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  1. 8 hours ago, VirginSmasher said:

    1 year old in cat years is basically 15 years old in human years from research, so you should be fine.

    Not accurate, my last cat that passed away recently lasted 14 years, so 14*15 = over 200 years old, and that's just not possible (or was my cat an elven cat?).

    About the main quandary of the post, I guess that's what happens when you let go and become a nekopariah. Serves you right. Now there's no return from fapping to underaged catgirls. You crossed Full Metal Alchemist's Door of Truth. You performed human transmutation, the ultimate sin.

  2. Man, there's more people who know about O3 (Ori, Ochi, Onoe)? I never finished it, but it was one of my first VNs, yes, I actually started with some EVNs.

    It was interesting because, although loosely set in Japan (but fictional city, of course), it was Western through and through, and thus untouched by typical Japanese clichés.

    I'd say it was more interesting by the themes (there's some obsession, and mental disorders applied to relationships) than by the romance itself.

  3. If pure romance truly belongs in VNs, I guess it hides somewhere in the valley of otome and yuri VNs.

    The other piece of advise I can give is, pursue your fantasies. It will be more fun that way. Create the kind of characters, love interests, and relationships that you would like to have ideally. That's how Twilight was born, I guess you can do better than that.

  4. 1 minute ago, Kiriririri said:

    Fantranslators can do what they think is the best but however, I believe that official translators who get paid to do this should remove honorifics because that is what their job is about.

    In fact, I believe that the professional works I've read leave honorifics aside, while some fantranslators keep them, but it's hard to keep track of it so I might be wrong...

  5. 11 minutes ago, Kenshin_sama said:

    it's a little harsh to associate this preference with derogatory terms such as 'weeb' or 'lazy.' It's kinda like stating that your opinion matters more than those of whom you disagree with (which may have usefulness in science, but it's a little absurd in entertainment).

    I don't know about "lazy", but "weeb" is a pretty accurate term, even if it's derogatory. That's why I used it. This kind of people are the ones who don't study nor know Japanese, but want to keep the Japanese mannerisms. I'm sure you know how the story goes, you can easily find discussions about this matter. I'd add that they are also, amusingly, not native English speakers. But then I'm not either, and I can fully understand the "localisation consists of adapting to target audience" thing.

    Not that my opinion matters more, but perhaps, it's more well-thought than "keep honorifics plz". And also, it's the opinion of a lot more people.

  6. 1 hour ago, Stormwolf said:

    He just reinforces your opinion, nothing about fatality or winning. Grow up some and try again.

    To me it's very simple. We have different opinions and i have my own, just like you. 

    Saying a translator is lazy/bad for having his/her own way is fucking stupid and very narrow minded if i'm being entirely honest.

    Why so serious.

    When talking about Spanish culture and conditions in English (and you can replace Spain with any country, except it's mine), you don't really mix in Spanish words with English ones. And I warrant you that Spain has some things that are very different from English-speaking countries. Why should we do the same with Japanese?

    In the end, the problem can be circumvented, but like Kiri says, it implies not being lazy, really. Things that change between countries are things like the food and so on, and they can mostly be adapted, not to be things they aren't (like rice ball -> hamburger), but to make some sense. After all, side notes about translation are very common, for example, explaining things like name-based jokes, or holidays.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Stormwolf said:

    Man, if westerns have no interest in japanese or it's culture, perhaps don't even want to play japanese games, then they can stick with their own entertainment. Give me a break.

    If you have to be familiar with Japanese, or even know Japanese to enjoy VNs... why translate them in the first place? That'd be a utopia truly.

    In the end all you want is to feel superior because you know Japanese and most people don't... or maybe you just know a bunch of Japanese terms.

  8. I guess than when you've played 40+ novels and watched dozens of anime you know enough of what happens in Japan. But we're not segregating by weeb experience, and things should be palatable to Western readers, no matter how much experience they have in Japanese culture. "Onigiri" is pretty easily recognisable, but "rice ball" doesn't really hurt anyone either. And the honorific play is more extreme than that. It can be discarded or transformed without much being lost.

    I'm not really saying they should pretend Mt. Fuji is located in Maryland, like they did in the 90s here.

  9. Mr., Mrs., Ms., and if you like, Sir, are the only honorifics in English that I know of. And obviously they're used in a different way than in Japanese. In Japanese, speaking politely is a core need for people. In English, it's way more loose. Also Japanese can be, and in anime and VNs it sometimes is, very rude and even aggravating.

  10. As simple as calling the onigiri a "rice ball". But full-fledged weebs love their untranslated Japanese terms (even if they can't speak Japanese).

    You can't pretend that Japan is America (or Spain). But the script should be at the very least understandable by the people you're doing it for.

    I don't tend to mix Spanish words into my English speech, because that's bad English.

  11. I'd suggest watching the Kanon 2006 anime. It's fantastic. As for Air, I haven't watched the anime, so I can't say. However, I'm playing the VN so I guess it might be doable. Air is slightly more modern than Kanon, and it shows.

  12. In my opinion, Angel Beats already hinted at decline. Charlotte is full decline.

    It's plain obvious that Key can't keep doing the same formula forever, precisely because it has been dethroned from it by other companies. Thus, they try different things; but they have alienated me (I've read the Rewrite VN and I find it a chore and a meh experience), and like me, possibly quite a lot of people. In my opinion, they're not doing it right. Harmonia was, at least, decent, but small effort. Like Kiri says, let's hope Summer Pockets saves VNs.

  13. I'd say that a part of Clannad's success on Steam has been that it's HD and revamped, not the "classic" (read: dated) version from the mid-2000s. I'm reading original Air now and it shows. However, with Little Busters the improvement is little, the main thing it has going for it are the extra routes.

    Also... watching rubbish like Fault sell 100K really makes me cringe.

  14. Clannad is not that depressing most of the time, I mean, it has a lot of drama for every character, but also tons of slice of life. I feel that Kanon, that was the VN that started the former Key trend, is way more tear-inducing. I really only cried with Ushio.

    Also remember that nakige always ends on a positive note, so the negativity is undone.

  15. 7 hours ago, Silvz said:

    it's jap-only :( that sucks

    Well, of course. It has just released in Japan, and with no joint release in English unlike Harmonia, due to the size of the script most likely.

    About Little Busters... meh, it's a VN that most people have played by 2017, also it hasn't even been that long on Steam (where people tend to wait for the best price possible). Potentially there are lots of people like me who want to buy it to support Key's English releases, in my case I haven't dropped the 30 bucks just because I'm busy playing other things. I think I'll drop them eventually, but it's not really a priority. Also, I think that the TL of Little Busters Steam is a bit meh. You have to factor in that, too.

    I guess it's the same with Clannad. Both novels also have the blemish of being damn long to beat. Not everyone likes that.

    In truth there have been TLs for Key's major works since forever, so it's a bit difficult for them to take off. They have to rely on the fresher Steam audience. And then I don't know if they're really keen on drama, they seem to prefer low-intensity ecchi like Sakura games.

  16. Maybe they're building up their own fanbase in the West, they have a good number of games on Steam.

    Maybe they make enough money... though I disliked Angel Beats, Rewrite and Charlotte, and beyond that I don't think they have been as big successes as their past works... but.

    Meanwhile you can get the rarer VNs from them that you possibly haven't read (like Harmonia) and thus support them for bringing over the likes of Angel Beats or even Summer Pockets...

    For all the rest, just wait (TM)

  17. Even if it's a game worth it, I don't think that the DDLC phenomenon has been a positive one in general terms. Here pen-and-paper roleplaying games gained a lot of fame, but a bad one, since they were known by association to crimes perpetrated by players. Of course, it was all sensationalism, but the regular person doesn't know better.

    DDLC has been on the spotlight for

    its use of suicide and disturbing content

    , even if it all was warned about beforehand.

    For me the best we could achieve is that everyone, or the majority of anime & manga lovers would play VNs often, and then some will of course stick to anime & manga anyway. I don't think we can hope VNs will attract people who aren't keen on Japanese media. Their point of entry will always be anime, because it's accessible and most people have watched an anime at some point of their lives (probably their childhood, I was born 1983 and still watched 80's children anime). Maybe videogames like Pokémon, that also has anime, and then in time they will jump to VNs... but you need something in-between because Pokémon players don't readily jump into VNs. Also the Pokémon anime is... old.

    Obviously you don't get into VNs hating the artstyle, and people who aren't familiar with Japanese media tend to dislike it or at least, they aren't really accustomed to it.

    Maybe we could attract some hentai lovers, because back in the day you played the likes of Knights of Xentar for the porn, it didn't matter if it was anime-like or not, it didn't matter the kind of media it was... it only mattered for the H. But then again, there are a lot of H-less VNs. With the advent of the internet however, you can have as high a dose of porn as you want, so no real need for eroge or nukige unless you really like them...

  18. Well, most of the time H scenes are jarring. To enjoy them, you have to find ones that appeal to you (or are you against any and all forms of porn?), and they have to be well integrated within the game.

    I enjoyed "Eroge" from Clockup somewhat, because I knew what I was getting into. It can be considered a nukige. Still, it's like fast food entertainment. VNs can do much better.

  19. Hi and thanks for the attention.

    The thing is, I want to purchase a legal copy of Chaos;Head. I've got the TL patch in my hands, so I only need a fresh copy. Of course, a physical copy from Japan is out of the question.

    I've seen that the game is for sale at DMM, but it denies me the possibility to buy it. I guess I need to use a VPN to pretend I'm in Japan.

    Does anyone know a good VPN service that can be used for that? I've never used a VPN before.

    This is also useful for all people who start to purchase their games in Japan stores.


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