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  1. Oooh nice didnt notice that.
  2. I did but it doesnt work for Clannad Anyways I found how to check the back log, you have to press "page up/page down". Since I do not have those keys in my laptop, I had to change the registry. But thanks for the help anyways
  3. I recently bought Clannad at steam for a hefty price. So while playing I noticed there was no backlog or history. Moving the "up" and "down" arrow keys only results of the cursor moving up and down. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Baldr Sky Dive is one of the top VNs at VNDB. How come no ones translating it.
  5. How did you finish koyuki route without completing miyako route?
  6. Majikoi S installer gui problem in windows 10

    Nevermind fixed it by changing the color mode to 16bit
  7. I just reformatted my computer and installed windows 10 on my pc so I had to reinstall my vns. Now when I open the set up file in majikoi s this happens: No button to install no exit button nothing. Back in windows 8 there was an "install" button now its gone. I tried running it in administrator/ windows 7,8 compatibility mode to no avail. You guys have any idea whats happening or anything?
  8. college in japan any tips?

    hmmm....since im fiipino (hair and skin color similar to japanese) i think i can manage to "blend in"
  9. college in japan any tips?

    Yo guys im turning 4th year in philippines (last year of highschool) and I plan on studying in japan and get a scholarship. Any tips on starting college life in japan cause i heard japanese are racist to fellow asians and stuff like that :unsure:
  10. Buying Da Capo Plus Communication Help

    there are companies that offer "shipping service" in which you choose a product in japan and will send it to you for a small fee.. such as this site:http://www.fromjapan.co.jp
  11. Kamidori Alchemy Meister route help

    check the walkthroughs, the only way to enter emilias route is ignoring all the flags which should be easy
  12. Majikoi S (Can't save)

    if you downloaded the game from a torrent stop seeding because some clients set the folder as "read only" therefore preventing you from saving.
  13. Majikoi S Help!

    make sure to run in administrator to apply crack