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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from Silvz in Give me real bishoujos pics, nyan!   
    wait.... something is ...wrong here
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to solidbatman in Give me real bishoujos pics, nyan!   
    Stop shitposting? Hell, this whole thread is a shit post, right from the start ya silly goose
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Nosebleed in Give me real bishoujos pics, nyan!   
    Okay fine fine, geez.

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Nosebleed in Give me real bishoujos pics, nyan!   
    >Real bishoujos
    >Asuna on first post
    *closes laptop*
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to starlessn1ght in Is there any anime at all where protagonist uses sword and shield?   
    Ptagonist? Is that some sort of pterodactyls?
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to joehawks12 in True or False   
    you know it.  And not just that babby tier hentai that you find on sad panda or fakku.

    i tackle that hard hitting NTR oppai loli XX-Grade school Mind-break dick-bulges-in-stomachs shit on pururin and hentaifromhell.

    next person periodically checks their favorite manga/anime sites for new uploads of things they're reading/watching like a normal person would constantly come back to the fridge, even though they know something new isn't going to magically appear within hours.
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Skyzzed in Guten Morgen~   
    Yo, thanks for the warm welcome everyone
    moin! perversenland is heimatland, hehe
    Great, call me when you're doing BBQ^^
    Ey, I knew I'd find some other kaza's here, and I was just reading the Nao thread over there
    As for questions I might have... just the general mysteries of the universe: what's up with the dark flow? Tsukihime remake when? Why am I already out of cookies?
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from Skyzzed in Guten Morgen~   
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from Skyzzed in Guten Morgen~   
    Melde dich bei mir falls du irgendwelche fragen hast

    Yup you're right.Servus is something like "hello"and it's only used in certain part's of germany.
    The second one was his name btw.
    Ruhrpott, Germany? dude we're practically neighbors 
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Rose in "Here at Fuwanovel"   
    I was bored. I did this. This was probably a terrible idea but LMFAO wHo cAREAS HAHA Xd. Yeah my mic is a potato, hope you enjoy it. (✿◠‿◠)

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Skyzzed in Guten Morgen~   
    (it's actually right after midnight, whatever)
    Hey everyone, Skyzzed/Luca (21) here from germany, been a long time lurker and thought I might as well get more active!
    Got introduced to VNs through a friend, and the ones I've read so far are:
    Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy people (totally counts!), Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/stay night, G-senjou no Maou, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Higurashi (+Kai), Hoshizora no Memoria, Kagetsu Tohya, Katawa Shoujo, Little Busters, MajiKoi (+S with wairu's partial TL, +A-1 Sayaka's route), Rewrite, Tsukihime and Umineko (+Chiru)
    Currently I'm supposed to be reading Ever17, but that got interrupted by the steam sale which first made me re-read Higurashi's 1st chapter and today I got eden* and planetarian... yeah^^
    Also on-hold are If My Heart Had Wings, Katahane and Narcissu, will get to all of them in due time
    Anyways, looking forward to spending even more time on here
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Flutterz in Symphonic Rain   
    Symphonic Rain
        Summary Symphonic Rain takes place in a fictional city of apparently Italian heritage, where rain falls everyday. The locals there have adapted to this peculiar phenomenon, and carry on with their lives as if the rain was never there. No one takes an umbrella, no one wears a rain coat.   The main character of the story is 17 year old Chris, a Fortelle student of the famous Piova Communal School of Music (Scuola Comunale di Musica Piova, in Italian). Separated from his childhood sweetheart Arietta when he left his home town for the city, he keeps in touch with her through the means of weekly letters. Penning their thoughts on those letters, Chris treasures and keeps her weekly writings, for he had promised her that should his drawer become totally filled with them, he would return to her.   The game starts during Chris's third year as a student, a few months before he has to take the school's final graduation examination: a staged performance. As an instrumentalist, he is required to search for a vocalist partner before he is eligible for the examination.   Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order The recommended route order is Fal -> Lise -> Torta -> Al Fine 1 -> Al Fine 2 -> Phorni. Fal and Lise can be completed in any order but you should only do Torta's route after the other two, and Al Fine 1 can be skipped but it is a bad idea to do so.   About the music minigame: The gameplay consists of pressing the right button when a note enters the column in rhythm with the song that is being played. Keep in mind that "+" is actually ";", "<" is actually "," and ">" is actually ".". There are three difficulty settings which can be selected in the options menu. On Easy you only need to worry about the "D", "F", "J" and "K" keys, Normal also adds "A", "S", "L" and ";", and Hard uses all the letters on keyboards. Alternatively you can turn Autoplay on, then the songs will be played for you which is the closest you can get to skipping them. Route Guideline  
    Falsita Fawcett
      Good End
      Bad End
    Liselsia Cesarini
      Good End
      Bad End
    Tortinita Fine
      Good End
      Bad End
    Al Fine
      End #1
      End #2
      Attribution This walkthrough is based on info attained on Gamefaqs.com with some adjustments made by me.
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from starlessn1ght in Have you already played VNs with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife?   
    i'm pretty sure you can trust zeno on this one
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to FruitsPunchSamurai in youtube - Most random   
    How it should be.
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from rapid motion in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    Poor taste? it's the first thing we do after waking up what are you talking about? 
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to madvanced in What are you listening to right now?   
    because why the hell not? *I totes wasn't inspired by lino*


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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from starlessn1ght in Another late introduction (better late than never)   
    Welcome...... i guess? 
    ohohoohoho i'm sure we'll get along
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    Sovereign1612 reacted to Yuri Hunter in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    Don't stare at naked people? .-.

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    Sovereign1612 reacted to rainsismyfav in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    Lol Norwegians
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    Sovereign1612 got a reaction from yvetox in Has a VN ever made you depressed?   
    and the worst thing there was no meiya route

    where is your god now
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