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  1. Super late response, but I'm not quite dead. Just taking a little break for some real life things. With that said, I am looking at getting this project rebooted and updated consistently as it was before my hiatus.
  2. I've been having a bit of trouble trying to parse this sentence. Something about it is just throwing me off and I can't tell why. そして暗黒ジークンドーとは闇のスーフォーで暗黒面に落ちたブルー_r 3が異世界パンゲアに召喚された先で自得した謎の武術! As for context, two characters are walking alone at night and one of them says that it's kind of dangerous. She continues to say that there's nothing to fear though because she knows 'Dark Jeet Kun Do'. She explains that normal Jeet Kun Do is a martial art developed by Bruce Lee, then comes this sentence where I can tell she's further explaining what the 'dark' variation she supposedly knows is, but I can't quite parse it correctly into English. Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. They sure are! Progress is relatively slow but consistent (though it may not look it from the progress section since the current scripts are particularly long).
  4. As others here have said, translating a VN is really not something that you should take lightly or try to do on a whim. It takes a significant amount of time just to do the translation, let alone finding someone to help with hacking, editing, etc. It can be tempting to just jump into it, but the novelty and fun wears off quickly if you aren't doing it for a more specific reason. Though with that said, if you do end up choosing something, make sure it's something that you actually enjoy and, preferably, have actually read since translating as you go along will inevitably lead to having to go back and redoing something that you misunderstood at first, etc. Good luck with whatever you choose. It can certainly be done, but not without a legitimate commitment.
  5. I suspected as much. Either way, it looks like that page has been taken down already. All's well that ends well until MG sends me a cease and decist.
  6. Does anyone know the story behind this here? I received an email bringing this to my attention, but really don't know what to think of it. Is this seriously just some random person trying to Greenlight another company's game?
  7. I'd prefer not to bump this thread unless there's something of major importance to note (like a patch issue or something along those lines), but to answer the question: No, I don't have any plans to translate the siscon patch as of this time. However, with that said, there is already a little sister route in the game complete with everything you may have expected in the patch (H-scenes, etc.), so it's not like you're totally missing out or anything.
  8. I've always enjoyed reading your team's various updates and posts throughout the duration of this project. As such, despite my joy over the project's completion, I'm a bit saddened that I may not see as much of it from this point on. At any rate, congratulations on beating the odds and thank you kindly for the work you've put into translating Noble☆Works.
  9. I hate to be the one to bump this thread again with no news to offer, but would anyone here happen to have the original scripts/images archive that the previous translator published in his absence post? Unfortunately, it would appear that the original link is dead. I know that there was already a patch made with his final offering included, but I'd really like to have a copy of the unaltered archive if anyone so happens to have it.
  10. Thank you very much. As an aside, how would I go about reconverting these text files into a Scenario.mpk file after they've been modified?
  11. Hello everyone, I was hoping to extract the scripts from Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi. Unfortunately, none of the available tools appear to be relevant for my needs, though I've taken quite a liking to this particular title. Here are some screenshots of the file folder for any possibly needed reference: SS I SS II If perchance someone is willing and able to help me, would a script of some sort be possible to automate the reinsertion of text? Either way, thank you in advance.
  12. Indeed, I've been watching this translation project continue from the shadows and have been silently cheering you guys on as you've manged to near closer and closer to completion. This is perhaps my most anticipated current translation project now that I've given it a bit of thought; I certainly always look forward to seeing your updates at least. As such, at the very least, please do not feel that there aren't those out there who are cheering for you and offering their silent support because, as has been stated before, we are definitely out there. I suppose since this isn't exactly a super-hyped title like Angel Beats/Grisaia/Majikoi that the supporters are simply waiting patiently and silently appreciating the hard work being done as opposed to vocally sharing the hype amongst their fellow hype-ees. So above all, I thank you very much for your hard work with Witch's Garden and hope that we can see you continue on and succeed in making this wonderful title available for all to experience.
  13. I see. That certainly makes sense then. Though regardless of the outcome, I appreciate your time and effort with this. I'll try a few more things to see if I can't figure out what's going on. I'll try compiling the script from a Linux Live CD I have and seeing if the results will differ. Edit: Based rr- has fixed everything and things are now good to go. You can expect more formal updates/a website(?) once the first edited/somewhat retranslated partial patch is ready (so that people can see that this is a legitimate project). There's also the possibility of joining another translator to tackle it together. Looks like this won't be necessary after all.
  14. Ah, I thought that was probably the case but just wanted to be sure. Then how about this: The partial English patch done by the previous group works seemingly flawlessly and they appear to have mitigated this issue, so do you think you could somehow check out the patched World.exe and World.hcb to see what they did to it to work around this (since it seems they modified both the executable and the .hcb file). I tried opening the WorldEN.hcb patched version (so that I could just edit/translate from the already patched version) but keep getting "Unknown opcode" messages when trying to extract the scripts. Here's a link to both just in case: WorldEN.exe WorldEN.hcb
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