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  1. I haven't been able to find the VNR discord server since I didn't really see a need to join it, I will if I can find the invite code and thank you for helping me out.
  2. If you could send the tool you used before, that'll be appreciated. I have used VNR before with their built-in MTL feature (The one where you have a box and it would MTL translate inside the box depending on where you want to put it in the game screen). I have heard some people doing DeepL with VNR but I haven't seen such method being posted at all or any guide to it.
  3. I was going to use DeepL with some common sense of fixing english sentences and play it that way for myself personally is why I asked about it. Generally games from Guilty is what I'm looking to edit the text and such. If I had to chose one to be an example: https://vndb.org/v28268
  4. There is a method posted on the Script Extraction Thread about how to extract scripts from games that uses the WillPlus/ADVHD engine. However I was wondering if anyone knew how to use the tools listed there properly to extract scripts from games that uses the ADVHD engine. If anyone knows or could post a short guide on how to use them, that'll be much appreciated. I was trying to figure out on how to use the tools provided under the WillPlus/ADVHD section in Script Extraction Thread forum, but I haven't been able to use it properly yet. Note: The method does state that "you need to compile it first, doesnt matter how you handle the text, ADVHD engine will read them in Japanese (S-JIS)". So I was wondering on how to use the tools to compile them or use them so I can extract the scripts.
  5. Tried doing so with GARBRO already, it lists that the the .ks files that I edited are "missing" as I tried to create a repack of it in .xp3
  6. Hello, I'm having difficulty on trying to repack .ks files to .xp3 so the translation can apply. I translated one or two lines and the Krkrextract had issues repacking with the "missing" whatever .ks file that I edited. I thought that the .ks files were encrypted so I used hex editor and put FF FE into every single script, however that doesn't really solve anything either. https://gyazo.com/21bdb2aa38c12baed34c3ca260c1dbbd (Here is the image of the game directory) Since the .ks files aren't located in data.xp3 anymore for newer visual novels using the Kirikiri engine and I couldn't find any useful post about how to resolve this issue, if anyone knows a way to fix this. It would be greatly appreciated. The scenario.xp3 and patch.xp3 both contain the .ks files that contain the in-game texts, however scenario.xp3 does seem to have more .ks files then the patch.xp3.
  7. Oh thank you for the suggestion. But VNDB is widely looked by actual Japanese companies since it is the largest Visual Novel Database site in existence. I wonder if it is safe to post a thread on there and the translation that I'm doing this game is solely for myself, I'm have no intention of releasing this to the public. It's just something I want to enjoy personally by myself. I noticed in your post about the game you're translating that an actual employee of the company who made the visual novel was involved. Did they just asked you to take down the thread or did they pursuit legal cases wise? Sorry to ask so much, I'm super cautious usually.
  8. I've been doing some translation work on Jinki Resurrection for my own personal use (I'm no mean proficient in Japanese despite taking 3 years of Japanese classes during HS. I'm just using a machine translation and using dictionaries like Jisho to find the meanings for Kanji and other stuff). However, the translated sentences gets too long compared to the Japanese original. The in-game text thats in English usually goes out of the actual dialogue box. The in-game text scripts are in .AST however the functionality side of the game are all coded in Lua. I was wondering if there is anyway to adjust the font size so the full sentences fit inside the dialogue box or something on that line. If the answer is that I have to make a custom code to do so, then it'll be hard for me as I have no prior knowledge of coding. Note: I was also wondering if the translated english sentence gets too long that it breaks the game (I usually do some translations then test the game to see if it runs properly, I ran into some issues where the game crashes and I checked any issues for syntax errors or misplacing. Nothing seems to be out of place but I'll make sure to double check once I wake up. Note: JINKI RESURRECTION runs on the Artemis Engine.
  9. I am able to extract the necessities such as sprites, CG, BG, sounds, etc using GARBRO for the root.pfs files, however I am having difficult on how to extract the scripts to able to configure in-game texts and such for the game. The game uses Artemis Engine and there really isn't much insight or guides on how to extract scripts from games that uses the Artemis engine. I'm hoping someone could help me out as this is my first time doing data and script extractions. Edit: I was able to find scripts with different . endings. .AST, .Lua, .asb but I'm not sure what they exactly are besides the .Lua and still am struggling to find the actual in-game texts. Edit Again: I was able to find the in-game texts as they are all located in .AST files. However, I was wondering on how to repack them into the root.pfs so I can overwrite the original root.pfs folder in the game directory. Edit: Solved this issue. Post closed.
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