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  1. I think you may be right. I don’t mind messed up I actually kind of like it when it’s related to the story and not going overboard just for shock value
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! I actually read AI: The Somnium Files for got to mention that one. I think Root Double may be the one I loved the infinity series also heard a lot of good things about Raging Loop. I'm down to Root Double, Raging Loop, Subarashiki, and The Sekimeiya for next to read.
  3. So I recently got some free time and got the urge to tackle a new VN I love the Mystery/Mind Screw genres but I feel I've reached a dead end and read most of the main English translated stuff. So far I've read: Umineko and Higurashi Danganronpa 1-3 The zero escape series, Ever 17, Remember 11 Kara no Shoujo 1-2 and Cartagra Hotel Dusk 1-2 Steins; Gate 1-2 Ace Attorney 1-2 but not really a fan of this series I tried Chaos;Head and Cross Channel but I stopped reading them don't exactly remember why maybe they were too slow or annoyed me. I hea
  4. Haha looks like it adds a lot to the story, I guess I'll give it a look
  5. I think I might just skip Cartagra I'm really interested in seeing what happens after the event of KnS right not because that was the last novel I read in full.
  6. Thanks for that information I will definitely be checking out KnS2 now. Have you played Cartagra?
  7. Your right we will get along lol. I did a quick search of these novels and they all seem like something I would read. The game I can't really get a feel for is Danganronpa I know you said its easily spoiled if I could get some additional details that would be great. Haha I completely forgot I read the Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk series I really liked the Hotel Dusk stuff. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. Umineko keeps coming up a lot so i might just continue playing it even though it doesn't really seem like my thing from the beginning bit I pl
  8. Hey guys I'm kind of new to the whole Visual Novel scene I've only read about 4 of them those 4 are: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Ever 17, and Kara no Shoujo. I enjoyed reading all of them and as you can see I love my novels with mysteries and twists. I started reading Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru but I'm not really liking the vibe of it so far. So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for Visual Novels with a good Mystery plot or anyone's with big Twist because I like being surprised.
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