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  1. : / I did not serve with what I wanted but in the same way I had seen old forums where they hacked that novel into English but I could not get help thanks for responding
  2. Good to the fuwanovel community as before I asked for help with some novels and little help I received here I left to leave my translation team to know my projects and others and I also look for translators who translate from English to Spanish since almost translators I do not have and the novels that tradusco every time increase more and more so it is heavy for me to have someone join the Spanish translation team here I leave the page so they know of my project in advance many thanks and have a good day https://www.facebook.com/NovelPark-163627517840863/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  3. Ok I'm going to try anything you notice in advance thank you very much for responding and hoping to serve me too
  4. With whom I contact in your English translation
  5. Good day or good night how are you hoping that very well thank you for your deep work to translate this great novel to English that is majikoi thank you very much for your dedication and effort and if you could help me if it is not a lot of trouble because I am also a translator but tradusco novels from English to Spanish have if it was not too inconvenient could pass me the tool to translate it I would like to taer this great novel to Spanish I would really appreciate it since I personally liked the first novel very much majikoi was brought completely to Spanish but I would like to be able to translate its sequels in advance thank you very much and have a good night

  6. Good to all as they are waiting for very well thanking their great work to translate this great novel into English and make them a request nsi is not much trouble because I am a Spanish translator I dedicate myself to translate novels from English to Spanish so I am trying to translate this novel if it is not annoyance could help me pass the tool would be very helpful because I would like to bring it to Spanish respectively I will thank you for your help I hope you help me I would like to pass this novel to Spanish in advance thanks and have good day or good night
  7. Hello to all the greetings and asking for their wise advice and if they could help me with some tool to translate novels with that format I know a bit of Japanese and I have tools like animEd notepad among others but there are some archives that are difficult for me to open have they could help me in advance thank you
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