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  1. Witch's Garden Recruiting Hacker

    something tells me Kiririri is trolling. At any rate, I found some tools. I'll see if I can do it myself. I hate relying on other people. Thanks anyways
  2. Position closed. Wish us luck. Special thanks to Frc_ for providing a scripts, as well as a starting point for translation.
  3. Giving up on something in life because its hard is a luxury I lost a long time ago. If I've become jaded and opinionated seeing people and groups constantly collapse both in the VN community and out, so be it. I can afford 2 mins to respond. Affording a year to learn something on top of what I have to do? I don't see the correlation.
  4. I'd love to if you pay me for it or for my rent or schooling or food for who I have to currently support alone, etc. Otherwise, I have other thing I *have to* learn and juggle in life with, oddly enough, don't make anything in life either. I wouldn't have anything if I didn't pursue attempting to get better at English "rules" either. You can be a jack of all trades and a master of none, or you can specialize elsewhere in life. I've decided to in the medical field and humanistic field (which I does take a toll mentally being around death constantly). Ironically, I probably would have been better focusing on English and then moving on to Japanese instead of humanities/medicine. Wouldn't be as fucked up as I am now and the most I'd have to worry about is constant subjection to criticism and personal credibility. Also, I'm *attempting* to improve in English writing as my TL is improving in Japanese. We wouldn't have a shot at what we're doing otherwise. Though at the rate he's going, he won't need me for too much longer. Once that happens, then I'd say that your comment holds more water than it currently does. Now, please do on about my superiority to learning Japanese. Seems like comments like these always pop up when somebody has a stick up their butts. Kinda surprised it wasn't said sooner.
  5. An Official Farewell

    It's k. Live life, then come back and enjoy the fun all over again. We will be waiting for you good sir.
  6. Suppose I owe an apology to FRC. I do get why you dropped it. Guess I shouldn't be putting everyone into a single box and generalize things. Still, my point stands regarding the commitment sorely lacking in TL groups nowadays, especially when you looked at the dropped and stalled projects as of late.
  7. Fuwanovel Updates (releases, interviews, etc)

    Glad things are still ok. I've felt empty without knowing the progress and reviews of some VNs from my #1 favourite website in the world. Hopefully things start looking up. I miss the old days where every week I'd have meaning in my life and would race to come on here. Please... Give me the strength to go on.
  8. What's going on with the lack of updates outside of the forums? Did whoever was making the posts disappear or something?
  9. To be honest, it feels that a lot of "poor translations" could have been avoided if the team (or individual) were more open to constructive feedback and were willing to redo some of their work. It's definitely time consuming, but isn't it worth it knowing you did your best and learned a thing or two from it?
  10. I suppose so. Never thought about comments and trackers that way. I just enjoy having work done and having it done well. I just write stuff that I feel fits or is right, both in the TL project and on Fuwanovel. I don't expect people to respond. Guess it's for personal satisfaction, if anything. Nothing feels as good as completing something to the best of your ability, and is hopefully something you can be proud of. Just want to voice my opinion and reasoning behind it and perhaps gain a different perspective from those who are willing to contest those opinions. A quote from Bakemonogatari: "I don't know everything. I only know what I know." It's the main reason why I still communicate on here. Not because of attention or wanting to stir shit up. I personally have no need for fame or popularity. I'm going to fade away anyway, so I'd rather do what I love because I love it. I suppose everybody on here is different though. We all have different motivations and goals. This is simply one of the few things I enjoy doing.
  11. Eh. I have little need or desire for a following. We just work on whatever we feel like. Plus, you run the risk of getting a C&D which, although I wouldn't care too much about, the other team members would. I really hope that more translators come up and try some translations like how people used to years ago. Not many groups left. Regardless, it seems people don't have much more to add or say, so I guess we're all in agreement with each other. My mission has been achieved. Hopefully things will get better for fan tls with these perspectives that people have spoken about.
  12. I'm not trolling. I'm genuinely concerned for the VN scene. I want both the industry and fan TLS to flourish together rather than feeling like fan TLS are a stepping stone to get a job. Just like volunteering, it's critical that fan TLS exist and aren't looked down on like they currently are. As a fan TL group, we want to be taken seriously and respected for what we do. We are going to make mistakes, but we will learn from them. I'm hoping the TL in our group will keep translating niche VNs that won't see much of a profit over here, bit still have a cult following. The way fan TLS are viewed and talked about though... My translator wants to be taken seriously and it's pushing him more toward wanting a job in the industry. Its a shame that it has to come to that to gain the respect of his peers. I don't really give a shit about how people view me tbh, but I understand why he cares so much. I'm sure many other fan TL groups feel the same. Putting in months (or years) of learning Japanese and English only to be constantly criticised (regardless on whether it's deserved or not) makes them feel worthless. Learning for years how to translate and then be told it's still not good enough... What message does that send to them? Someday, I hope fan TLS won't be treated as a joke. The only way they aren't is when they have a "well-known" translator or editor on their team, and it shouldn't take that to gain the respect of their peers. I'm glad that this conversation hasn't taken a turn for the worst. I assume most people agree with us few who are talking partially at the very least. I think we've all been looked down on at some point in our lives, so it's relatable. Its something that we shouldn't do as a community. Id rather not associate with people or a community like that.
  13. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the industry don't feel that way. Here's the thing: when people learn what's right and what's wrong, they start seeing errors which distract themselves from the VN. To be honest, it's the same with most things. Its up to the person how to deal with it and the easiest is to criticise it and tell them to learn more before continuing. The more time consuming option is working with them rather than demoralizing them (some people sincerely don't have time to help, others don't want to because of no patience). Another reason why I was against the standardized rules that are in place for the industry on what's right and wrong, though my TL is pretty uptight about it. We make a good pair now that I think about it. Its important to have standardized rules for *yourself* that's *acceptable* to the majority (basically, the people NOT in companies and are VN fanatics like us). Believe it or not, the more critical people are a minority, and only if it's *truly* bad do you get flame wars by multiple people, which you're probably better off going back and either fixing errors or find those that can teach you them ASAP. Its not good to have a bad patch out for years without fixing it. The damage might be done, but it should be fixed out of respect for the VN and those that haven't read it yet. Anyway, I'm rambling. People like Kiririri or whatever the hell is name is... He's one person. Ultimately, you'll piss off somebody for some reason, so as long as most people enjoy it, it's accurate, and flows well, then you've accomplished what a fan TL is supposed to be. Though if one wants to improve their skills, they should listen to those that try to legitimately help.
  14. That's a good idea, though you have to be careful. Dem localization companies might hit you with a Cease & Desist if they find out you're doing another variant of what Kiririri is doing. He is a well-renown translator in multiple companies. One of the biggest guys around. Even bigger than Moogy. If we are going to make a different varient, we should release it anonymously to avoid a C&D using a VPN. We got dis boys. Sharing is caring, after all. People have forgotten how to share, so it's important to remind them.
  15. Wow. Your translation skills are off the charts. The meaning and remaining faithful to its origins certainly shined through. All we need is a good editor and we will have a short VN! In order to do it justice, there's only one man who we can entrust with this special task: we need Freddy, master editor and translator extraordinaire. Plz, if you can read this, help edit this work of art. Maybe we can sell this work of art to JAST or MangaGamer if it's good enough.