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  1. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Well, I'm glad the salty tears have gone away. I'm not to let a mistake or two or honorifics get in the way of a decent VN, so I never understood what people were trying to prove. It's an interesting surgery and despite the shit storm that came after, I really hope you continue to do more surveys. I enjoy hearing from others in the community about their opinions and values. @HonorificsSurvey Anyways, gonna jerk off to badly tled hentai in a VN. Peace out.
  2. Your Diary+ Re-TL Project

    RIP translators. They shall be missed.
  3. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    I was partially being sarcastic, though some people make a mountain out of a molehill though, whether to cause shit or to actually argue their point because they HAVE to be right and there HAS to be rules in place for everything or something...
  4. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Dun worry bois. We got sum meet pros on teh project ur lukin 4.
  5. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Don't even bother asking. I'm not trolling either.
  6. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    The war of honorifics continues to rage on... Will an agreement ever be reached? Will the salt from men and women's delicious tears ever stop? Will weebs finally rise up and refuse to be weebs and show the veterans their final form? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!
  7. Ah. Probably not in my lifetime. Expenses would be sky high. RIP.
  8. That'd be pretty cool actually. You talking about taking School Days game play and making it standard across the board?
  9. Oh. Guess I hit a nerve. You're right. That is as long as people follow through with their promises. Otherwise, it's nothing more than an essay written on Kickstarter for dem $$$. Over-saturation. I guess the one thing I'm guilty of, as with you, is overgeneralizing. Ever heard of people promising the world, only to suddenly vanish? Some *honest* people that *try*... Yeah, it's hard work. Not everybody is like that though. Some people charge a *bit* more than they need, or cut corners to make an extra buck or two. Just because you wouldn't abuse it doesn't mean others wouldn't. People have been burned by Kickstarter before, just like projects have been saved. Despite all this though, I do owe you an apology, as do I to the honest companies/people that actually do use, especially since the not so honest people I'm talking about are mostly outside of the VN market. Sorry for generalizing and stereotyping you guys and thanks for putting me in my place.
  10. That was sarcasm. Kinda. There are people who abuse it, but there are others who need it. I generally support projects that already have work done on them, such as a demo. Someway to show that there committed and have exhausted all other avenues of generating revenue. Kickstarter is a quick and easy way to get money, but I question large companies that use them on a constant basis when they can take more risks and have more experience than one that are just starting out. Recently, it seems like Kickstarter is almost like a step in a product's means to generate money rather than a last ditch effort to get things done. Promoting can be done outside of Kickstarter. When larger companies use Kickstarter, it's saturating the already crowded market, which means people starting off will be less visible. Which is why I generally don't kickstart Sekai Project. I'd rather pledge money to small companies or companies trying to make a mark in the western market and are taking a major risk with little reputation in it, such as Venus Blood. Kickstarter is meant for those guys.
  11. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    People are probably going to argue that it's not the same, but you're right on that. Never thought of it that way, but it isn't alien at all and at times is mixed into other things, such as Mr and Mrs or Sir and Madam. Your example and insight is pretty dead on. Well, I learned something from this thread at least. People are quick to point out "official rules" and alienate ideas or things that are out of the norm to them and though I don't mind them doing so, it's not exactly true saying to "take them out unless you have to." The higher up you go and the more rules that are pushed on you, the more critical and judgmental people will be of other's work with the "rules" you know. Sadly, it seems to have happened to quite a bit of people on this thread, some of which are quite salty.
  12. Kickstarter is a place where people go to donate money to the poor and those who "need" it, like a church. But I guess fundamentally I guess it's a place to get people to know a VN, though I get the same experience shopping in JAST's shop, except you can be more descriptive.
  13. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    In school, we had to use Mr or Mrs, so I guess it could work for teachers.
  14. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Guess not. </3 The never-ending war between honorifics and non honorifics continues to rage on and rustle people's jimmies daily with the salt and rage of dozens of men and women alike. I have failed in providing world peace here at Fuwanovel. Mods, Admins, and God, forgive me for being unable to accomplish such a simple task.
  15. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Best you can do is go on majority. Not because everyone else is doing it or because it's right or wrong. Its about making it as accessible to as many readers as possible. How to do that has changed over the years. People find things distracting when they didn't used to be years ago because it's what we've gotten used to and call abnormalities or things that don't look or sound right cancerous and distracting and people are going to inevitably say they are because "insert reason here." That's the long and short of it. Some people have trouble processing things that are out of the norm for them which I don't hold against them, but it's not really fair to say that something is wrong purely because of that, right? It was never because official companies are doing it or because it's better with it out. Can we all agree on that at least? <3