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    Any vn as long as it contains either:
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    so basically anything.

    I also play video games(a lot of cs) , watch anime and read manga/lightnovels.
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  1. I liked what they added upon entering the extras menu after seeing Sylvia's extended epilogue. Agree on wanting an Ayaka route, should have been her rather than Akane. Im guessing the writer did hikoukigumo cause the epilogue for Ria was just like the one for Eiri.
  2. Kina might be mentally slow and unstable, but she is my mentally slow and unstable cutey of a student.
  3. Off the top of my head, Golden hour (Yukis route), tsujidou san no junai road + virgin road and Natsu no ame
  4. Golden Hour, happy endings for everyone except for my girl "Yuki" :/


  5. Honestly, I haven't finished it myself(about 50% through it, put it on hold since I felt in the mood for something light hearted), I just hear a lot of good about it, I do get the vibe that the ending isn't gonna be rainbows and sunshine. Would be very surprised if tentacle rape popped up in it though.....
  6. I really need to get on with Bethlys route, started with hers but just couldnt stop myself from switching to Mizuhas which i binged and finished.
  7. - "Shuffle!"- Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru probably the worst ones in the list personally enjoyed the later but it's just a mediocre charage(from what i remember). -" Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President" i guess as well, I personally remember enjoying(like 3-4 years ago...) it but don't remember it being strong in anyway story wise.- "Koisuru natsu no last resort" just a charage not strong on story. Some of the best I would prioritise not in any particular order (again from the ones I have read myself or plan to): Soukou Akki Muramasa Sakura no Uta Tasogare no Sinsemilla Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ (I mean there are flaws but I sure did enjoy the trilogy, MC is a sick cunt) Chronoclock (havent read it but if its anywhere near as good as Amatsutsumi its worth it) Ourai no Gahkthun Kami no ue no mahoutsukai (Dropped it myself, didnt feel I would enjoy it after reading about how the routes end.... It was good from what I read though)
  8. I find that the engine muv luv used never really got along with windows 8 and up, if you are on those try running it through a virtual machine. I got the same issue with Altered fable though never got around to trying a VM or older OS but it usually works for other visual novels that didnt work on Windows 8 +.
  9. oh ok thanks for the recommendations ill probably go through the 3rd eye stuff first.
  10. I have been playing xblaze Code:Embryo and i just like something about the whole modern day settings with magic and some dark hidden stuff going on in the background of the harem school comedy shit (at least in the common route im only at ep3). Anyway im just looking for something with a similar setting i guess. Untranslated is fine since there isnt much translated stuff i havent already read. Thanks in advance
  11. All in the title i need some good old moege in my system or something not depressing.Thanks in advance!
  12. ahh yes g senjou is up there its probably the only vn I have replayed. Played sharin no kuni and the houzoki chapter of the fan disk.
  13. over 1.1 million views for the final through twitch and gotv
  14. Hello. I go by AKB4ty7 you may have seen me in the chat recently though otherwise Im fairly new, started lurking early march this year and finally decided to create an account so yeah.HI I have been playing VN`s for around 2 years now and thanks to not going out often besides to go to school or occasionally go out with friends I have played through a large portion of currently translated vn`s especially if they contain cute girls. About my username: The ty is there to emphasise the 4 being 40 or something.... AKB derived from the J-POP idol group AKB48 and 47 from the russian AK-47 assault rifle.
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