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  1. Seiso is not just the heroine of a route, she has transcended into meta levels and became the route that's some deep shit man
  2. I'm pretty sure she appears in Mayucchi's S-after route tho
  3. They released the new op btw http://www.minatosoft.com/majikoi-a/data/majikoi-a5-op.mp3 No voice clips for Kojima or Thelma tho
  4. Oh, me too pls! I really wanna see the rest of them!
  5. 5h late, but Happy New Year from germany! TAMAYAAA
  6. http://www.minatosoft.com/majikoi-a/kawakami56.php tl;dr: #1 Margit #2 Tsubame #3 Rin #4 Benkei #5 Lee #6 Wanko #7 Mayucchi #8 Azumi #9 Momo #10 Seiso
  7. For one because but yea, Margit is also more popular, she was #1 in the latest popularity poll, while Koko and Yuki weren't even in the top 10 I don't really agree with that, but that's how it is^^
  8. the Overlord LN is pretty great

  9. It's happening!! Good luck with the project, so looking forward to this, finally I can see muh Benkei route on the horizon *wipes away single tear*
  10. I've read both versions, and while the newer one is definitely better, there's a few minor things that bothered me (luckily I found a program that can do search&replace for all txt files in a folder, so I took care of all the things) The main thing was that they used the "western" name order (as in Rena Ryugu instead of Ryugu Rena, same with all other names), which has always bothered me in TLs in general for some reason, I think because it's immersion-breaking when japanese people do it "wrong"? Anyways, I switched all names back to the japanese name-order... Next was the fact that t
  11. I'm so excited right now, I know I shouldn't expect too much, especially considering that Nasu probably already preordered Dark Souls 3, but I want to believe!
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