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  1. If they're working on it now it will definitely be Latest Edition, which is what VNDB says as well. Given Age's development cycle for their AAA titles the Japanese release of Kiminozo Reboot is still a bare minimum of a year away, probably 2-3 considering how massive Latest Edition was. That doesn't account for the 2 other fan disks of canon material that would probably be included as part of Reboot, plus anything new that ends up getting added. If it gets the same kind of treatment Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu did when it was remade a decade ago Reboot will be over 100 hours. Over time Kiminozo got this reputation for being this all-time amazingly great game, but it really isn't. I understand how it got that reputation; it did a lot of things that simply weren't done in 2001 and it put Age on the map as a major player. Unfortunately, when you jump into it 20 years later large portions of the game simply aren't fun. There are multiple 10+ hour stretches where nothing pleasant happens. We're talking about lows far lower than the lowest low of the anime. I went into more detail in a post a few years ago when I went through the whole game. Some of the things that are not good are more commonly known now, but if you've been waiting for years (or literally decades now that it's 20 years old) this isn't Age's first Muv-Luv Alternative-level achievement in the genre. It's like Muv-Luv Extra in the sense that there are some enjoyable parts, however the percentage of Extra that is fun is far greater than that percentage of Kiminozo. If you've seen the anime you've seen at least 80% of what is enjoyable over the 70+ hour experience. Add a save file for access to the H scenes and it might be around 90% of what is good. OTOH there is some good material that isn't in the TV series or OVAs. Much like Extra it's a lot better the second time once you know what to skip. TLDR temper expectations for the best experience. As sanahtlig pointed out there is no reason to give the benefit of the doubt given the Muv-Luv releases thus far. With the amount of time it took for Muv-Luv Alternative to be released after Extra was completed, the size of its script and how much larger a new Kiminozo can reasonably be expected to be 2025 might be a conservative estimate for an English release of Reboot. I suppose it's possible that Latest will be released before the end of 2022 if they've already put all of their efforts into it, but they're welcome to shove my (well-earned) cynicism up my ass if they can. Personally I thought they'd go for the low-hanging fruit of Kimi ga Nozomu Muv-Luv to get people hyped for Kiminozo, and I suppose they still could. Supposedly it's about 5 hours, but I can't confirm as I have yet to find a way to buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy (it's an Age fan club exclusive requiring residence in Japan to join, unless you happened to get one of the 110 or so copies of the Silver Edition or better Age Archives 20th Boxes which required residence in Japan to buy before they sold out in about 10 seconds).
  2. Those are not the original games. The original games are listed under "Relations Original game" at those links.
  3. I've played the original Japanese games. H scenes were removed for console releases (because consoles) but could have been easily reinserted. Not every title has H-scenes, of course. When in doubt VNDB is your friend. In the case of Altered Fable it would have been some Ctrl+C Ctrl+V action to use the (higher resolution) 20th Anniversary PC release instead of the old console port, but why bother putting any effort into making a quality product at this point? From poor translating to removed features to pretending that H-scenes are not part of the original games it's not like they have managed to put together a single decent release. Using the Photon games was a garbage decision inandof itself as they leave out some of the better side content (like Ayu Mayu Alternative). Having said that, I will give them credit for removing the awful mini-games from Altered Fable. When Cheat Engine barely helps you know it's bullshit.
  4. Garbro doesn't really help with the data mess than is rUGP. The only Age game it even supports is the old translation of original Muv-Luv that used a much older version of the rUGP engine.
  5. This was posted on another site, but I thought I'd put it up here should different people see it. Project: Restoring the H-scenes to Muv-Luv Photonmelodies and Photonflowers because the company releasing them in English is made up of a bunch of pussyass feminized tiddyphobic soyboy assholes that think adults buying adult games with hot chicks shouldn't have sexual interest in said hot chicks. Developer: Age Looking for: Someone (or group of people) that can: -Extract the removed scenes from the original Japanese games -Provide them to me in some format for WYSIWG editing (if I knew how to extract, decrypt, etc. all of that crap I wouldn't be posting this). Big bonus points if there is a way for me to play voice lines corresponding to each line on the exported script. I process Japanese audio much faster than written Japanese and sometimes there is nuance in the voices lost in text (removed scenes contain more than just fucking). -Make a patch that restores the translated H-scenes to Photonflowers and Photonmelodies where they are supposed to be in the story. Employment Type: Unpaid, but I will act as an IRL reference and provide a letter of recommendation upon completion of the project if you like. Work commitment: Whenever you have time, as this is a by fans for fans project. Preferred method of contact: You can PM me here, or my email address is the same username at yandex.com. If a group of people end up working on it we'll set up a group chat on Discord. Additional comments: Meiya best girl, but Yuuko-sensei is pretty great too.
  6. I started playing Koihime Musou again on my new computer and now that I'm running everything in 4K Koihime Musou has become a blurry and jaggie mess. I've seen a big difference in games like Persona 3 Portable that have better texture mods and it sounds like a lot of tedious work. I'm willing to do that, just need a little help getting started. Since I already made a lossless audio mod for Koihime Musou awhile ago I might as well go all the way with making it as good as it can be, right? -Is there a better option than Waifu2x for 2D sprites? I don't have the Photoshop skills to manually touch them up. -Is there a program that will process all of the PNGs simultaneously, instead of manually uploading them one at a time to Waifu2x site? -I was able to extract everything with exwlcs and get PNGs. After the uprezing is done, how do I repack it with the new PNGs? Unless /? left out some important information it doesn't look like exwlcs does that. Any help is appreciated. I know just enough to know I don't know what I'm doing.
  7. No doubt. Your conversation sucks several times over. Just how many times over does it suck? This many.
  8. EcchiOujisama, 3 minutes after being charged for admission at Golden Corral...
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