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  1. :pyaa:

    1. Ayana


      Hi Kiririririri. How's life? How's love? Like a bulldozer? Or an Eroge? Don't answer any of these questions btw...

    2. Yuuko


      I'm just gonna answer that doujinges are good (´・ω・`)

    3. Ayana


      Well, I agree with you there despite the fact that I haven't played more than 6 or so of them. >.>

  2. I'm personally excited about this either way (whether or not a major amount of censorship is involved; it doesn't matter to me that much, personally speaking). Now, what I'm particularly hoping for is a future scenario wherein someone who isn't a part of any of these communities - who remains unaffected by all the hype/talk over the game that's been building up and boiling over for the past several years - hears about the game recently coming out and decides to play it on a complete whim. If that were to happen then perhaps they could end up writing some cool blog post or article about th
  3. Trap. A boat that sails through a sea of gravy, and it's 元気?
  4. This is a very difficult question for me to answer, hmm... Definitely. Yuki (from Subahibi), to me, is perfect in every way/criteria, even though she hates most men and would promptly kick me to the ground if I got anywhere near her. <3
  5. I only drink this, because of the health benefits and all (although I do like the taste as well): I have no additives put in the tea so I can continue to delude myself on the notion that I'll potentially live longer by drinking it regularly. Maybe I'll start drinking canned milktea to show my support for Waka.
  6. What a cool channel: Liquid DnB + Eroge BGs, two of my favorite things in the world have been combined. Yay!
  7. My current desktop from now on and for a while, until my whims have me decide on another:
  8. Yes, Deadpool's right. And, with that having been said; here's how I'll reciprocate to your meaningful message about the importance of the festive/celebratory spirit after an arduous and dangerous battle fought (with swords and guns): Merry Vocaloids can now join us in this and celebrate with everyone! \o/
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