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  1. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    I've noticed that the MangaGamer discord link has been down for a while now. Is the discord server still active? Or did they disable the invite link?
  2. Hey there, new user here

  3. Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.

    I'm still trying to learn how to pull myself away from social media. Big subreddits have that kind of problem. Small subreddits with <500 people are usually okay. But when the group is that small discord/skype/keybase/whatsapp/kik would do the trick. I haven't seen the VN subreddit getting bad though outside some moderation issues. I find that when I use Reddit/social media, I judge people immediately based on downvotes/upvotes. I start reading to comments that I agree with. It's something that I do only with social media. Maybe it's me that is the problem? At least forums are obtuse enough that I need a desktop to view it.
  4. Hey there, new user here

    Name's PredictableBeaco, I like Visual Novels and like to talk about them. But mostly VNs with gameplay in them (Alicesoft, MGQ etc.) Made the account to find more places to talk about VNs. You guys won't bite, right?