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  1. Funny since I'm a main D.Va since day one who became a Mei addict and actually on Mercy rampage (I've played her for like 15 hours straight these past days with like 30min of other heroes). In general, I'm totally a tank player (I can play every tank other than Roadhogg), but playing only Mercy recently is refreshing.
  2. Well I wouldn't want to. Japan seems great, but its working system seems messed up when you come from the West. I think that would be really hard to get by and adapt and except you're working for yourself or particular exceptions, it seems really harsh most of the time.
  3. I feel like most people were middly hyped by it before buying it, and then got it and were like "Why the fuck did I waited all this time". It was a big surprise for me.
  4. It's totally subjective actually. And like he said, the author regret making this thread yes.
  5. Watching 3 times an anime to enjoy it doesn't seem much fun...
  6. CPU: i5-4690 @3,5Ghz GPU: Gigabyte Geforce 970 4GB RAM: Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB (2x4) SSD: Sandisk SSD PLUS 480 GB HDD: Some Seagate 2TB EHD : Western Digital Elements, 3TB PSU: Some Cooler Master 550W Monitor: Some Iiyama Prolite 23", IPS 60hz.
  7. Tsukihime really impressed me. I'm really sensitive to graphics and musics in general, and in this aspect... it's actually pretty mediocre (except some CG here and there, but there's not many). But, it must be one of my favorite works of all times (doesn't mean it must be one of the best for everyone, just for me). Well, I don't know much about VNs yet so I don't feel qualified to talk about quality of VNs in general, but I sure love Tsukihime.
  8. I'm in a mood between listening to Saint Pablo from Kanye, and Justice from Tsukihime.
  9. Currently reading Tsukihime adaptation in Manga. Luckily in France we have all of the 10 volumes, I heard the english translation stopped after the 6, so I got worried. Until now, it's really great, a lot better than the anime (wich I actually liked, when most of people wish it doesn't exist (also I can't stop listening to this)), really well drawn and seems pretty faithful to the VN (welp, I haven't done Arc's route yet tho, I started by Ciel and then gone to Hisui and Kohaku).
  10. Don't worry, it's never too late, you can answer to this topic as late as you like, I just find it interesting to see what is proposed
  11. Oh yeah, that seems cool and it's totally what I meant, thanks. And that's cool too to have someone who already did it, I like having records of people with experience of it. As for the animes, I have to see Another for a long time now, but for TG or SAO, I won't really try with it I think, since I don't like them that much (well, I completely love ideas in Tokyo Ghoul, I'm still buying every :re release, but Root A anime was pretty hard to watch).
  12. Yup, about Howl's moving Castle, like I said, I watched it when it got out in theaters with my father, so I would too. Plus I don't really care about letting people know about me being an anime/manga/japanese shit enthusiast, it's not like I'm ashamed or whatever. Of course, like I won't show them porn, I won't show them hentai, but that seems pretty obvious.
  13. Yeah more like if they would be. Also, Sabi had a good suggestion I think, since my very first anime movie I saw was Laputa, wich my father showed me when I was little, and we went to see Howl's Moving Castle in theater when it came out. Usagi Drop is cute, I found it kind of boring but yeah why not. I'm not convinced by Psycho Pass tho, since I really didn't liked it, but I'll look into the others, since I don't know them. Classics of the 90s like CB would surely work that's true.
  14. Yes but that's not the point, sorry if it wasn't clear. I was just questionning myself about this, if my mom or my dad would come to me and say like "Show me an anime I would like", what would i show them ? In a positive way, not to be praised or not like "if you don't you get "grounded"", they don't need to enjoy animes, it's just a random thought I had.
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