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Fuwa Battle Royale - Week 3 -



Chapter 3: Madness


The mastermind behind the Fuwanovel death game watched the two screens on the desk before him/her with a wicked smile.

"Seven dead already, heh. This is going well."

The video from the past two weeks of the battle royale had been playing on the screens in a loop for hours, with the faces of the four picked for the current week displayed on a different monitor above.

"Hehe. Now, let's see, what kind of arena should I put these four in?"

"Mind if I handle that?"


Taken completely aback by the presence of someone else in the control room, <??> nearly fell out of his/her chair.

"How the hell did you get in here?!"

"Hmph. You think your weak magic can control me? Please. I was bored, so I figured I'd join in on this weird game you have going on. So, with that said, I'll be taking over for a bit, heh."

With that, Clephas devoured <??>, trapping them in one of his stomachs.

"Now, let's have some fun. Hmm, these four, huh? Alright. Let's begin."

Using his powers to summon the four members from their cells, Clephas devoured them all in an instant.


The First Stomach - alden_0023 & Thatcomicguy


The first thing Thatcomicguy noticed was the smell of blood. Opening his eyes, he could tell that he was no longer in his cell.

"Come on... Was I picked again?"

Getting off the floor, he shook his head in frustration. He had fought for his life against another Fuwanovel user in the death game just two weeks before. He was hoping he would be able to avoid being picked again for at least a few more weeks. But, he had no such luck.

"Where the hell am I...?"

Looking around in confusion, he could tell he was in a classroom. The windows in the room were shattered, and the walls were riddled with holes and cracks. The floor was also badly damaged, covered in claw marks of all things.

What on earth had happened there before he woke up?


Noticing some rustling coming from the other side of the classroom, Thatcomicguy gripped his spear and got ready for a possible fight.

"Ugh, my head..."

Alden_0023 rubbed his forehead, slowly getting to his feet. The moment he spotted Thatcomicguy standing in the other side of the classroom, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then, in the next moment.


Drawing his bow with incredible speed, he sent an arrow flying through the room. Barely managing to block the arrow with his shield, Thatcomicguy started running through the room towards the door, trying to escape.

Another arrow flew towards him, barely missing his neck before digging into a nearby desk. Having reached the door, Thatcomicguy kicked it as hard as he could, making the door fly open. His hands were full because of his weapon and shield, and he had no time to spare, as Alden prepared another arrow.

But, the moment the door flew open, both men suddenly froze in place. It was a natural reaction. Anyone would be shocked by the sight that waited on the other side of that door.

A group of six small figures sat hunched over a corpse, happily chewing at its flesh. They had already eaten a great deal of the corpse, and their small bodies were covered in fresh blood.

"Wh-What... the fuck?"

The group of small girls suddenly stopped eating, and turned towards the two men in the classroom. While they might have looked like normal young girls at first glance, they had two features that no human child had. First, their teeth. The mouths of the girls were covered in shark like teeth, each tooth about ten centimeter in length. As a result, it was impossible for the girls to even close their mouths. Their eyes were glowing in a bright red color, and their pupils were completely gone. The entire eye was simply covered entirely in the red light.

"Cannibal... lolis... Seriously?"

Thatcomicguy uttered in a voice dyed in confusion and dread.


Realizing the situation was quite dire, Alden lowered his bow, and ran towards one of the broken windows along the classroom wall, then leapt through it.


Ignoring Thatcomicguy, Alden performed a forward flip in the air, then prepared his body for the fall. It seemed like the school they had woken up in was quite big, and they were on the sixth floor. But, contrary to his expectations, Alden's body did not fall at all. Instead, he was pulled up, flying towards the roof of the school.

"What in the..."

Soaring up past classroom after classroom, Alden reached the roof of the building, but his body showed no signs of stopping. He was literally falling upwards.


Clicking his tongue, Alden grabbed a hold of the railing covering the school roof, managing to stop his "fall" in the last second. Pulling his body towards the roof, he gripped the railing as he slowly moved towards the fire escape leading back into the school. The moment his foot moved inside the school building, he force pulling him upwards let go.
It seemed like moving outside the school was out of the question. The bizarre arena was nothing like the arenas used the previous weeks.

"What on earth is going on..."


"AHHH, get away, get away, get away, AHHH!"

Thatcomicguy screamed, as he ran as fast as he could through the dark hallways of the school. Just a few meters behind him were five of the six small girls, giggling as they chased him.

He had managed to kill one of them with his spear in his escape from the classroom. This did not seem to anger the rest at all, as they chased happily after Thatcomicguy. It seemed like the girls had the ability to retract their teeth, and were now humming and laughing. Still, their eyes glowed. It was clear that their eyes were filled with bloodlust. If he stopped for just a moment, they'd probably rip him to shreds.

"Tehehe, I love playing tag."

"We're gonna get you, we're gonna get you ~~"


Still screaming, Thatcomicguy kept running at full speed down the hallway, until...


He reached a dead end. The stairs leading down to the floor below were blocked by a massive pile of rubble. The roof above had collapsed, also covering the stairs going up in the process. In other words, he was trapped.

The small girls were now just half a meter away.

"Tag. You're it!"

The girls opened their mouths, and their fangs once again sprouted out.

Preparing for what would most likely be his final battle, Thatcomicguy took a deep breath.

"I'm naked in front of a group of lolis, pointing a spear at them. That's a headline for yah."


A sound coming from above made Thatcomicguy look up towards the roof, and soon after, a big chunk of the ceiling came crashing down, landing on top of two of the girls, squishing them.


Sitting on top of the rubble was Alden, his body covered in small cuts. Or, were they bite marks?


Realizing what that meant, Thatcomicguy looked towards the hole in the roof, and sure enough, peeking down from above were even more of the rabid lolis, looking at Alden like he was a delicious looking plate of food.

"... Sorry dude, looks like this isn't your day."

With that, Thatcomicguy stood completely still, as the hoard of cannibalistic lolis swarmed Alden, biting through his flesh and bones like it was nothing. The sight was horrifying, making Thatcomicguy look away in disgust.
Taking advantage of the situation, he quietly snuck past the hoard of killer lolis, covering his eyes the entire time. He then started making his way down the hallway, leaving the little monsters to their dinner.


Thatcomicguy, Status: Alive
Alden_0023 - Dead End



The Second Stomach - xGreyHound & Jazid-Kun


A jungle of mysterious plants in all sorts of colors stretched as far as the eye could see. A nearby river was filled not with water, but lava, and the sky was dyed red, not blue.

In the middle of this impossible jungle stood Jazid-Kun, looking around him with a smile.

"What a fitting stage for bloodbath. Heh."

Striking a cool pose, Jazid spoke in a dramatic tone of voice. Wearing a black school uniform and with an eye patch covering his left eye, Jazid did not exactly look like he belonged in the strange jungle. If not for the two large swords in crossed sheathes on his back, he would have just looked like any other high-school student.

"Chaos shall rain! Today, we dine with death himself!"

"... The hell are you on kid?"

xGreyHound sent Jazid a confused look, gripping his AK-47 firmly. He was on guard, prepared for the worst. The arena he had been placed in seemed even crazier than any of the previous ones.

GreyHound did not have it in him to kill a kid like Jazid, so he had approached Jazid with the suggestion of an alliance. Jazid accepted, though now he was going on some kind of chuunibyou rant, which made GreyHound instantly regret his decision.

"Please kid, be quiet..."

"Let the curtain fall on this blood drenched play! Let the games begin!"

Jazid shouted, stretching his arms up towards the red sky.

"... I swear, I will smack you over the head if you don't quiet down."

"Hah! A mere mortal like yourself? You wouldn't be able to lay a finger on me."



A nearby plant started stirring. GreyHound quickly pointed his gun in the direction of the sound. Another plant started to move, then another. Before long, every single plant in their vicinity had started to move. At first, GreyHound thought the movement was caused by something moving through the plants, but... that wasn't it. The plants themselves were moving.
Clearly a little weirded out by the moving plants, Jazid moved a few steps closer to GreyHound.

"I, uh... I shall protect you, mortal!"

"Yeah, whatever, just draw your weapons at least."

"Kukuku. You mean these?"

Jazid gestured towards his swords.

"I cannot simply draw them out of their sheathe without the proper chant. They are sealed by a powerful"

"Get down!"

GreyHound pushed Jazid to the side, as a giant vine shot out from one of the strange flowers. The vine was covered in strange spikes, reminiscent of teeth. It slammed into the ground mercilessly, making its sharp spikes dig into the dirt.

"Y-You cannot scare me, for I am... I am..."

"Shut up and run!"

GreyHound turned around and darted into a clearing, as several more giant plant monsters approached the two.

"Y-Yes sir!"

Following suit, Jazid ran as fast as he could after his teammate. Just a second after, five more giant veins slammed into the place he had been standing.

"Wh-What are those thin"


Interrupting Jazid once again, GreyHound shouted a command and pointed his gun toward Jazid's face. Doing as he was told Jazid quickly ducked down, and the massive mouth of a bizarre plant closed right above him, catching some of his hair in its massive jaws.


GreyHound fired several rounds into the head of the strange plant, making green goo fly everywhere. The plant let out a deafening screech and backed up a few steps, hissing at the two. It's mouth was layered with more teeth than a shark, each one at least five centimeters long. In addition to its killer bite, it also had several long vines covered in spikes sprouting from its body. It was the height of a human man, and moved incredibly fast.

"Over there! Run to the lava!"

"L-Lava? Are you crazy? I-I mean, lava would have no power over my immortal body, of course, but you are just a normal human, so it would surely be in trouble."

"Just shut up and run."

Turning back towards the way they had come, the two started running towards the strange lava stream, about fifty meters away. The stream was no more than one meter in width, but if GreyHound's theory was right, it would do.

"We're jumping over that. Get ready."

Not waiting for his ally to reply, GreyHound leapt across the lava stream. The intense heat from just being in the vicinity of the lava made even just breathing hurt, but it was better than being devoured by flesh eating plants the size of humans.

Jazid made it across the lava soon after GreyHound.

"Kuku. Looks like our plant friends were not so smart after all."

At least twenty of the killer plants tried to follow them, but they all let out loud shrieks as they approached the lava, and took several swift steps back. They were clearly not fond of the heat.

"We have no time to waste here. There could be more. Come on."

"Look out!"

As GreyHound turned his back on the plants and started to walk in the other direction, several of the strange creatures sent their vines flying towards the two humans. It seemed like there was no real limit to how far the vines could stretch, and they approached GreyHound's back with great speed.


But, just moments before they were about to tear GreyHound to shreds, the vines themselves got cut into tiny pieces.

"Hmph. To think you'd make me take off my eye patch. I'm surprised you'd push me this far."

GreyHound turned around to see what had happened. Sure enough, Jazid's eye patch was gone, revealing an eye with a different color from the other. He had also drawn his swords, which were covered in green goo from cutting apart the vines.
Jazid had somehow managed to remove his eye patch, draw his swords, then cut several vines within a matter of seconds. GreyHound could not help but be amazed at the spectacle, and thanked his teammate for saving his life.

Rustle. Rustle.

Something started moving in the leaves behind the killer plants, and Jazid stood rooted in place, watching whatever it was intently.

"Come on kid, more of those things are coming from the looks of things. We gotta go."

GreyHound did not wait for a reply, and started to walk away from the lava and the plants. But, Jazid did not move.

"Kid, I will leave you, I swear! What are you even... looking... at..."

GreyHound's voice began to falter, as he too laid eyes on the creature on the other side of the lava. It took the form of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She wasn't wearing a thing, and on top of her head were two pretty cat ears. Wagging back and forth behind her legs was a fuzzy tail. It was, without a doubt, a catgirl. An incredibly beautiful one, too.
Being fans of visual novels and the likes, both men knew very well what she was. While she appeared harmless, the fact that the plants were not killing her was a clear warning sign in GreyHound's mind.

"We gotta get the hell out of here, now!"

Jazid did not respond, but instead started to move slowly towards the catgirl, dropping his swords on the ground.

"Wait, what the hell are you doing!"

Jazid showed no interest in GreyHound, and kept on slowly approaching the catgirl, who looked back at them with an enchanting smile.

"Dude, this is not the time for your weird ass fantasies! We have to get out of here. Guh?!"

GreyHound tried to reach out for Jazid's hand, but he had gotten so close to the lava, the heat made GreyHound jump back in reflex.

There was nothing GreyHound could do but watch, as Jazid slowly walked into the scorching heat of the lava, seemingly under some kind of spell cast by the mysterious catgirl. He did not even blink at the pain from having his foot melted by the incredible heat. All he did was watch the catgirl on the other side of the lava stream, with a smile on his face.

After a few seconds, Jazid's body had been completely consumed by the lava.

"Y-You bitch, what did you do to him?!"

Pointing his gun at the catgirl in anger, GreyHound's body shook in terror. The creature simply returned a brilliant smile, and started to walk back into the depths of the strange jungle. The flesh eating plants followed suit, leaving GreyHound alone with nothing but the smell of burning flesh, and a sense of dread.




Jazid-Kun: Dead End

xGreyHound: Status = Alive


Wildcards This Week?



Dead This Week:







Still Alive:



#2 Mr Poltroon

#3 Zakamutt

#5 MaggieROBOT

#6 Kiriririri

#10 -soraa

#11 Ranzo

#12 Thatcomicguy

#16 Fiddle

#17 Plk_Lesiak

#18 Dreamysyu

#19 DarkZedge

#20 Kurisu-Chan

#21 xGreyHound

#22 URV

#23 littleshogun

#24 Funyarinpa

#27 DharmaFreedom

#28 Sayaka




Recommended Comments

Went with something a bit different this week. Clephas has taken over, throwing the members into arenas even more messed up than before, with all kinds of mysterious dangers lurking around every corner.


I redued the number of people in this chapter to four, as I'm on vacation, and felt like spending a bit less time writing this time around. Which is also why the chapter is a day late. Still, hope you enjoyed!

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In another stomach, far far away through Clephas's infinite bowels, two figures that looked distinctly similar to Alden and Jazid came into being. 

However, no one would have mistaken them for the originals, for their eyes glowed orange, their expressions twisted with blissful glee.  Whatever their pasts, their memories, it no longer mattered... all that mattered was the one, fundamental truth they had discovered.

"Cannibalism is Love," They intoned in deeply happy voices, as one, their mouths opening wider than they should have been able to to show steel trap teeth and a long, sharp tongue covered with tiny teeth designed to tear flesh from bone.

Yet two more Clephas Cultists awaited there, in that place, for the chance to step forth and spread the beautiful truth they had discovered to the universe.

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The horror theme was really sweet, great job @Clephas. :) Edit: Though, wait, did Clephas write this or was he just the theme/inspiration this time around? I somehow assumed the former. The compliment stands either way.  :P

And I guess I should congratulate the victors on surviving the PvE encounters! Not as glorious as some battles of the past, but still, few saw the true nature of Fuwa's final boss and lived to tell the tale. :nico:

Edited by Plk_Lesiak
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2 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

The horror theme was really sweet, great job @Clephas. :) Edit: Though, wait, did Clephas write this or was he just the theme/inspiration this time around? I somehow assumed the former. The compliment stands either way.  :P

And I guess I should congratulate the victors on surviving the PvE encounters! Not as glorious as some battles of the past, but still, few saw the true nature of Fuwa's final boss and lived to tell the tale. :nico:

I would have done things differently, so no, I didn't write it.  I just offered the basic setting and he ran with it.

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