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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I've played a bit of Mirai Nostalgia/Karehana before and from the foreshadowing they seems like will be the ones I want.
  2. Requirement: EGS score >= 7.75. Non-transalated ones are fine. VNs I have read that satisfy the said requirements: - Sakura, Moyu (the whole thing is about self-sarcrifice :() - Symphonic Rain (Al Fine route) - Rewrite (Terra route) Thanks in advance Edit: The word "self-sarcifice" might be a bit strong here. What I'm looking for is that the heroines actually care and do everything for the protagonist. The VNs should actually *show* it throughout the stories/or in her route.
  3. RPG similar to the one in manga/anime?

    Sim Urbz and Sim Bustin out are the closest things I can think of. Since it's set in the modern world, there are no monsters nor dugeons but the quest aspect and story progression are kind of similar to JRPG. I think you should give it a try.
  4. RPG similar to the one in manga/anime?

    Sim Urbz Sim Bustin out Rune Factory series Harvest Moon series (called Story of Seasons now, also less RPG than others)
  5. SOS for Learning Japanese by VN Method

    You should guess the meaning based on the context. However, you can set up some kind of softwares (eg: Greenshot) to take a screentshot of the current VN window then automatically save it as an image (with a single hotkey). Take screenshot whenever you found a new word, and after a reading session, look them up & write down in a flash card program.
  6. Just some minor spoilers & speculations from someone who has read the game in japanese - The blue hair girl doesn't seem to be the most important heroine. She will be introduced in the 2nd chapter. - 3rd route: Momiji, 4th: blue hair girl, 5th: Alice - His mother's situation probably will be dealt with in either chapter 4 or 5 - The 2nd chapter is much better than the 1st one with the appearance of the blue hair girl, the reveal of a grand scheme at the end, and Amano's background story which at least has some dramatic elements (albeit the author still resolves the situation pretty lightly :S) - The story seems to become more and more interesting after each iteration to support for the theme of the game (wonder/ wonderful everydaylife?). Hence, I guess that's reason why they make Sakura's route so bland. - I don't know why but 'Supipara' sounds similar to 'suprise' in Japanese to me, which I think pretty fit to the mood/theme of the game. Also, favorite characters (so far): blue hair girl > momiji = alice > hotaru > sakura
  7. Dumping the scripts from VNs

    I've also been extracting scripts from the vns I finished reading in order to create a corpus of example sentences for a while. Usually, I will check this page http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/tools_index.html and then google to see if the tool I need exist, if not I will try to reverse engineer the engine to get the script.
  8. So what VN are these?

    It's pretty hard to idenfity the visual novels from those tiny images. You should reupload them with larger size. Also since there are too many images, I will just name the visual novel, you should go to vndb.org and look it up.
  9. So what VN are these?

    1st: https://vndb.org/v16342 2nd: https://vndb.org/v3368
  10. Rewrite Discussion Thread

    I read Rewrite quite a long time ago so I might got something wrong though
  11. Rewrite Discussion Thread

    Kotarou is in a world where only him and Kagari (Key girl) are present (seemingly). There is no "time". Is he dead? He still recalls memories from the other routes (his past lives, branched based on decisions he's made) =>> This is just my interpretation but there are no branch worlds. Every routes actually took place chronologically and the world was reseted each time as an attempt to find a possibility for life to exist. However, in the end, there wasn't much life energy left so 'Life' decided to moved to Moon ("This is the second time we've made this passage"). Here, a kind of civilization (I remembered that Kotarou did mention its name) was created with organismes that were the reflections of their past lifes, probably in order to avoid consuming too much life energy. Thus, Kotarou was neither dead nor alive here, he was simply just a reflection. As for "There is no 'time'" , it was explained in the scene that Kotarou leveled up his perception, time is seperated from the matter in the far future. Why does Kagari never speak?. =>> She didn't live between human so she didn't develope the ability to communicate using human language (as the case with Terra Kagari). She did 'speak' to Kotarou but that was just directly injecting the information into his brain. The "comment" that Kotarou inserted into the theory reads: "I hope to see you again someday. ~Tennouji Kotarou". How does this help Kagari figure out the solution to the theory? =>> Again this is just interpretation but everything she tried before were "logically" changing things to find the solution. The comment that Kotarou made and a few days with him struck her with the idea of including love - an unknown, illogical factor that even she could not comprehend into the theory. She probably didn't understand why the solution worked but well, thing just works so who cares Terra Route The tree that the girls are surrounding on the title screen makes sense because during the end, they all gather around it to summon Kotarou as a familiar, however the background doesn't match the hill of flowers that he died on (turned into tree) or where he was summoned after the fact. Is this negligible?. =>> I think it's negligible. Perhaps, Key doesn't want to spend more budget on drawing another BG for just that one single scene. What motivated the girls to all come together to the tree to summon Kotarou as a familiar? Were they aware that the tree was Kotarou (Kotori mentioned the tree feels familiar). What was their goal? Were they just responding to the rumors about some tree pointing to the moon? =>> They probably just responsed to the rumor. After Kotarou saved the world, the future is too diverse that I doubt Kagari has enough time to 'programme' them to meet again. However, I think it's better this ways since it feels more like a miracle / fate that they reunited again. Why was Kotarou's immediate action to go to the moon? His tree form also yearned for the moon (it was "pointing" at it). Does this mean he still loves Kagari? Is there meaning in this? =>> A part of that is because of the desire to meet (Moon) Kagari that has been inserted into in his soul. The another reason is that he unconciously tried to fulfill his promise/wish that he made at the end of Moon route ("If anyone ever reaches the sky, I want them to find the girl on the moon,...")
  12. Favorite VN sprites

    I can't believe that no one has posted this yet
  13. Looking for this Visual Novel

    https://vndb.org/v18860 Well, it's indeed a nukige xD.
  14. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Give the drama cds a try or your life won't be complete :D. Especially, 真紅のささやき スイートボイス that comes together with Akai Hitomi. It's pretty sweet and has enough icha icha moments to compensate for the lacking of them in the series.