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    Anime, Kud Wafuu,Programming,Hacking,J-Pop,Visual Novel,Dating Sim,Writer
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    SOOOOOOOOOON <3 ( i guess)
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    Yui Kudryavka

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  1. Welcome Gypsy
  2. magic,romance,comedy,school,drama.superpower
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  4. Tomoyo After
  5. thanks for your reply but im already done fixing it arigatou
  6. help guys im done fixing the other problem the problem now is it auto exit when ever i try to start the signus.exe its say's it stopped working what should i do to fix this? p.s i put the file into my usb when ever i tried to copy and paste it on my laptop it says another error
  7. well yea i did i dont really remember but i think its short well i dont usually pay attention around me that time well if you finish 1 route you can fast forward somethings using R button
  8. i dont quitely remember but i think i finish it 3-4 hours or 2-3 i dont really remember it
  9. Little buster ! is a good vn well i think its short because i finish it about 2-3 hours
  10. wait guilty crown is vn?
  11. too bad i thought i finally find some groups who are willing to translate it
  12. Hi! >//<
  13. im kinda troubled right now i find a tutorial but its not working im stuck at the Daemon tool part when i try to make an virtual hardisk it say's error 3