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  1. Yea, the patch has been taken down. Hopefully someone re-uploads it or they will release a new patch since they're still accepting reports of bugs and errors. If not, than you're out of luck. There are still other ways to get it but its not legal so I won't delve into it.
  2. I don't know if you're still trying to do this but there's already a patch by McJon on nrvnqsr.com that translates chapters 1-7. There's no way you wouldn't know about this so have tried contacting him to see if you guys can't work something out? The thread is here: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/34-Mahoutsukai-no-Yoru-Chapter-7-patch-released-(no-spoilers-past-the-patch) If you want to or have to translates from scratch than I have absolutely no hopes of this ever getting done. Oh right, there is also another guy on that thread that is trying to finish the translation, maybe you can work something out with him as well. Sure, it might not be the best to have different parts translated by different people but as long as the translations themselves are decent enough, it sure as hell beats nothing.
  3. Ugh, why are nerds always such assholes on the Internet? No, it is not "easy" to go through 47 pages. Even if the answer is 1 page back, he obviously didn't know that and was obviously intimidated by the 47 pages so thought it would be simpler to just ask. And no, it INFINITELY easier for you to just answer the question than it is for him to go through 47 fucking pages. Either answer the question, ignore him, or put it on the 1st post if people are asking about it as much as you guys claim. People think Hongfire is full of elitist assholes cuz they ignore comments and questions by new users a lot but at least its better than replying just to be an asshole I suppose.
  4. So I can access Narukana's route by starting a new game from the title screen as long as I have a clear system save? I had thought that you needed to start a new game by loading a clear save, which does not give you the option to not carry over data. If the former is true than my problem is solved. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. I don't want to play this or any game more than once but I must play Narukana's route. However I do not want to just play from a clear save file that is already at high level with all abilities learned (including some story-related ones), as this would pretty much defeat the entire purpose the gameplay portion of the game. So my question is: is there any way to access Narukana's route while playing on as clean a slate of a new game as possible?
  6. I know this thread is old but couldn't fans just make an H-restoration patch and avoid this headache? Clearly, if this was an easy issue SP would had solved it already.
  7. BobJones2

    My favorite eroge of 2016

    Meh, only Dearest Blue is good out of your list. Judging by how much you dislike Lilim games, its not surprising how much our tastes differ, at the very least when it comes to fap games. Do you even like NTR games? Judging by your priorities when describing NTR games you probably don't. Well, Fuwanovel isn't exactly where people with that kind of fetish gather anyways.
  8. Didn't expect Front Wing to be this popular since all they really have is Grisaia. Grisaia is good but its not THAT good. Well there is also Devil Angel Dijbril but as much as I love how she NTR him pregnancy sex with monsters and middle-aged men, I really don't think that is the kind of stuff that gets the people around here impassioned. Speaking of which, Front Wing should do Devil Angel Dibril 5 next.
  9. She's a sweet kid but kinda annoying. Komari is even worse. If you are sexually attracted to her than yeah, sure, whatever floats your boat; just know that America is ABSOLUTELY hysterical about pedophilia so careful not to get arrested. I don't hate "moe" characters or anything since I like Rin and Fuko and thinks loli Kotori is absolutely adorable but Kud is just kinda annoying and her voice breaks windows.
  10. I don't understand, if you bought the Steam version than you've already bought the game, why would you feel so guilty about pirating a JP copy so you can use this patch?
  11. This game company sure loves little girls. After playing "Hoshizora no Memoria," its annoying Josei-like drama made me wanna choke every little girl on sight.
  12. I noticed the restoration patch page for this game has been taken down, are there still plans to do V2 of the patch? I don't mind the bad translations that much as long as the original meaning is still more or less conveyed but some parts just butchered the original meaning.
  13. You're right but that doesn't mean that fans shouldn't be vocal about it. I'm not talking about anger and blame but the expression of how much they want the 18+ contents. The more people who express this, the higher the chances of it being successful since in the end, the main driving force is money. The main reason why 18+ contents are even taken out is try to expand the customer base. Regardless, I've been waiting for this game for too long to not get it just because 1-2% of the game was taken out. If it weren't for the fact that most people could just pirate the game (and most likely will), there would likely be a lot more people who would by the game either way. I hope that the reputation of this game will at least spawn an unofficial restoration patch.
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