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  1. Ok. So what's your solution to what your feeling? Like, you can try telling people what's right and wrong, but not everybody is going to agree. You are your own person, just like I am mine. Everybody has their own "triggers". Look, I do not wish to argue with you as I volunteer with survivors of abuse and nobody wins when it comes to arguing about your feelings and thoughts. Keep in mind that each person handles situations very differently and it's not cool to be generalizing and assuming things about people. I hope you're able to get through the guilt and not be held a slave to it. It's a shitty feeling in general to have.
  2. I don't really think it's fair to be judging people based on what they like and enjoy. Yeah, you're hurt and/or offended. When that happens with me, you know what I do? Get off of the forums and Discord and go outside. There are certain factors in life we can control when it comes to our emotions. Removing ourselves from potentially harmful situations is one of them. Everyone is different and handles things differently, and having too much of something is never a good thing. I don't think there's a need to cut Fuwanovel out completely, but it might help to get out. You're becoming desensitized for a reason, and placing blame on your surroundings will only get you so far when you can control those surroundings.
  3. Gonna start Yosuga no Sora. Seems romantic.
  4. Hmmmm. I knew there were only a select few that have jobs in the VN industry, though I didn't know you felt short staffed compared to fan translation projects. Guess it reflects the reality that many jobs both online and offline have today. Never heard of Tenkiame until now. I see your point. There's still this sense of how official work is of higher quality than fan translated work, though I can understand why people feel that way after reading translated VNs like Flyable Heart. As far as monopolies go, you can't stop people from getting jobs in a company and abandoning fan translating altogether. That is ultimately up for those individuals to decide. Well said, Fred.
  5. Was debating on bumping this again. Tbh, companies can only do so much. They generally go with what's popular at the time so have a chance at making a profit. Fan translations don't have that restriction, so they can work on whatever they want. Obscure VNs and VNs that's been C&D with no sign of a translation from the company who sent it, such as Chaos Head which is sitting in limbo, and the C&D of Air many years ago. They're generally looked down on as far as quality goes since people learn from each other. Can't really do much when you got 2-3 people in a group. Ya just gotta rely on yourself to catch your own mistakes I suppose. Easier said than done. After all, books and written resources only go so far. The amount of dropped projects from them don't exactly paint them in a good light either, nor do the "rules" for translating and editing that varies from group to group instead of having unified rules like companies do. Sometimes that's a good thing, though it can be bad depending on how justifiable those rules are. I genuinely hope that fan translations stick around because they can do things companies can't, regardless on whether or not they want to admit it. I also don't want all the companies disappearing, since they can do things fan translators can't. As long as the fan translators don't TL stuff that the companies are planning to TL in the future, I don't see why there can't be both. Losing either one is a loss for consumers and those who want to read a good (or bad) story.
  6. Personal translator choice always causes some sort of commotion here because of the non-toxic and non-judgemental community we have here who understand and respect that people aren't perfect and have their own way of doing things, regardless of how odd it may seem/sound.
  7. something tells me Kiririri is trolling. At any rate, I found some tools. I'll see if I can do it myself. I hate relying on other people. Thanks anyways
  8. Position closed. Wish us luck. Special thanks to Frc_ for providing a scripts, as well as a starting point for translation.
  9. Giving up on something in life because its hard is a luxury I lost a long time ago. If I've become jaded and opinionated seeing people and groups constantly collapse both in the VN community and out, so be it. I can afford 2 mins to respond. Affording a year to learn something on top of what I have to do? I don't see the correlation.
  10. I'd love to if you pay me for it or for my rent or schooling or food for who I have to currently support alone, etc. Otherwise, I have other thing I *have to* learn and juggle in life with, oddly enough, don't make anything in life either. I wouldn't have anything if I didn't pursue attempting to get better at English "rules" either. You can be a jack of all trades and a master of none, or you can specialize elsewhere in life. I've decided to in the medical field and humanistic field (which I does take a toll mentally being around death constantly). Ironically, I probably would have been better focusing on English and then moving on to Japanese instead of humanities/medicine. Wouldn't be as fucked up as I am now and the most I'd have to worry about is constant subjection to criticism and personal credibility. Also, I'm *attempting* to improve in English writing as my TL is improving in Japanese. We wouldn't have a shot at what we're doing otherwise. Though at the rate he's going, he won't need me for too much longer. Once that happens, then I'd say that your comment holds more water than it currently does. Now, please do on about my superiority to learning Japanese. Seems like comments like these always pop up when somebody has a stick up their butts. Kinda surprised it wasn't said sooner.
  11. It's k. Live life, then come back and enjoy the fun all over again. We will be waiting for you good sir.
  12. Suppose I owe an apology to FRC. I do get why you dropped it. Guess I shouldn't be putting everyone into a single box and generalize things. Still, my point stands regarding the commitment sorely lacking in TL groups nowadays, especially when you looked at the dropped and stalled projects as of late.
  13. Glad things are still ok. I've felt empty without knowing the progress and reviews of some VNs from my #1 favourite website in the world. Hopefully things start looking up. I miss the old days where every week I'd have meaning in my life and would race to come on here. Please... Give me the strength to go on.
  14. What's going on with the lack of updates outside of the forums? Did whoever was making the posts disappear or something?
  15. To be honest, it feels that a lot of "poor translations" could have been avoided if the team (or individual) were more open to constructive feedback and were willing to redo some of their work. It's definitely time consuming, but isn't it worth it knowing you did your best and learned a thing or two from it?
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