used only by you. Traditionally it has been harder to use and mantain than a console, so leading to more monocled users. That kinda leads to PCs being used by a majority of male gamers, potentially "nolifers" (i. e. they spend most of their time on their computers), which fits well with the traditional male-oriented eroge.

  6. On 29/7/2018 at 1:52 AM, Kenshin_sama said:

    It's too bad we won't be getting anything other than a cheap translation for this work. Guess I won't get to appreciate Kantoku's art in this. :(

    If it weren't for the shoddy writing in the Steam page, this CG could've convinced me to buy it right on release day.

    I'd way prefer the CG if it was about the girl kissing the MC through a train window. Hard to pull your body through some train windows, but it would be sooooo romantic. E. g. the girl has to go far away and it's a farewell kiss.

    Why do VN writers tell the same stories over and over and over again, it's a mystery to me. They have 0 imagination, I wonder if they read stories themselves.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Nier said:

    With hundreds/thousands of VN releasing per year in Japan, this and other VN titles still sell, this is why they just re-released it again because it was so sucessfull, so that's no excuse. Publishers and developers expect to sell their games and make some revenues at release or at the very least a few months after release, not in 10 years.

    Yeah, but this is the West we're talking about. Most people are years behind new releases.

    I sometimes buy a VN right at launch, but most often I've got my hands full with older titles. I'm one of the people who would like to give Subahibi a try. I don't think we can raise sales significantly, but we're there.

  8. Even if LB did bad too, comparing Subahibi to it just isn't fair... LB has accompanying anime to it (though a little old by now) and Key is somewhat known. The thing is, I guess the majority of the public are VN veterans to some degree; those people would have already read LB, and newbies would probably recoil at a novel that lasts so long, or maybe it didn't appeal to them in the first place.

    Comparing Subahibi to DDLC is also unfair, because DDLC has spread like wildfire thanks to shock value (just take a look at Youtube, questionable things attract people's attention) and a phenomenon around that. Besides, DDLC is for free, it doesn't cost a substantial amount of money that some people will think, it could be better employed getting some other game.

    Also it doesn't matter anymore how good the novel is... with a growing offer of VNs, it becomes harder to focus on a single title. Maybe some people are planning to buy it in the future, but have decided to clear some other games before.

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